🔴 Couple Builds a 38-foot Wooden Yacht in Backyard

44 000 Weergaven 3,4 mln.

This is the story of building our homemade sailing yacht in the backyard. We built the yacht mainly with my wife, but relatives and friends also helped us in the construction.
We have been building the yacht for 5 years, and spent $ 30,000 on all materials.
In this time-lapse we will show you the whole process of creating a wooden sailing yacht from making frames to sea trials under sail.
We are a happy young couple, Gena and Vita. We like to equip life around us with our own hands. So we feel as independent as possible and realize ourselves creatively. We love making videos and try to make them useful. Therefore, we will develop and further develop this channel. We have many more construction projects that we will surely surprise you with. If you support family values and love to create with your own hands, welcome to our CREATIVE GALAXY family

In 2017, we were forced to sell the yacht as we wanted to quickly finish building our house, but we are already hatching a plan to build a new expeditionary aluminum yacht.
Here you can see the history of the construction of our house: nllike.info/baby/video/l2Z6rqinbp5r1pQ

We made the project for the yacht ourselves, you can download it from this link: drive.google.com/file/d/19U934pMDDZfNXlfW4gocBjlMftsrDKi6


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    Do you love woodworking? Try the Woodglut plans.

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  12. Ramy Fahoom
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      Thank you. The music was used from the NLlike music library.

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    That is a very slick looking boat. I like it. Has a blue-water feel to it. edit: Seriously, I'd live on this thing, it's got more room then my apartment.

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    1. Islam means Peace. Vacccines are deadly
      Islam means Peace. Vacccines are deadly
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  36. Giuseppe Battagliese
    Giuseppe Battagliese
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