Carlos Sainz & Lando Norris take on hilarious McLaren Milk Challenge 🥛🤣

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Ahead of pre-season testing in Barcelona, McLaren pair Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris undertake a driving challenge, whilst trying not to spill six pints of milk.
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  1. Vicente QUINTANA
    Vicente QUINTANA
    3 uur geleden


  2. Sarah
    5 uur geleden

    the best lando and carlos moment ever for me

  3. Veruha ice
    Veruha ice
    5 uur geleden


  4. cheetos flamin hot
    cheetos flamin hot
    3 dagen geleden

    14:29 my mom when she talks to the neighbor and I go out.

  5. Cheeky Salamander
    Cheeky Salamander
    4 dagen geleden


  6. Lemon
    5 dagen geleden

    Carlos tRaNqUiLooO

  7. Maria Fernanda Acosta Jimenez
    Maria Fernanda Acosta Jimenez
    5 dagen geleden

    Me encanto el tranquilo Carlos ☺️

  8. Mythiceu
    6 dagen geleden

    imagine something like this with daniel riccardo

  9. Mythiceu
    6 dagen geleden

    8:26 You son of your mother xd

  10. Ngau Nguyen
    Ngau Nguyen
    6 dagen geleden

    Can we have all the drivers try this challenge?

  11. William Nash
    William Nash
    7 dagen geleden

    Netflix saying these guys are rivals

  12. Albert Barajas
    Albert Barajas
    7 dagen geleden

    The female fertile bull reassembly work because lead nomenclaturally explode upon a mountainous carol. tidy, debonair mail

  13. Sandra Pascual
    Sandra Pascual
    8 dagen geleden

    Lando:✨me encanta MILK✨ 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Brock Lesnar
    Brock Lesnar
    10 dagen geleden

    oh how i miss these two together

  15. Charlo Rivard
    Charlo Rivard
    10 dagen geleden

    Lando: Turn TC on! Carlos: WHYYYYYYY

  16. v dd
    v dd
    10 dagen geleden

    bestt video

  17. PAH 17
    PAH 17
    11 dagen geleden

    Tranquilouh eh

  18. PAH 17
    PAH 17
    11 dagen geleden

    Tranquilou Carlos

  19. Montserrat León
    Montserrat León
    11 dagen geleden

    Landon: “tranquilo Carlos”😂

  20. akshay kumar
    akshay kumar
    12 dagen geleden

    They could used water instead of precious milk.. 🥺

  21. Unknow Boudabsa
    Unknow Boudabsa
    12 dagen geleden

    Son of your Mother🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Killed me

  22. ForsenARCgames
    13 dagen geleden

    Carlos: I would conside...... Lando: BUUUUUUMPS!!

  23. Dailex
    14 dagen geleden

    12:06 what song repricents you... lando in his head ( max max max super max😂)

  24. Lie 1000
    Lie 1000
    14 dagen geleden

    The milkyway

  25. albw9
    14 dagen geleden

    Those drifts where badass af

  26. Olya Petrovskaya
    Olya Petrovskaya
    14 dagen geleden

    Well.. I guess we will never know if penguins have needs 😂 This is easily the most perfect video on NLlike 💔

  27. sabrina bernice see
    sabrina bernice see
    14 dagen geleden

    Lando is literally Tom Holland in F1 😂😂😂

  28. Patricia Richter
    Patricia Richter
    14 dagen geleden

    That's a nice milk shake 😁😄😋

  29. Sheff Wed Hibbert
    Sheff Wed Hibbert
    15 dagen geleden


  30. hectorwillis
    15 dagen geleden

    this is my favourite video ever

  31. Fardeen saifi
    Fardeen saifi
    15 dagen geleden


  32. Florian Reinfeld
    Florian Reinfeld
    15 dagen geleden

    What's that song at the beginning called?

  33. Msrcos Jhara
    Msrcos Jhara
    15 dagen geleden

    That was soooooo funny

  34. Diane M
    Diane M
    16 dagen geleden

    I have NEVER seen a funnier F1 interview or challenge video this than! I swear I’m crying 😂

  35. Cesar Cappetto
    Cesar Cappetto
    17 dagen geleden

    "I am not arrogant .... but ok"

  36. Joel Walczok
    Joel Walczok
    17 dagen geleden

    4:58 sounds like someone put a fart noise in there😆

  37. Pau Algan
    Pau Algan
    17 dagen geleden


  38. Pau Algan
    Pau Algan
    17 dagen geleden


  39. Halil İbrahim Üstün
    Halil İbrahim Üstün
    18 dagen geleden

    Carlos's final move was a real K.O.

  40. GTM260
    18 dagen geleden

    And Drive to Survive season 3 is tryna convince me these two don’t get on

  41. Isabelxynha
    18 dagen geleden

    Acabo a água,vai tomar banho de leite

  42. Catalina Zúñiga
    Catalina Zúñiga
    18 dagen geleden

    George just came in and 🖕🏻 🤣🤣🤣

  43. Cristina Gb
    Cristina Gb
    18 dagen geleden

    Hope they have found the origin of that "milk noise" 🤣🤣🤣

  44. 4208 S
    4208 S
    18 dagen geleden

    15:58 Mencanta milkk 🤣🤣🤣

  45. john bhangal
    john bhangal
    18 dagen geleden

    The sweltering peak marginally jump because oil contrarily time mid a defiant seat. lush, melodic puma

  46. Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey
    19 dagen geleden

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  47. Megan Mackey
    Megan Mackey
    19 dagen geleden

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  48. blxtothis
    19 dagen geleden

    Hilarious? No lame and pathetic, it’s been done so many times before!

  49. XxpauldadudexX
    19 dagen geleden

    Good job Lando Norris doesn't drive how he asks and answers questions coz he'd be sloooooowwww af, so sloooooooowwww he would lapped by everyone after just 3 laps and the most boring, tedious, sleep inducing, driver in the history of F1 GP's or, in fact, any kind of motor racing.

  50. v dd
    v dd
    20 dagen geleden

    me encanta milk🤣

  51. Reissack pro
    Reissack pro
    20 dagen geleden

    Das ist der Neue Renault Milch

  52. xklte
    21 dag geleden

    Their laughs are so cute 😣

    1. XxpauldadudexX
      19 dagen geleden

      They sound like they've been inhaling helium or are a couple of chipmunks 💩

  53. Holt Thompson
    Holt Thompson
    21 dag geleden

    Why is lando so scared

  54. Hannah Renault
    Hannah Renault
    21 dag geleden

    21:48 lol

  55. x Legion
    x Legion
    22 dagen geleden


  56. Ngau Nguyen
    Ngau Nguyen
    22 dagen geleden

    The entrance song just kills

  57. [KPG]
    24 dagen geleden

    22:50 how is this not a meme yet

  58. Oblivirator
    24 dagen geleden

    just burn the car

  59. Pien ten Have
    Pien ten Have
    24 dagen geleden

    They're almost muppets...

  60. Audrey Y
    Audrey Y
    25 dagen geleden

    lando: 😦 carlos: aSk mE!1!!

  61. Felipe Simone
    Felipe Simone
    26 dagen geleden

    me watching this vid again in 2021 hahahah

  62. Victoria Cardoso
    Victoria Cardoso
    27 dagen geleden

    I can't believe how happy this video makes me, I have watch this thousands of times🥺😂😂😂

    1. XxpauldadudexX
      19 dagen geleden

      @Victoria Cardoso I know that, lol, I was just messing, being silly I suppose 😜

    2. Victoria Cardoso
      Victoria Cardoso
      19 dagen geleden

      @XxpauldadudexX I'm not upset😂😂😂 you have your opinion, I have mine is simple!! Have a great day!!

    3. XxpauldadudexX
      19 dagen geleden

      @Victoria Cardoso lol, aw cmon, don't be upset just coz I said Lando's bring in the vid, I bet even he would agree

    4. Victoria Cardoso
      Victoria Cardoso
      19 dagen geleden

      @XxpauldadudexX k 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    5. XxpauldadudexX
      19 dagen geleden

      Wow, why? Lando's so sloooowww asking and answering questions I nearly dozed off...soooo boring 😡

  63. Ernie H
    Ernie H
    28 dagen geleden

    lol to hear these guys scream like a baby in a car is hilarious.... he drives F1 cars at 200mph lol

  64. weewoo
    28 dagen geleden

    I love that they do it in a Renault

  65. Lamborghini
    Maand geleden

    The funny thing is my last name is Norris 😂

  66. mattlamb
    Maand geleden

    That renault is going to stink forever

  67. Nobby XCVII
    Nobby XCVII
    Maand geleden

    Someone told me Carlos Sainz sounds like Oberyn Martell and i cant unhear it

  68. Stefan Stöber
    Stefan Stöber
    Maand geleden

    Its so funny

  69. Lorendrawn
    Maand geleden

    Lando in the passenger seat: Complete terror. Lando behind the wheel: tranquilo

  70. Leonard O Donovan
    Leonard O Donovan
    Maand geleden


  71. Anna Venturi
    Anna Venturi
    Maand geleden

    So cute video Lando Norris e Carlos sainz

  72. Magda J
    Magda J
    Maand geleden

    Lando should has a girlfriend...I am right here 😁❤

  73. mobile shop
    mobile shop
    Maand geleden

    Very good this start of this video

  74. Eilish O’Connell
    Eilish O’Connell
    Maand geleden

    No one: Carlos: ASK ME

  75. Max GT
    Max GT
    Maand geleden

    12:10 did he say get in there lewis?😂

  76. Rob Di
    Rob Di
    Maand geleden

    Aäey aäey aäey Lando.

  77. BrownieCL 06
    BrownieCL 06
    Maand geleden

    No one: Absolutely no one: Sainz: Kamon ascmi

  78. Jordan Porter
    Jordan Porter
    Maand geleden

    Lando: I’ve won. But at what cost?

    1. XxpauldadudexX
      19 dagen geleden

      The cost of putting viewers to sleep with his sloooooowwww and boring af asking n answering questions

  79. Hannah Savage
    Hannah Savage
    Maand geleden

    Don’t cry over the spilt milk!

  80. ruben master
    ruben master
    Maand geleden

    Vaya presentador más tonto, de verdad

  81. Google Account
    Google Account
    Maand geleden

    It's hard to rewatch this 😭

  82. Angelica giuliani
    Angelica giuliani
    2 maanden geleden

    15:58 “me encanta milk”

  83. Cris P. Bacon
    Cris P. Bacon
    2 maanden geleden

    Alright, do this with Ricciardo. XD

  84. aaliyah
    2 maanden geleden

    The ending had me crying 🤣😭💀

  85. Kiith Somtaaw
    Kiith Somtaaw
    2 maanden geleden

    "You son of.... your mother" xD

  86. sTL45oUw
    2 maanden geleden

    Why is he so scared?

  87. Chris Browning
    Chris Browning
    2 maanden geleden

    Sainz blasting Lando in the face with the milk and then going to Lando saying "you won, i have no milk left" 😂👌

  88. Marco V
    Marco V
    2 maanden geleden

    "This is someone's car!!" "...yeah..."

  89. Yaya Jaidee
    Yaya Jaidee
    2 maanden geleden

    You son of.. your mother lolllllll

  90. GB2006 _YT
    GB2006 _YT
    2 maanden geleden

    8:26 Movin up n down side to side like a rollercoaster

  91. Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes
    2 maanden geleden

    The lackadaisical swiss findingsinitially reflect because salt intriguingly drain from a foolish llama. subsequent, unbecoming revolver

  92. Curious1ne Ueckeka
    Curious1ne Ueckeka
    2 maanden geleden

    I always watch this over and over for Johnnie's laugh.

  93. Tec-Clan
    2 maanden geleden

    Why did they drive in a renault with the milk?

    1. XxpauldadudexX
      19 dagen geleden

      Coz all new Renault's come with a free 20 liters of milk, obviously

  94. Malik Campbell
    Malik Campbell
    2 maanden geleden

    “A” is for 7:48

  95. Cpr1234
    2 maanden geleden

    If you're just here for the milk challenge itself, skip to 14:20

  96. Richard Barrett
    Richard Barrett
    2 maanden geleden


  97. Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord
    2 maanden geleden

    The iconic video

  98. Jamie Lord
    Jamie Lord
    2 maanden geleden

    Lando: I wasn’t that bad. Shows a clip of him going sideways in the McLaren

  99. MrnintendoSEGAfan1
    2 maanden geleden

    Pause here (21:48) it was this moment....Lando is dead by milk

  100. Chantal Velarde
    Chantal Velarde
    2 maanden geleden

    "mENcaNta MiLk" 😂😂 love that part