Burna Boy - Onyeka [Official Music Video]

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Burna Boy - Onyeka
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Director: DK
Production Company: PriorGold Pictures
Producer: Leke Alabi Isama
Executive Producer: Jimi Adesanya
Full Credits c/o PriorGold Pictures
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  1. Carolyne Naomi
    Carolyne Naomi
    3 uur geleden

    It's so cool to see the lady from "On the Low" music video in this video as well. She has an amazing smile and vibe! :) Beautiful video!

  2. Satyajeet Prabhu
    Satyajeet Prabhu
    7 uur geleden

    Empress got me melting 😍

  3. AFRO Ethiopia
    AFRO Ethiopia
    8 uur geleden

    Man 🔥🔥🔥💚💛❤

  4. Kenzong Ghoutum
    Kenzong Ghoutum
    11 uur geleden

    Congrats burna boy I really do appreciate your work

  5. Beatrice Conteh
    Beatrice Conteh
    19 uur geleden

    It’s like the part 2 of On The Low 🥰💅🏾❤️

  6. Ubong Ekwere
    Ubong Ekwere
    21 uur geleden

    Vibes all the way

  7. sahar omer
    sahar omer
    Dag geleden

    This song makes everything can dance on its own.😍❤️

  8. Tre
    Dag geleden

    Burna boy sound like kartel 👀👀

  9. Tiago Nascimento TN
    Tiago Nascimento TN
    Dag geleden


  10. Manzey
    Dag geleden

    love from Malawi ❤

    Dag geleden

    This girl is everything 😍😍😍

  12. xavién
    2 dagen geleden


  13. Soft fred
    Soft fred
    2 dagen geleden

    Only true fans know this is the same dancer from on the low..

    1. Philip Njoroge
      Philip Njoroge
      3 uur geleden

      I was searching for this comment!! :D

  14. marco sedoufio
    marco sedoufio
    2 dagen geleden

    Good song of my brother burna boy

  15. kokoto balaa official
    kokoto balaa official
    2 dagen geleden

    I love ........burna boy is an inspiration+254

  16. Beautiful People
    Beautiful People
    2 dagen geleden

    I’m sure all those dislikes are from Davido’s several accounts!!😂😂

  17. servie GLsSexpresse
    servie GLsSexpresse
    2 dagen geleden

    you are really strong Barnaby

  18. Chris Adams
    Chris Adams
    2 dagen geleden

    Loving this! 🙌🏾

  19. Jean legrand Kouassi
    Jean legrand Kouassi
    3 dagen geleden

    Ils sont où ,les francophones

  20. Monica Pitters
    Monica Pitters
    3 dagen geleden


  21. Elenilson Neto
    Elenilson Neto
    3 dagen geleden

    Isso é beat na vida!!

  22. Конотоп Анастасия
    Конотоп Анастасия
    4 dagen geleden

    I'm from Ukraine. Love your songs sm🙏❤

  23. Ariana Aseneka
    Ariana Aseneka
    4 dagen geleden

    🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️ bb for life😘😘😘😘

  24. Michael Ndosi
    Michael Ndosi
    4 dagen geleden


  25. Cooking with Rad Economist
    Cooking with Rad Economist
    4 dagen geleden

    isn't this the same girl from 'on the low'? who is she

  26. Justin Rosal
    Justin Rosal
    4 dagen geleden

    I can't imagine myself been a fans of Burna Boy , I can't stay a day without playing his musics ,,I can't heart you less Burna Boy...

  27. Onyinye Udenta
    Onyinye Udenta
    5 dagen geleden

    My fave 🔥

  28. Onyinyechukwu Igbojinna
    Onyinyechukwu Igbojinna
    5 dagen geleden

    Don't you just love love 😍 😍 😍 😍 💜💚💙❤️💛💓♥️💕💞💖

  29. Merveille Akouere
    Merveille Akouere
    5 dagen geleden

    J'suis la seul à parlé français ici 😦😦😦😦😦😂😂

  30. Marie flore N'guessan
    Marie flore N'guessan
    5 dagen geleden

    J'adorrrrrrrrrrrrrre tu es mon préféré burna ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Anna Messias
    Anna Messias
    5 dagen geleden

    sheeeeeesh que homem bonito

  32. Sunday Dumaka
    Sunday Dumaka
    6 dagen geleden

    One my favorite song ❤️❤️👌😍

  33. Kahdijah Kadri
    Kahdijah Kadri
    6 dagen geleden

    Please who know this girl handle

  34. Frank Oghenevwogaga
    Frank Oghenevwogaga
    6 dagen geleden

    I love this

  35. Baracka Wilfred
    Baracka Wilfred
    7 dagen geleden

    Can a Tanzanian boy get 5 likes representing your condolences to TANZANIANS after the death of Tanzanian leader Dr. John magufuli...

  36. Mohamed Willo
    Mohamed Willo
    7 dagen geleden

    I was you fan and now I’m your Air conditioner 🔥🔥🔥🔥 sheshhhhh ...

  37. ShadowKlanEnt.
    7 dagen geleden

    Bad bad song g

  38. Émilia Zola
    Émilia Zola
    7 dagen geleden

    Where the persons that find this song on TikTok with the challenge of @itsjustnifee 😳✋🏽

  39. Réné Dos Santos
    Réné Dos Santos
    7 dagen geleden

    feel song

  40. The Afrikan Superstar Black
    The Afrikan Superstar Black
    7 dagen geleden

    This could be us but....

  41. Story By Wendo
    Story By Wendo
    7 dagen geleden

    Awesomeness 🔥🔥💯

    7 dagen geleden


  43. marie donald dume henry
    marie donald dume henry
    7 dagen geleden

    te quiero mucho

  44. cesar sangbaramou
    cesar sangbaramou
    8 dagen geleden

    💥💥💥 dance with me and enjoy life Everyone say baby my baby ohhh Pull Uppppppp 💥💥💥💥

  45. Yolanda
    8 dagen geleden

    It's Burna Boy speaking Twi for me🙈😩☺️

    1. funny fun
      funny fun
      4 dagen geleden


  46. Beatrice William
    Beatrice William
    8 dagen geleden

    The same girl in on the low✊🏽

  47. Cyber Joyscott
    Cyber Joyscott
    8 dagen geleden

    Need Burna Boy feat Gyptian

  48. paul ashilee
    paul ashilee
    8 dagen geleden

    My love for dis song eeh

  49. ishaw
    8 dagen geleden

    This girl is so pretty

  50. Sadio Diombana
    Sadio Diombana
    8 dagen geleden

    Je comprends pas c qu'il dit bref j'aime bien le son🥰🤩❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  51. Umar Zubair
    Umar Zubair
    9 dagen geleden

    Came for the beautiful dancer in the video. Love her!

  52. Tobi Odeyemi
    Tobi Odeyemi
    9 dagen geleden

    It's the sweet Sax for me 🙂

  53. kerry PEKFASHION skincare
    kerry PEKFASHION skincare
    9 dagen geleden

    First time watching after he won the Grammy. This song is litttt can’t stop playing . Proud to be African

  54. Mannan Sp
    Mannan Sp
    9 dagen geleden

    If anyone looking for the Girl here she is @curtisha.kruythoff on insta

  55. Leo Update
    Leo Update
    9 dagen geleden

    The same girl he used in On the Low 💓

  56. Fdghd Hcjckf
    Fdghd Hcjckf
    9 dagen geleden

    Burna is fire

  57. Mine Akpotu
    Mine Akpotu
    9 dagen geleden

    But if you use me shine I no go picky your call 😂😂😂

  58. YK007 BEATS
    YK007 BEATS
    10 dagen geleden

    you know trhe music and video is good for the soul when your 3 and 1 year old stop what they are doing lol #ONELOVE

  59. Gaddy ADG
    Gaddy ADG
    10 dagen geleden

    Its the Angelina girl again 🤩

  60. pathieli Khalif magnifique
    pathieli Khalif magnifique
    10 dagen geleden

    J'aime trop

  61. Vicky Charly
    Vicky Charly
    10 dagen geleden

    The African Giant himself 💯💯💯💯

  62. Vicky Charly
    Vicky Charly
    10 dagen geleden

    Burna boy music makes me happy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  63. Ogochukwu Kenneth
    Ogochukwu Kenneth
    11 dagen geleden

    After watching the Grammy performance, I always wait for the break, forgetting this the original version 😂

  64. DJ Gladia iboo
    DJ Gladia iboo
    11 dagen geleden

    Bella bella

  65. logajoel loga
    logajoel loga
    11 dagen geleden

    am just here to say that this man is a king......... proud to be black

  66. Gyenti Joseph
    Gyenti Joseph
    11 dagen geleden

    Nice settings Gyenti JOSEPH

  67. Shaleece Carter
    Shaleece Carter
    11 dagen geleden

    How do u dislike this?? Sounds amazing

  68. Meili Noah
    Meili Noah
    11 dagen geleden

    Dope music

  69. Malik Ben Aminu
    Malik Ben Aminu
    11 dagen geleden

    Respect bro

  70. Chidi AGBOM
    Chidi AGBOM
    12 dagen geleden

    Wow this is gorgeous

  71. yeside ladenegan
    yeside ladenegan
    12 dagen geleden

    Love love love , 2:31am just enjoying really good music

  72. Melvin Bright
    Melvin Bright
    12 dagen geleden

    What is the name of dis dancer

  73. Judith Amoatey
    Judith Amoatey
    13 dagen geleden


  74. Kini Media Group
    Kini Media Group
    13 dagen geleden

    Such a colourful video! ❤❤❤

  75. Fernanda dRC
    Fernanda dRC
    13 dagen geleden

    I love burna boy's videos. There are full of hood

  76. Brittany Robinson
    Brittany Robinson
    13 dagen geleden


  77. Brittany Robinson
    Brittany Robinson
    13 dagen geleden


  78. Mwaka Nchimunya
    Mwaka Nchimunya
    13 dagen geleden

    I still feel burna deserve more than I.82 million subscribers

  79. polly flower
    polly flower
    13 dagen geleden

    Burna for life ❤️💞

  80. Tim Baros
    Tim Baros
    13 dagen geleden


  81. Aziz
    13 dagen geleden

    The best in 2021 💯🔥

  82. Fin AI
    Fin AI
    13 dagen geleden

    The vocals paired with the brass section. This song is so well put together

  83. Velanaisi Kidi
    Velanaisi Kidi
    13 dagen geleden


  84. Henk Orlan-Hackman
    Henk Orlan-Hackman
    13 dagen geleden

    Jam of the year. Unbeatable 😍😍😍😍😍

  85. bk stare
    bk stare
    13 dagen geleden

    Burna boy is the best at making music hands down

  86. Charmaine
    13 dagen geleden

    Beautiful video showing lovely African people ❤️❤️

  87. Mendiana M
    Mendiana M
    13 dagen geleden

    Where is this white dress from ?

  88. Alkaline Jah Don Dydy
    Alkaline Jah Don Dydy
    13 dagen geleden


  89. Angel luvier
    Angel luvier
    13 dagen geleden

    Whenever you have this girl in ur video is fire.. she’s always kills it

  90. Olephia Power
    Olephia Power
    14 dagen geleden


  91. Yvonne Venters
    Yvonne Venters
    14 dagen geleden

    Beautiful ❤️

  92. Evonne L
    Evonne L
    14 dagen geleden

    Showcasing black love ... ❤️🥰

  93. THE HOOD
    14 dagen geleden

    NLlike is a time machine.. I will travel back to 2021 in 2050 to watch this video

  94. rose ducroux
    rose ducroux
    14 dagen geleden

    tu est fort ☺♥

  95. David King
    David King
    14 dagen geleden

    From 1:24 to 1:30 we enter a bliss that hits hard like opium

  96. Theresia Mhina
    Theresia Mhina
    14 dagen geleden

    This song is literally my favorite ma gad😍😍😍

  97. Patrizia Dalbasso
    Patrizia Dalbasso
    14 dagen geleden


  98. fabrice junior
    fabrice junior
    14 dagen geleden

    you are the best 😎😎

  99. JuuJee_ KoKo
    JuuJee_ KoKo
    14 dagen geleden

    Dance moves 😊

  100. JuuJee_ KoKo
    JuuJee_ KoKo
    14 dagen geleden

    Smiling all through this video . Thank you .