Hedge Funds Explained: Why Hedge Funds Aren’t Really Hedged

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So hedge fund is a term that has really lost a lot of meaning in recent years. These days it basically just means a managed financial institution that facilitates complex investment strategies that cater exclusively to high net worth individuals. But that wasn’t always the case. You see hedge funds actually have a really specific role in the world of high finance and in this video we are going to find out what makes them work.
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      tolan65 there are several issues with that assumption. Watch Ben Felix’s video on this topic. But generally, the top hedge fund isn’t the top hedge fund the next year. So therefore you don’t know what the top 20 are because year to year it’s different

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    How to make your own hedge fund reminds me a lot "how to become the pope" from CGP Grey.

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    Haggling with lawyers and accountants. Sounds like scrapper my eyeballs with sandpaper

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    Avid Hiker
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    11:53, correction mate, laws by the rich for the rich.... if an individual learns how to play, there's money for all 😉

  6. Thinkingnamesishard
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    Hedge funds originate from farmers. Farmers make a contract with a hedge fund that they will be able to sell their crops by at least a certain amount. It’s called a hedge, because it can’t be cut lower than what they agree on. Hedge fund gets a fee and farmer get’s insurance that they’ll make at least that much. It’s still done today, but, of course, hedge funds are much more complicated than crop prices these days. But their fundamentals of making money from risk remains.

  7. Luminous player
    Luminous player
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    the how to set up a hedgefund tutorial made me laugh because its sooooooo playing around the rules to avoid tax lol.

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    There isn’t as many hedge funds is because they became bankers and now work at the central banks 🏦😭

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    "This is morally questionable, but, who cares. You're gonna be rich!" Man I've never heard someone some up the west in a shorter sentence!

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    Citadel is bleeding right now

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    Goat Herder
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    Hedge funds are always hedged; skewed long or skewed short. The variance of the hedge is what determines their gains or destruction.

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    And then a guy named deepfuckingvalue points out the flaws in your actions and ends up forcing you bankrupt, causing a market collapse as he and an army of apes run away with their tendies.

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    284 hedge funds didnt like this video

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    "Just buy VGRO."

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    Might as well just go to Vegas

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    Oi! Tell's what the ones are! What's easier and more profitable than investing stupid rich people's money?

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    4:52 - This is the second time now that you've said you'll leave aditional content linked in the description of the video without having done so.

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    Jim Simons intensifies.

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    Steve Just Saying
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    Does anyone know where 4:48 is at in the world? It looks like a ghost city, but a good one at that.

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    Invest in medallion fund! 30% avg annually!

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    I started like that 2 years ago... People is afraid and sometimes need sheppard

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    Glorified Ponzi Scheme.🤓

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    Yeah a hedge is supposed to offset the risks of one with the gains of the other. Seems like the way they actually work is collecting capital from what they think is a losing buy in disagreemwnt with others, to buy in on things they think are winners. Which is the opposite of a hedge.

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    Zami Adams
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    Fantastic episode, brilliantly explained, thanks!

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    Index funds are such a great financial instruments for killing off so many overpriced fund managers not worth their salt

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    Aakash Arora
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    The primary reason why hedge funds are failing to beat markets in last decade is due to their sheer sizes...and hedge fund market becoming size of 4-5 trillion dollars in US, most of which employ similar strategies in similar basket of stonks.

  29. David E. Vogel
    David E. Vogel
    2 maanden geleden

    A hedge fund is a hedge against what?

  30. ggzh a Argue With Everyone
    ggzh a Argue With Everyone
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    You must be extremely stupid when you do short selling. You can gain 100% at max but you can lose infinity %

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    Altin Bey
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    0:36 lol

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    Who's here after Melvin lost his wife and lost Billions on his silly little hedge fund?

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    why does shorting the competition's stocks not work anymore? That was the original purpose of the hedgefunds right?

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    As an accountant. No, hedging dies eliminate risk in most cases.

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    Brilliant. Best channel on earth.

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    I'm sorry. I can't find your link about going in depth on Short-Selling in the description 4:55 i'm really interested in what you had to show about it. Thank you for the video! Really interesting!

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    This video aged so well.

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    Corporate welfare, as much as making money, the goal is to avoid paying taxes. That leaves the rest of us to fight their wars and pay for society. If you doubt the efforts going into tax avoidance,please see “The Spiders Web”. I think that would answer many of Trump’s supporters troubles. How is paying “long term capital gains” at a rate of 15% in the US, more productive than my wages that actually provide a service, yes a little expensive, but I think I’m worth it 😊!

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    The problem with this channel is it doesn't even acknowledge the problem with those casinos even existing in the first place.

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    *Hedge Fund* _(noun)_ : A money company owned by a rich man made to make that rich man richer by using his money* *_*mainly by using that money to borrow stocks from a failing company while its stock prices are shrinking, immediately selling those stocks, and then giving back what those stocks are currently worth to the lending company at the now shrunken buyback price, thereby accelerating AND capitalizing another company's failure by taking the property they could've used to get themselves back in the black and pawning it behind their backs while still claiming to have compensated them for the venture._* synonyms: *grift* There. Simple.

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    Came here after a bunch of Redditor’s *absolutely slandered* Hedge fund manipulators

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      I think you meant to use libel (false statements that are written down) not slander (refers to false statements that are orally spoken) Though you would have a tough time proving either in court 😂

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      Blind Prophet
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      Sameeee. I’m trying to really understand what’s going on

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    *All hail r/wallstreetbets!!*

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      @Prod.Nosferatu they were forced to do that by Citadel. Robinhood can't place your orders themselves so Citadel, their customer, does it for them. Citadel is their customer because Robinhood sells them your orders (if Citadel notices you want to buy x amount of shares, they can buy right before you and make money on that as price evolves). You're not robinhood's customer, you're their product. I didn't come up with this explanation, visit the website "isthesqueezesquoze" dot com to get more info and further your research

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      @Just Anoman I'm sure some hedge funds actually use hedging strategies, though maybe not Melvin or Citron. Also, 140% wasn't the short position of a single fund.

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      Yet to come*

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      It actually did very well, by stating that hedge funds aren't actually hedging. The hedge fund of old would not have shorted 140% of any company I don't think.

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    Andrew Dobbin
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    If you know something is going to happen in a company before its announced to the general public and you buy or sell shares you will probably end up facing an insider trading charge as you likely know because you know someone in the company that told you ahead of time.

  67. Timothy Lunger
    Timothy Lunger
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    Top hedge funds return around the same as the s&p because of their large AUM. The majority of smaller funds actually beat it and can do pretty well. People just always think it is safer to go with a big name fund with some celebrity manager, even though they will return less the majority of times. It’s just harder to make better returns when you have such a big sum of assets.

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    4:54 there is no video in the description, again!

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      I was looking for the same thing.

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    Well done

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    "..with some careful accounting hedge fund managers often pay a lower percentage of the tax than the janitor that cleans their office at the end of the day. So this is morally questionable, but who cares, you're going to be rich.." Is this a joke? I thought the whole point of learning economics in such detail would be to find a way to earn in a fair way. If you take morality out of the equation, you don't really need so much strategizing to get ahead. Without guilty conscience, you have many more options.

  71. Luis Rios
    Luis Rios
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    9:58 what's the math behind to get those $10 million bonus extra?

  72. JT Ku
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    There is NOTHING morally questionable about using the tax code to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay. It's the law. You are abiding the law. If someone has an issue with that, convince the Congress to change the law. (After all, they are the ones that put those 'loopholes' in the law that are being used right now.)

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    Jacqueline Kjono
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    Hmmmm. I do know a ridiculously underemployed Harvard educated corporate lawyer who would work for beer. Maybe my friends and I should ask him to help us set ourselves up as a hedge fund. 😁

  74. SonofKiernan
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    “Long term these funds will pretty much match that 7-8% the market gives” This is incorrect. Actively managed funds have historically underperformed passive funds the vast majority of the time. This is due to actively managed funds’ fee structures being so expensive, hurting returns

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    My finance problems always have like 5-10% risk free rate which is just horseshit.

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    #CommunismNow Capitalism is a death cult. Setup Australian genocide of aboriginals Live Vegan Don't dig coal, Australia is killing the world.

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    The problem is - your subject matter expertise in building a high-quality slide show is miles above that of your knowledge about the structure and the decision-making processes that drive a hedge fund operation. Therefore, easy on both the eyes and the brain. Nothing to record or remember. Just watch and enjoy the pictures.

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    I remember Dr.Evil calling his death ray a “laser” just like you call these diversified funds “hedge” funds

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    Adam Smith
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    Some hedge funds are still hedge funds.....but originally it did hedge specific risks. It was 1940s however.

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    11:12 Are you quite sure? If you have an asset that appreciates in value, you have to pay capital gains tax. If you sell business holdings to buy a penthouse or yacht, you have to pay income tax. If you transfer the money such that you're buying consumption goods for yourself, that's income which is subject to income tax. Can an accountant or tax lawyer confirm or correct me?

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    I want to know what they told the actors in the stock footage at 6:38

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    Guide to becoming rich in 2020: Tax evasion

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    They never were supposed to be hedged...they help you hedge your entire portfolio (supposedly) by being uncorrelated with your other investments.

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    you know nothing about what you saying.

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    Capital gains is difficulty as small changes to it have large effects on fundamental parts of the economy, like real estate. It would be far better to tax corporate income from nations like Ireland, where the laws create a taxation gap, than to increase capital gains.

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    Can you do one on private equity and venture capital next