Ed and Liz Meet After Their Vegas Fight | 90 Day: The Single Life

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  1. Crouton
    6 uur geleden

    Big Ed is the almost perfect example of a nice guy

  2. Ivy🥀Rose
    Dag geleden

    He became such a great frEnd then best frEnd. Ugh, the way this girl talks.. 😬

  3. CK M
    CK M
    Dag geleden

    The only explanation for this is: Green Card!

  4. la lang
    la lang
    3 dagen geleden

    0:12 itlog maalat

  5. theyluvchelsy :)
    theyluvchelsy :)
    4 dagen geleden

    not him rolling under the blanket

  6. Eddie Barberena
    Eddie Barberena
    5 dagen geleden

    no way liz is very beauful

  7. hullstar242
    6 dagen geleden

    He only speaks in cliches “Am I boyfriend…material?” “Am I your forever?” 🤢🤮 He’s like an early 2000s tabloid magazine in human form.

  8. Queenlalaine Regondola
    Queenlalaine Regondola
    6 dagen geleden


  9. Warble Durbler
    Warble Durbler
    7 dagen geleden

    "He has a huge heart". That's because it needs to compensate for the rest of him and the arterial sclerosis.

  10. Dongxue Mo
    Dongxue Mo
    8 dagen geleden

    I hate when narcissists say that !!!!! “ we’re not good at communicating “ , I mean we both speak English, what’s wrong !!!!

  11. Venus Sunev
    Venus Sunev
    9 dagen geleden

    No neck Ed has no neck in none of his two heads. That’s why he is so insecure about himself and has to pay someone for a satisfaction he will never think someone like his recent or previous ex gave him.

  12. Ma Tu
    Ma Tu
    10 dagen geleden

    One thing I can say good about Ed. He always stuck his neck on the line for others.

  13. Angela Quintana
    Angela Quintana
    10 dagen geleden

    Im so glad Liz moved on ed and his daughter are trash

  14. Sarah Jamieson
    Sarah Jamieson
    11 dagen geleden

    Ew when she said “you drive me crazy”. She literally meant he drives her crazy 🤣

  15. Blaze Orange
    Blaze Orange
    11 dagen geleden

    Too much drama Ed ... hahah! You so old for this.

  16. Michelle Lagniton
    Michelle Lagniton
    12 dagen geleden

    His eyes widen with satisfaction when she cries = demonic narcissist

  17. Christina Jang
    Christina Jang
    12 dagen geleden

    Communication is essential to relationships but Ed doesn't ever let anyone speak which makes his relationships even more toxic than it already is

  18. Winston John Paul Blanco
    Winston John Paul Blanco
    12 dagen geleden

    f*** you Big ED!!

  19. Cecilia Munoz
    Cecilia Munoz
    13 dagen geleden

    Sick old man fine someone your age.

  20. Liz Gonzalez
    Liz Gonzalez
    13 dagen geleden

    The daughter should be grateful anyone would want to be w her dad. Disgusting 🤢

  21. trurtle
    13 dagen geleden

    ed is a literal predator and liz is so awesome and genuine, she can 1000% do so so much better

  22. Zahra
    13 dagen geleden

    Ngl i see Eds emotional abuse here. He hasn’t learnt a single thing since last year’s fiasco with Rose.

  23. Mustafa X
    Mustafa X
    14 dagen geleden

    3:36 he’s making her feel guilty for his shit omfgg what’s wrong withh herrrrrrrrr

  24. Playboi Guapo
    Playboi Guapo
    14 dagen geleden

    Ngl Ed's backyard is beautiful, too bad he isn't.

  25. Galaxy Flight
    Galaxy Flight
    14 dagen geleden

    Ed is like 10 years older then most of his relationships

  26. Casey Hardy
    Casey Hardy
    14 dagen geleden

    What did she see in him at all?!? I really don’t get it.

  27. Novi Supriani
    Novi Supriani
    14 dagen geleden

    sorry but not tryna to be rude. i wanna ask y'all. why big ed doesn't have his neck?

    1. Novi Supriani
      Novi Supriani
      11 dagen geleden

      @Sᴛᴀʀʙᴇᴀᴍ ‘ thanks for the information

    2. Sᴛᴀʀʙᴇᴀᴍ ‘
      Sᴛᴀʀʙᴇᴀᴍ ‘
      11 dagen geleden

      I searched it up, it says he has a rare genetic effect

    15 dagen geleden

    Forever? How old you gonn' live? 🤣🤣

  29. Pdr Al bsu Camp
    Pdr Al bsu Camp
    15 dagen geleden

    This men has many issues, that he needs to tackle first before insisting on continuing dating and leaving a wreck behind on every attempt. He shoul try ladies his age and similar appearance. I don't know why this young lady is so desperate in dating Ed . Is obvious he is not looking for a long-term relationship, but a young piece of but...that satisfy his needs .

  30. Tiffani
    15 dagen geleden

    god, TLC please get Ed off your show. Liar, Master manipulator.... what amazing qualities!

  31. La Luna Moon
    La Luna Moon
    15 dagen geleden


  32. Micaiah Branch
    Micaiah Branch
    15 dagen geleden

    There is absolutely no way that Liz thinks Ed is attractive.

  33. E Luckey
    E Luckey
    16 dagen geleden

    Boycott Ed he has 2 bankruptcy. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC PAYED HIS BILLS. He live above his means .How shameful is he .He can't support himself. HOW IS HE GOING TO SUPPORT A woman.

  34. Lu Angelika
    Lu Angelika
    17 dagen geleden

    liz's eyes r very very blur

  35. Kara Carter
    Kara Carter
    19 dagen geleden

    Lol dose he not wash his sheets.....?

  36. Symontha Jerewai
    Symontha Jerewai
    19 dagen geleden

    Ed is the most disgusting male on reality tv 👌

  37. Annabelle DuQuaine
    Annabelle DuQuaine
    20 dagen geleden

    i feel like he really didn’t need to mention to her that she gave him a panic attack or whatever. if she needed to leave and get some space she should be able to do that without feeling guilty.

  38. stuzo666
    20 dagen geleden

    Ed has more chins than a Chinese phone directory

  39. Azi Campbell
    Azi Campbell
    20 dagen geleden

    It’s not teddy’s fault he has a shitty dad 😭

  40. Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia
    21 dag geleden

    I’m sorry but I could never let someone that looks like a toe, treat me like that. He’s repulsive because of his behavior and attitude. If you truly care or love someone you would do anything you could to try to not hurt them in any way. He clearly doesn’t love anyone enough to be respectful of there wishes. Just shows that age has nothing to do with maturity.

  41. Ciemani_
    21 dag geleden

    Without this show... mans ego, narcissistic/ abusive ways, AND manipulation wouldn’t even exist lol. Someone give this man a break check pleaseee💀. His main issue is finding young & submissive woman with low self esteem cause no woman with enough sense will take his shit and most definitely his narcissistic and disrespectful ways. Cause let’s not 🥱. I also notice how he also plays the sympathy game cause he ignored how SHE felt and made it about himself, now she got herself feeling bad for his wrong doings. Ngl she kinda delusional herself cause if he showing you signs and red flags that’s a problem. The fact she brushes it Off kinda annoys me cause girl is Beautifulll she just doesn’t see it cause she’s stuck in a dark place rn.

  42. Dezzy Edits
    Dezzy Edits
    21 dag geleden

    I don’t think big EGGG is gonna learn that you can’t be in a two person relationship only caring about YOUR FEELINGS and not how the other persons FEELSSSSSSS

  43. The_Void
    22 dagen geleden

    This dude's a clown. She needs a young stud, do better Liz.....

  44. wild wanderer
    wild wanderer
    22 dagen geleden

    i think he just tries to wear her down until she caves into his demands, what a toxic person

  45. wild wanderer
    wild wanderer
    22 dagen geleden

    this is so frustrating to watch. a positive? she broke down crying because you don't respect her personal space. and was so overwhelmed she APOLOGISED for it. my gosh, ed is such a slimy slug

  46. harold belen
    harold belen
    22 dagen geleden

    Ed: i want liz to take S.T.D test 😂

  47. Margo malik
    Margo malik
    22 dagen geleden

    why would any women be with this guy, he is repulsive

  48. Ohmygod Whatever
    Ohmygod Whatever
    22 dagen geleden

    This guy thinks he’s such a star. You should see his Instagram. But he’s so narcissistic he can’t even see everyone is laughing AT him in the comments, not WITH him.

  49. Ylva Bjarnson
    Ylva Bjarnson
    23 dagen geleden

    He's a liar and a pervert

    23 dagen geleden

    The way Ed speaks is so easy for foreigns to understand. He pronounces the words clearly. I am brazilian. I like to hear him.

  51. Captain Larry No sleep Fishing Team
    Captain Larry No sleep Fishing Team
    24 dagen geleden

    Little ed is such a looser 🤮. You will be all alone forever 😳

  52. Olia E
    Olia E
    24 dagen geleden

    I like Liz. She's genuine.

  53. D Whit
    D Whit
    24 dagen geleden

    There's a reason why no neck will never land a chic

  54. jenii A.
    jenii A.
    24 dagen geleden

    Omggg she really fall in love with him

  55. Sandy Lindenthal
    Sandy Lindenthal
    24 dagen geleden

    This Little Punk Ed IS A Narcessist!

  56. listen channel
    listen channel
    24 dagen geleden

    They shouldn't have to be reconciling relationship so early on people say this after many years...

  57. listen channel
    listen channel
    24 dagen geleden

    That ponytail looks bad 👎 and he's such a narcissist...

  58. Collin Saylor
    Collin Saylor
    24 dagen geleden

    Tf am I single for 😂

  59. Xolile Yonke
    Xolile Yonke
    25 dagen geleden

    Praying Liz finds a better man . ..with a neck

  60. angela brown
    angela brown
    25 dagen geleden

    Usually women look better I think with their natural hair color but she looks better with this color

  61. C.B. Galvez
    C.B. Galvez
    25 dagen geleden

    The fact that he had to squeeze his eyes once just to get teary is something else 😒

  62. Pammy girl 61
    Pammy girl 61
    26 dagen geleden

    Y’all just fake as all hell!!!

  63. Janeen Sam
    Janeen Sam
    26 dagen geleden

    Imagine ed being with you forever!? Its hell

  64. Dada BLM
    Dada BLM
    26 dagen geleden

    When I saw him lay out that blanket I thought 'oh how romantic'. Turns out it was for himself 😂

  65. Alondra Gonzalez
    Alondra Gonzalez
    26 dagen geleden

    Lmao he has so much girlfriends because he is famous if you have no money you can’t offered a gf

  66. Ivanna Teran-Rudenko
    Ivanna Teran-Rudenko
    27 dagen geleden

    Oh my god... why did he say that. Like I believe him, maybe he did have a panic attack. But why did he have to literally BLAME it on her. He is so narcissistic, he reminds me of this one person I know that is so manipulative and controlling and is so insecure and stubborn. And it's hard to let go sometimes because they change up so quickly. And one moment they will treat you with so much respect, and then the next moment they will manipulate you and guilt trip you. And then your stuck in a situation where you don't know how to do.

  67. Maye D.
    Maye D.
    27 dagen geleden

    Ed is Manipulative and he is a good actor. Shame!

  68. fit lfit
    fit lfit
    28 dagen geleden


  69. Ida HB
    Ida HB
    28 dagen geleden

    1:05 F O R E V E R

  70. Jessica Orozco
    Jessica Orozco
    28 dagen geleden

    Liz and ed are fake to be famous that is it that is all if America cant see that then there is no hope for humanity

  71. jeanette taylor
    jeanette taylor
    28 dagen geleden

    How does he get these beautiful women. Like im so confused

  72. Nursika Vendila
    Nursika Vendila
    28 dagen geleden

    Song in the opening ?

  73. Jennifer Roberts
    Jennifer Roberts
    28 dagen geleden

    Her crying because you hurt her makes you think there is a future Boyy you’ve got a personality disorder good grief That isn’t what love means and so sad she can’t see that yet

  74. Karen Gepte
    Karen Gepte
    28 dagen geleden

    "Seeing Liz get emotional tonight and crying I see that as POSITIVE" said the No Neck Ed. This statement is a big no no. Like wth. A real man with real and genuine feelings would never say that. Its must be breaking your heart when you see your love of your life crying and will made you realize that she is better WITHOUT YOU. This made me sick. How can a woman so blinded with you.

  75. karla a
    karla a
    28 dagen geleden

    Ed is repulsive in so many ways.

  76. Jasmin Rivas
    Jasmin Rivas
    29 dagen geleden

    Me looking at the pink pillow: :0 wait wait I got that same pillow 😀

  77. Ice Creamies
    Ice Creamies
    29 dagen geleden

    “If you don’t want to talk about it, then we won’t talk about it.” *PROCEEDS TO PUSH HER TO TALK ABOUT IT*

  78. Ruth Jaehnig
    Ruth Jaehnig
    29 dagen geleden

    Big Ed needs to be canceled. Why give a platform to a predator?

  79. Thatotaku123
    29 dagen geleden

    “I also actually had a panic attack” that right there folks is emotional manipulation. Saying you had a panic attack just to make Liz feel bad about her choices and actions because you wanted to make her feel uncomfortable or kept pushing. Like dude if you wanna be in a relationship listen to your partner 1, and 2 get people your own age. Seriously. Probably one of the reasons why you don’t want people your age is because they are smart and know your tricks.

  80. madi b
    madi b
    29 dagen geleden

    mmm yes we love gaslighting the poor girl ed

    29 dagen geleden

    I can't believe liz wants an ED smh

  82. madi rose
    madi rose
    Maand geleden

    “my sheets smell like her” um what😬

  83. Babygirl A
    Babygirl A
    Maand geleden

    How does this guy get all these women? They are all beautiful and he has no neck...wtf

    1. Monika Ballah
      Monika Ballah
      2 dagen geleden


    2. Anya Squared
      Anya Squared
      16 dagen geleden

      @Kris Sanders it has literally been 4 years since Obama has been president, get over it . We had rapist reality start trump after that remember him?

    3. Just Ah Trucker
      Just Ah Trucker
      18 dagen geleden

      Paid actors

    4. stuzo666
      20 dagen geleden


    5. Che Bachah
      Che Bachah
      23 dagen geleden

      Ugly man but show big heart...should see yr big stomach..keep it nice first.😊

  84. Pete Soebekti
    Pete Soebekti
    Maand geleden

    ed should be single....

  85. Kaia v weird
    Kaia v weird
    Maand geleden

    “My sheets even smell like her” Ok? Wash it???

    1. Rick Robert
      Rick Robert
      29 dagen geleden


  86. Lucy Rosalia
    Lucy Rosalia
    Maand geleden

    Ed sure does like hearing himself talking 😂

    1. Rick Robert
      Rick Robert
      29 dagen geleden

      He never learns doesn’t he?😒

  87. Aussie Yobbo's World
    Aussie Yobbo's World
    Maand geleden

    what a creepy bastard

  88. Hope X
    Hope X
    Maand geleden

    Ed is so manipulative and self centered

  89. TM IDM
    TM IDM
    Maand geleden

    Keep walking Liz!!

  90. Coconut Waylee
    Coconut Waylee
    Maand geleden

    Wait Liz is like 28 and Ed is is like 55... what the he**? 😳

    1. Coconut Waylee
      Coconut Waylee
      Maand geleden


  91. Grace Mata
    Grace Mata
    Maand geleden

    did ed start smoking or is that just his voice gettin old

  92. Bom Is Queen
    Bom Is Queen
    Maand geleden

    You’d think that Ed would of learned from Rose,not to press an issue that someone doesn’t wanna talk about

  93. Carmel Oreilly
    Carmel Oreilly
    Maand geleden

    Can any1 tell me 1 Positive thing about Ed? Or a good quality in him? He seems selfish Rude Untrustworthy Egotistical list goes on & on ----- Again any1 any good qualities ??🤦🏼‍♀️ Trying to understand why or how he gets women

  94. Carm Baglieri
    Carm Baglieri
    Maand geleden

    I wish this would run on TV!!

  95. Izzy Stephens
    Izzy Stephens
    Maand geleden

    Bro liz literally is just under the hands of a very manipulative guy and she doesn't deserve it. Big Ed deserves no one.

  96. Nartarlyia Tremaynne
    Nartarlyia Tremaynne
    Maand geleden

    ed lives in a dolls house. Woodland creature.

  97. Tixo Lettuce
    Tixo Lettuce
    Maand geleden

    Eww the eyes he makes when she starts crying

  98. Ghost Mae
    Ghost Mae
    Maand geleden

    Bruh I feel so bad for Liz, Ed is literally tearing her youth off her face day by day holy 💩 ):

  99. Zach Mikula
    Zach Mikula
    Maand geleden

    Big Ed wants to know what's up if u actually cared about him you'd share it. Wtf is wrong with u. I date all kinds of women, she tho, i'd never come close to touchin her. She's the one who's fucked up.