How Much Weight can you REMOVE from your Car? (Weight Reduction)

173 000 Weergaven 5 mln.

How much weight can you remove from your car? Well in today's video we take weight reduction to the next level and find out!

I show you how much the seats weigh, how much the stuff in the trunk weighs, how much the carpets and sound deadening weigh, how much the plastic interior pieces weigh, how much the sunroof weighs, and finally how much the dash weighs.

0-60 GPS:
Car Scale I used:
Mini Impact gun:
Electric Drill:

1:20 Track 0-60mph Test
3:49 How much the car weighs before
4:28 How to remove seats
6:18 Trunk weight reduction
8:19 How to remove interior plastic trim
10:14 How to remove e46 center console
11:26 How to remove the carpets from your car
13:11 How to remove sound deadening from your car
16:34 How to remove a headliner from your car
18:33 How to remove a car sunroof
19:42 How to install a sunroof delete panel
21:05 How to remove the dashboard in a car
24:34 BMW 0-60mph track test after weight reduction

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