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John Oliver discusses the importance of Black hair, the ways it can be a target of discrimination, and some ideas to address that.

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  1. Local Tavern's Lute Player
    Local Tavern's Lute Player
    59 minuten geleden

    white Stylists don't know all straight non textured hair, they can't deal with thick pin straight asian hair either, they always make you look like a toilet brush, they just can't handle anything that's not fine and blonde

  2. A E Robinson
    A E Robinson
    5 uur geleden

    There’s a good film “Something New”

  3. Shlad with a shlid
    Shlad with a shlid
    9 uur geleden

    I'm sorry but what the fuck is this patronising bullshit? I've never given more of a shit what a black person's hair looks like and I never had any intention to. I don't know what hair products go in white hair and i sure as shit couldn't care less if they're different from the ones that go in black hair. I also don't get this "don't pat my head" crap. We all have different hair and skin and so on and if somebody is curious about that then that doesn't mean they think you're a zoo attraction. In primary school a black friend used to stroke my cheek and tell me my skin was smooth. I thought it was fun and was glad to have smooth skin. Later on, when I got long hair, a friend would touch my hair and tell me it was soft. I've touched white friends hair when they get it cut short because it feels funny and prickly. This is all natural human curiosity. The only people I wouldn't dare do this to are black people. Never have and I never will. I don't see how it's a good idea to act like black people are some sort of special untouchables. If just makes people all fucking nervous to act normally around them.

  4. the weirdest person you would ever meet
    the weirdest person you would ever meet
    23 uur geleden

    5:30 Bro so accurate

  5. Jack A Lope
    Jack A Lope
    Dag geleden

    That closing line. lmao

  6. Bernardo Pratta
    Bernardo Pratta
    Dag geleden

    The whole content in this video is just pure diarrhea 🤮🤡

  7. James Hughes
    James Hughes
    Dag geleden

    It was all good until you just told people to not try and interact with black people. People converse about hair, style and experiences all the time.. If you want to be left alone stay the fuck in the house.

  8. Comrade B
    Comrade B
    Dag geleden

    John, I love you

  9. Olivia Schneider
    Olivia Schneider
    Dag geleden

    It's wild that there's such a discussion about it when it really should just be "wear your hair however you want because its none of anybody's business". I guess I can maybe see why someone would talk about un natural died hair, like pink or blue if its dealing with customers. but its insane to say that someone should change how their hair naturally is and how they wear it best.

  10. Bobing
    Dag geleden

    There is a contradiction in this piece that I can't help but dislike: He says that white people using traditionnally white hairstyle is enfuriating and then he says that black people should do their hair however they want, and takes as an example "flattening their hair" which is definitely a white hairstyle, so it would, with this logic, be the same cultural appropriation as white people putting black hairstyle. That is not logical. Either you think people should do their hair like they want, or you think people should do their hair as their race suggests. This second one is enfuriating to me. What is actually enfuriating to me is the idea that white people shouldn't wear dreadlocks. Let people wear the haircut they want, including white people.

  11. Thatguy 79
    Thatguy 79
    Dag geleden

    This went way further than I would have thought as a straight haired bearded Caucasian.

  12. C Hep
    C Hep
    Dag geleden

    Honestly something I’ve never thought about. Bloody great segment. Thanks John!

  13. leon musial
    leon musial
    Dag geleden

    Goddammit Mia mulder ruined John Oliver for me. All I can think of now is how he refuses to acknowledge what he's doing as journalism

  14. Martinab
    Dag geleden

    I mean I'm a white person with dreads. I know nobody gives a shit about what I think here (just for the record I'm a lefty who supports lefty causes with donations and volunteering), but I won't accept getting shamed by anyone for having one hairstyle or another. If you get offended by it because it's appropriation, you just better deal with it.

  15. Helipeek
    Dag geleden

    Mr Cholmondley-Warner? Is that you?

  16. superbadgerdoom
    Dag geleden

    My only knowledge of black hair, is that getting it wet is punishable by death.

  17. Swole Monkey
    Swole Monkey
    Dag geleden

    Leslie Jones 😬

  18. Armando De La Fonte
    Armando De La Fonte
    Dag geleden


  19. Guy Miller
    Guy Miller
    Dag geleden

    John Oliver is disproportionately unfunny

  20. John Smith
    John Smith
    2 dagen geleden

    I really don't get this piece. Yes, in a professional setting your "style" does actually matter and can bar you from work. I used to sport a jew-fro that reached down to my shoulders and I'm /white/. Wanna know my success rate at getting a job during that time? Zero. I never found work looking like a hippy. That's not a race thing(though it is a factor), it's a corporate thing. Dreads, Afros, etc, just aren't visually appealing in a workplace. You could argue that's systemic or social biggotry, but I can't remember anyone covering thick, straight, black hair as a problem when just as many bigots dislike the major asian demographics as they do africans. This entire piece feels like race-baiting and we get enough of that as it is. This piece might have merit, but I'm so disenfranchised with the narrative that "anything and everything is horrible for African Americans and you as a white person are duty-bound to care" that I just can't sympathize at this point. That might make me a bad person, I have no idea. I can say that every black guy n gal I've ever met has been some of the nicest, happiest, most out-going folks I've ever had the pleasure to know.

  21. Charlie Vardar
    Charlie Vardar
    2 dagen geleden

    Just confess it fellows. You hate hippies. But black people are not hippies...

  22. Eduardo Torres
    Eduardo Torres
    2 dagen geleden

    I appreciate the point this man is making but he speaks so fast and with that awful accent that makes me dizzy

  23. Adam Evans
    Adam Evans
    2 dagen geleden

    I feel so guilty for being born a white man. Everyday I watch videos about all the things that are my fault because the color of my skin as if I had some control of how I was born, but I guess that doesn’t matter. I’m simply grouped together with individuals I have never met or associate with and somehow is supposed to accept that I’m to blame. I find it ironic that a group of people whom have been systematic oppressed for generations can’t see the hypocrisy of grouping and blaming individual people based on the color of their skin

  24. Rolatii
    2 dagen geleden

    There was a moment when he "the cosmetology industry" and I heard "the cosmotology industry", and now I want it to be that way.. Everything about cosmetics would make so much more sense if it was run by aliens.

  25. Mr. Nick
    Mr. Nick
    2 dagen geleden

    So hair and hair styles are "deeply cultural" but you can make fun and mock "White" people's hair and hair styles? Huh

  26. shaunthegoat
    2 dagen geleden

    I once seen a video of a white woman that adopted a black child explaining how to take care of her daughters hair combined it and everything and I was impressed honestly

  27. Jacob
    2 dagen geleden

    7 hours to get your hair done. Yall have patience of a god

  28. Khorrn
    2 dagen geleden

    I totally agree with the video, except for one thing: dreadlocks are not African-American exclusive. First depictions can be found in Minoan art. They were furthermore present in Archaic Greece, Egypt and also in Europe during the Middle-Ages. A hair style similar to cornrows can also be seen in Archaic Greek statues (Kouroi and Korai).

  29. Janine
    2 dagen geleden

    Actually this is really beneficial for white people too. I got really big curly hair myself (as a completely white person). Till I was 14 my mom would force me to brush my hair every day or I wasn't allowed to go to school. So as the only white person with an afro, I have never had a single day without people talking about my hair. Not one day! All my nicknames related to my hair. After that I styled my hair myself and now it's the part of my body I like the most. (I just don't suit afros haha) Since the pandemic I saw sooo many black people talking about their hair that I started trying their products. And it's the best thing I could have done. I spend 4 times as much money on it before to look exactly the same. I don't live in America and it's pretty new for us to have black people (and therefore black hair products in store), but I think it could even benefit white people if stuff like that wasn't locked away. Cause as a white person I would have never tried it if I had to ask for it.

  30. Conor S
    Conor S
    2 dagen geleden

    As a white European, I hate the fascination people have with what hair people should or shouldn’t have, do whatever the fuck you want. In the workplace no adult should be able to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your own hair, they don’t own you, and unless it actively impacts your job for safety or health reasons then fuck off and worry about bigger and better things and leave these people alone. It’s not your bosses person a little North Korea where they can make you do shit just because they are above you. I don’t care what part of the world you come from, if you want to be bald, be bald, if you want a mohawk, if you want half pink and half green, if you want dreads, you do you, supposedly it’s a free country and a free world. Stop caring about what people look like and start caring about who they actually are and how they behave, what are they where or how they accessorise or whatever means fuck all

  31. Ricky Duckworth
    Ricky Duckworth
    2 dagen geleden

    worth noting though, I have a russian girlfriend who wears dreadlocks. vikings (including the rus) were known for wearing their hair in dreadlocks. the amount of times she's been called out for cultural appropriation is ridiculous

  32. gigie555
    2 dagen geleden

    The problem with John's comic delivery is he talks too fast and tries too hard. I just can't keep up with him. Not my favorite comedian.

  33. Timmothy Copeland
    Timmothy Copeland
    2 dagen geleden

    I was fine with the show until Leslie Jones' "God damned white people." My comment is not directed to black people. My comment is directed to Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones, YOU can fuck off. It's free. And John Oliver, wow. God damned uppity, self important celebrities.

  34. Westley West
    Westley West
    2 dagen geleden

    Plum? You went with plum?

  35. TheCosplaying ExVegan
    TheCosplaying ExVegan
    2 dagen geleden

    I am white and have natural black hair no one here in Australia would be touching your hair because it’s curly

  36. Porsche Abraham
    Porsche Abraham
    2 dagen geleden

    FIRST OF ALL, who are the writers for this show? I need answers. They’ve outdone themselves. Thank you; this is Premium Content!

  37. We say no to pay to win
    We say no to pay to win
    2 dagen geleden

    Tbh I can't blame the first guy, the dude bald, knowing any type of hair is pretty useless on one end and insulting on the other.

  38. Cal6009
    3 dagen geleden

    6:37 part of that is definitely racism, part of is also corporate culture and it's effort to rob people of individuality to present uniformity, which can in some ways absolutely be racist. Both are massive problems.

  39. Alle Aras
    Alle Aras
    3 dagen geleden

    I’m not being satire or funny, I intend to come to the us, and I’ve lived in a country where we’re all brown. I have met a collective of 2 black people my whole life, but i’ve met a variety of people browner than myself. So this video really scared me because I realized all the things that they discussed about “touching the hair” is a thing that I might have done, now I’m questioning myself and my biases. Thanks for this, It was very eye opening.

  40. Sausage_Demon
    3 dagen geleden

    Drank the the koolaid, RIP John Oliver.

  41. K. A.
    K. A.
    3 dagen geleden

    You know, in a country they cannot agree on a topic like abortion... hairs? 🤣🤣🤣

  42. K. A.
    K. A.
    3 dagen geleden

    Relating competence is not limited to hair. Also for your dress, your gender, your hight and if others finds you attractive or not. This is how manipulation works. We are educated but actually steered by our dna.

  43. Nick Jith
    Nick Jith
    3 dagen geleden

    Lol : African America Hair ? It is beautiful natural African Hair !

  44. Cees Timmerman
    Cees Timmerman
    3 dagen geleden

    Just claim religion. Zealots support that.

  45. Nick Jith
    Nick Jith
    3 dagen geleden

    I am Asian, and I have straight hair. I was refused jobs and asked to leave school in my younger days because hair was long and told it was untidy. In my current country South Africa, I do know hair especially Black Hair is always political issue . Black men usually get away with long hair - long braid and employers are afraid to tell them to cut it as it is deemed as racist. Also know that hair straightening and hair weaves is a very big business here.

  46. Stera Sigma
    Stera Sigma
    3 dagen geleden

    So there were hair-caring products that promoted literal whitewashing?

  47. Lucas Guimaraes
    Lucas Guimaraes
    3 dagen geleden

    I had two stages.. First a type of fair haired with a black style feature. Second is no hair because now I'm bald. However I don't think I had a good mindset about it. And that's all about teaching, in my opinion

  48. licia1130smilez
    3 dagen geleden

    Yes to this whole segment but I’m dying at the end!!!

  49. C Mauro
    C Mauro
    3 dagen geleden

    And this is why I love this channel...thorough...clever...and advocating on the necessary changes in society.

  50. Marilyn Y. Bennett
    Marilyn Y. Bennett
    3 dagen geleden

    John Excellent, excellent!!! All so true!!! You did an excellent job!!! Thank you so very much!!!😃😊👏🏾👏🏾

  51. Jdrum43
    4 dagen geleden

    My girlfriend has a lot of black hair. It falls out sometimes. I find it in many places. Behind the commode, in the drain, kitchen floor, i even found some on the TV when is was repairing it.

  52. T S
    T S
    4 dagen geleden

    John Oliver...You Are Awesome!!! I am so amazed how informed you are. It is soooooo refreshing I really am at a loss of words. Thank you!

  53. Antoine FD
    Antoine FD
    4 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who's getting tired of those segments where black comedians address "white folks" like we're all a bunch of obnoxious morons that need to be put in their place? Like, "Fuck off"? Seriously? Fuck *you* guys. I'm here to learn about an issue that you're telling me is important, wtf did I do to be insulted like that? Oh, and also, did you just address an entire race of people like they all think the same way because they share the same skin colour? Man, I feel like there's a word for this but I can't find it anymore. Can you help me out?

  54. Bake And Bants
    Bake And Bants
    4 dagen geleden

    I have refused to wear or do an Eurocentric hair. not happening

  55. Jay Owe
    Jay Owe
    4 dagen geleden

    Now im going to prove a valid point, please challenge me. 22:36 = Leslie Jones addresses "white people", 22:46 = then further reinforces that by saying it again; it's only white people she is speaking to. Then precedes to say 23:38 = "fuck off", 23:56 = "bitch" and lastly 24:10 = "goddamn white ppl". I have officially unsubscribed to John Oliver. What I have noticed a trend of in most media is that; only "white people's" racisim is put in to check and Black Racisim has been fully embraced. John Oliver is just as guilty for having host this behavior from the RACIST Leslie Jones. That is not how you prevent prejudice, this is how you fuel agression.

  56. radcow
    5 dagen geleden


  57. Pedja Pantelic
    Pedja Pantelic
    5 dagen geleden

    Dreads are not historically black only. Germanic, Celts, Slavs also wore dreads. In fact if you let your hair grow with no cutting they can grow naturally.

  58. Iamlettuce
    5 dagen geleden

    I am a white person with "black hair" you have no clue how much easier and harder you are making the world for me with this segment. I know I'm a minority but if I let my hair naturally grow people accuse me of cultural appropriation and racism. I agree with everything you said except the stuff about white people not having "black haircuts" because I just like they cannot control my natural hair.

  59. Pixel Rose
    Pixel Rose
    5 dagen geleden

    Okay but straight up, coconut smells so amazing why would you ever complain that a child smells of it?

  60. Karian
    5 dagen geleden

    Tell me you have black, female writers on staff without TELLING me you have black, female writers on staff. We see you Mr. Oliver

  61. Bazar Gamer
    Bazar Gamer
    5 dagen geleden

    The undesirable vise acly gather because relation socially apologise absent a organic vault. temporary, thankful biology

  62. eduardo
    5 dagen geleden

    i came to this video expecting to learn and i got no answers, many new unanswered questions, and 3 people who took time off of their day to tell me to "fucking google it" when i either don't know how to phrase a question for google or have already googled it, spent hours looking for an answer, and didn't find it every passing day i get this close to becoming the joker

  63. fremenkiel1
    5 dagen geleden

    soooo it is just hair - so leave them alone - they can have whatever hair they fucking want too. just stfu about other peoples hair, it's none of you god damn business.

  64. 50 Shades of Skittles
    50 Shades of Skittles
    5 dagen geleden

    Why would i give a fook about somebodies hair?

  65. Ram Muttamsetty
    Ram Muttamsetty
    5 dagen geleden

    7 years in , they're running out of stories

  66. Deaglan O'connor
    Deaglan O'connor
    5 dagen geleden

    why the fuck does a nursery have a no-gun sign?

  67. The_Effect_DE
    5 dagen geleden

    I never realized their hairstyle is so important for some black people Oo I cut my hair three times a year...

  68. Thanatos1991
    5 dagen geleden

    What the FUCK!? How is HAIR of all things an issue!? Maybe I live in a pink castle or something but for me it was clear that black people have different hair! And I am as white as you can get: Skin so pale I run the risc of instantly turning into a crab in the sun to garyish blue eyes and blonde hair! It's not THAT hard to figure out!

  69. liquid metal
    liquid metal
    5 dagen geleden

    Even if it "doesn't exist", why not just put it on the books anyways so that it protects people incase it ever does happen. How can that possibly cause a problem to have something like that on the books.

  70. Lance McCaughan
    Lance McCaughan
    5 dagen geleden

    very few of these hairstyles are linked to the person culture, unless the person can show a genetic link to that 1 or 2 african tribes that use that style. also claiming dreadlocks are not culturally belonging to whites is bullshit because celts have had dreadlocks long before they even saw countries of black or Jamaican people, same with long hair. The "my hair is my culture" argument is fine so long as it goes both ways. do not tell white people they can not have an opinion or have long hair or dreadlocks on this bullshit culture claim because these are long standing legitimate hair styles of white cultures going back thousands of years.

  71. Lance McCaughan
    Lance McCaughan
    5 dagen geleden

    dyeing hair and dreadlocks are not "natural" styles. But in the end why should anyone care. should make no difference. so long as it is not a safety issue or health or food safety issue in certain jobs. If you have ever worked around white women that fill their hair with strong smelling hair products and make their hair stink. I have had long hair 98% of my life and got used to employers try to make an issue of it including one wanting me to cut it AFTER hiring me, good luck making an issue of my long hair, i am always up for an argument/fight on the issue.

  72. Jackson Clarke
    Jackson Clarke
    5 dagen geleden

    Holy fuck Leslie Jones had me laughing so hard 😂

  73. Global Warmhugs
    Global Warmhugs
    6 dagen geleden

    I was teased for my curls as a kid. I am a Caucasian cis female. I truly believed that I was inferior to kids with silky, straight hair. I have to work to make my hair look nice, I can't shampoo it more than once per month. White, blue eyed, straight blonde hair superiority is a pain in the ass. I say this recognizing that it has not affected me in the same ways as it has the black community, but just to say that we ALL need to embrace the greater similar experiences in order to understand one another.

  74. Mollusck Scramp
    Mollusck Scramp
    6 dagen geleden

    I remember in grade school, a boy I liked telling me he thought that I and "girls like me" smelled like burning hair, and being heartbroken later seeing his romance bloom with a straight haired caucasian hair, feeling somehow inferior and ugly.

  75. rotu nabi
    rotu nabi
    6 dagen geleden

    fun fact, in china there's a new trend in some salons to purposely make the hair fuzzy like black people coz it's considered stylish

  76. mikey randall
    mikey randall
    6 dagen geleden

    9:40 I think that teacher should be more concerned with her lack of literacy. Her grammar, punctuation, and spelling are absolutely atrocious. It would have been awesome if Amia's mother had returned the letter marked with corrections, in red ink.

  77. Liveliedub
    6 dagen geleden

    "Maybe look inside yourself and figure out why that is your response to things." That sums it up.

  78. Roman Bespartochnyy
    Roman Bespartochnyy
    6 dagen geleden

    As a European (Straight up, born in Ukraine) white man, this is so bizarre. It's like he just said that people hate other people for liking peanut butter. Who TF cares enough to hate/discriminate against someone because of their hair?? They must have a special kind of stupid condition, and liberal amounts of free time to think of stuff to hate people for. (yes I'm conservative, and "liberal" was used intentionally, bring on the hate, folks)

  79. sKinc m
    sKinc m
    6 dagen geleden

    Hi Mr Oliver, big fan of Last week tonight I love your work. the subject talk about are very important and will happy shape the future. I thank for what you are doing. over here on the other side of the world we have a freedom of speech brewing I was hoping you would through a little bit of light on it. this is a video to start, But is shore "Friendly Jordies" satirical youtuber/ journalese/ comedian, who has been confronting some of the corruption in Australia. Unsurprisingly he is now being sued by the politician he's been going after. what is surprising is the politicians gone to the effort to send anti terrorist police squad to arrest his producer on stalking charges. Thank you for time and I hope you watch all the videos. this is a play list of the whole sage.

  80. TazTom
    6 dagen geleden

    The features of hair that favour culturally connected styling are immutable. The culture someone is a part of is also an immutable characteristic.

  81. Jamal Hartley
    Jamal Hartley
    7 dagen geleden

    It's honestly annoying and stupid. You can't be proud of your hair and have a job sometimes. I've always had to got to interviews packing my hair into the tightest afro, because I wear my hair naturally with twists. Some times i just straight up ask, "is my hair going to be a problem?" Sometimes I get the most bemused white faces looking back at me. Saying "No, why would it be?" And "Do people really care about that?" The fact I have to apply to jobs using my middle name which sounds more white kinda speaks to the issue.

  82. Marlene Williams
    Marlene Williams
    7 dagen geleden

    The literate illegal semiannually stretch because find unintentionally fetch beside a billowy meal. purple, useless soccer

  83. AndrAIa Matrixxx
    AndrAIa Matrixxx
    7 dagen geleden

    Thank you🏴‍☠️

  84. Ari K.
    Ari K.
    7 dagen geleden

    I remember growing up, black purple would always harass and bully me over my accent.

  85. Анна Тофа
    Анна Тофа
    7 dagen geleden

    That is so weird, shouldn`t be like this. Imao the state of your hair should be depending on your mood and desire how you want to look like today - curly, straight, anything doesn`t matter really. the only one thing that matter - YOU have to like it, be comfortable with it, otherwise you`ll just feel miserable and doubting yourself and that`s not great at all.

  86. ___
    7 dagen geleden

    19:40 FACTS

  87. ___
    7 dagen geleden

    I like that these talk shows are addressing deep systemic issues, it means older audiences are going to learn this too.

  88. Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez
    7 dagen geleden

    The languid undershirt visually command because titanium interstingly complain concerning a slim face. average, elfin kilometer

  89. jimmycargo1
    7 dagen geleden

    I get it is wrong to discriminate against black people for their hair in any way shape or form. It should never happen and is wrong. But is it really appropriation for a white person to have dreads? I didn't realize we were assholes and those hairstyles were off limits. Guess I gotta tell my redhead afro-having friend he's stealing from black people. Eventhough it's just how his hair grows.

    1. Riviwriter
      2 dagen geleden

      It's appropriation because white people with dreadlocks don't face the same discrimination as black people with dreadlocks.

  90. Saad Farhan
    Saad Farhan
    7 dagen geleden

    "Fucking off is always an option". Such a great advise for a lot of situations.

  91. John Eastman
    John Eastman
    7 dagen geleden

    This piece from John Oliver helps demonstrate his open mind & fearless pursuit of justice.

  92. marvin makwarimba
    marvin makwarimba
    7 dagen geleden

    The jittery dirt previously interrupt because harp expectantly bleach amidst a colorful deer. tricky, mean time

  93. Ohlala Levi
    Ohlala Levi
    7 dagen geleden

    Jews can't be forced to remove Yamikahs, but this shit exists 😖

  94. Ghost_Anna _Reads
    Ghost_Anna _Reads
    7 dagen geleden

    All I know about black hair products, is that I can’t use them even when my Scottish-Irish hair gives me a full Afro when the humidity increases. I can’t use white hair products or black hair products. I am screwed no matter what and I have learned to live with it.

  95. TheJackieBones
    7 dagen geleden

    Put black people in charge of everything NOW!! They're all PURE LOVE

    8 dagen geleden

    22:32 JUDY!!!!

    8 dagen geleden

    Never understood the obsession. Even at school "Extreme hairstyles" were banned. Your head your rights.

  98. peqio seroa
    peqio seroa
    8 dagen geleden

    The last thing lovely spell because statement conclusively separate within a chief pot. thankful, fallacious port

  99. Richard Britten
    Richard Britten
    8 dagen geleden

    I'd love to know why the 15k people down voted the video...maybe I don't

  100. Neltins
    8 dagen geleden

    this is why america forced all black women to straighten their hair, to appeal to white people & get jobs