Hyperinflation is Already Here - You Just Haven't Realised It Yet.

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Hyperinflation has been a doomsday scenario for modern economies throughout the last century. In all of these failed countries (Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Hungary, Yugoslavia, etc.) there have been uniform warning signs, the same signs that we are starting to see today in the U.S.
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#Inflation #Hyperinflation #Economics
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  1. Economics Explained
    Economics Explained
    24 dagen geleden

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    1. Gerard Vinet
      Gerard Vinet
      7 uur geleden

      In Canada , the government likes it , nice & slow , but we are already feeling the effects , because of a hike of 30% in a carbon tax , U know what that means ?????

    2. Darrell Johnson
      Darrell Johnson
      Dag geleden

      Advertisers are lying scum of he Earth from ancient Babylon until last day of humanity

    3. rodylermglez
      5 dagen geleden

      Hey, I'd love to have something explained. Printing physical money obviously alters the supply of the notes, which lowers the value of each individual note. But nowadays paper cash is used less and less and what we use to count money are numbers in a screen which, unless they are tied to a physical good in the real world by the banks and regulatory agencies, in theory shouldn't follow a scarcity = valuable relationship. Say, a bank lends me some credit and just inputs some zeroes and ones in their computers; a balance that I can exchange for paper money and physical goods. What happens if a lot of people do so? Are they somehow "printing money"? At some point can they reject people from borrowing from them because they ran out of zeroes and ones? What gives? I think it would make for a good video to explain and clarify this virtualization of money (which is already an abstraction of economic value).

    4. Collin Blanchard
      Collin Blanchard
      7 dagen geleden

      Money machine go burrrr

    5. The world's greatest game
      The world's greatest game
      9 dagen geleden

      Ahh what! You mean I can't just get free economic advice via the comment section in these videos! I am furiously un subscribing.... Later... Maybe, probably not. Lol

  2. Fe Mu
    Fe Mu
    Uur geleden

    How could printing money not be free if you can just use the money you printed to pay for printing more money?

  3. Tom Lee
    Tom Lee
    Uur geleden

    Human labor is going down in value. Why aren't my wages increasing with the prices of goods and services?

  4. Despair gaming
    Despair gaming
    2 uur geleden

    Most countries have usd in their vaults, so the whole world will be hit hard.

    1. Despair gaming
      Despair gaming
      2 uur geleden

      Buy low, sell high. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Apajai !
    Apajai !
    2 uur geleden

    I am from the future. Ask me how many shares of AMC I was holding from from earth at that time, because I’ll be on the moon. Have a great day my peoples

  6. OmegaMuffinPlays
    3 uur geleden

    well you see. there is a vacine here. many people have been vacinated. the stimulus checks are tiny in comparison to the last tax season. so the 4 trillion of stimulus checks is nothing compared to the economies size.

  7. NoUploadsEver
    3 uur geleden

    32,000 not half a million.

  8. TheTruffleShuffle
    4 uur geleden

    oh i thought this was a video about r34 xd

  9. ChunChun
    4 uur geleden

    This is part of the reason why real estate prices skyrocketed like runaway train in the last decade.

  10. Rod Ray
    Rod Ray
    5 uur geleden

    The "pandemic" had no effect on the economy. The lockdowns destroyed it.

  11. another weasley
    another weasley
    5 uur geleden

    global government, global currency, global totalitarian regime. accept it. it is inevitable.

  12. Hilawe S
    Hilawe S
    5 uur geleden

    CPI is manipulated AF

  13. randbasic
    6 uur geleden

    That’s why it is imperative that corporations and the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes. Trickling down never worked before. Tax corporations fairly and stop giving them “discounts”.

  14. Ankit Binjola
    Ankit Binjola
    6 uur geleden

    2nd time watching still unable to understand complete 🙄 Like can someone write it's summary?🙏❤️

  15. Jordan Broly GS
    Jordan Broly GS
    6 uur geleden

    I'm under the impression multiple countries are doing this, and at this point it's all on the world leaders to pretty much "waive away" any of the usual downsides to printing money. If anything, seems like we'll be fine as long as the big wig economists and the 'bad' hyper wealthy keep quiet. Of course, that's just the observations of one trying to figure out this stock market thing to say the least.... everyones been talking total world collapse for over half a year yet the chaos all the economists and scared investors were swearing is upon us.... still seems to be a non factor.

  16. Tuong Pham
    Tuong Pham
    6 uur geleden

    If your penny costs less than a plastic penny, it's time you get a new penny.

  17. Griffith F.K.
    Griffith F.K.
    7 uur geleden

    "It's fair to say that SPY is less good than it was 16 months ago" ummmmmmm......... anyone checked out the SPY chart lately? Like over the last 16 months? Like including the cost of inflation? Anyone?

  18. L T
    L T
    10 uur geleden

    Could you imagine is the united states created their own cryptocurrency? No more bank robberies because they have nothing in them to steal, in fact robberies in general would drastically decrease.

  19. Justin Silver
    Justin Silver
    10 uur geleden

    What’s the current inflation rate for the states? Can someone link the sources plz 😄

  20. Michael P
    Michael P
    11 uur geleden

    No. Covid did not affect the economy. Lockdowns affected the economy. Illegal mandates affected the economy

  21. Nick Dzink
    Nick Dzink
    13 uur geleden

    Why do you have to explain that? This was taught to me in 5th grade in Russia of all places!

  22. Vahid Massahi
    Vahid Massahi
    13 uur geleden

    US is DOOMED.

  23. Daniel McAdams
    Daniel McAdams
    16 uur geleden

    I mean we get it, you are really butthurt that the US isn’t in pain yet.

  24. Gary Renner
    Gary Renner
    16 uur geleden

    The inflation reporters usually fail to mention that a normal economy that increases productivity would produce some deflation - e.g. computers and electronics became cheaper per value over time. When the FED says inflation is only 2%, they are not counting the additional cost of the productivity increases that should have caused dollars to buy more goods and services. The real rate of inflation should account for not only robbing the 2% from people's savings but also everyone's increased productivity. It is a tax on the savers, retirees and producers and an undeserved gift to borrowers. When money is created by the Fed and other bankers , they get to use the money before it causes inflation so it benefits them at the expense of retirees and workers. It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. It pushes up asset prices that are primarily owned by the wealthy. Currency creation promotes inequality.

  25. Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell
    16 uur geleden

    Hi I've a question. If there are very smart rich people taking on debt to short currencies through buying assets, why isn't there equally smart bankers unwilling to offer fixed rate loans?

  26. Nicole Davis
    Nicole Davis
    17 uur geleden

    Food prices alone should tell people things are not quite right

  27. Jerek Scott
    Jerek Scott
    18 uur geleden

    This is why so many people are putting money into cryptocurrencies. The USD is a fiat currency backed by nothing. They’ve already been showing over the last 2 years how much they will print without a second thought.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith
      3 uur geleden

      It’s backed by the most powerful military in the world.

  28. Justin
    21 uur geleden

    Canada is worse than the US too...

  29. Carlos Ferreras
    Carlos Ferreras
    23 uur geleden

    Biggie Smalls predicted it decades ago: "Mo money, mo problems"

  30. Carlos Ferreras
    Carlos Ferreras
    23 uur geleden

    Sanctions were never the cause of hyperinflation in Venezuela.

  31. The ghost of Spookwagen
    The ghost of Spookwagen
    23 uur geleden

    6:04 ad ends

  32. ur couzin
    ur couzin
    23 uur geleden

    Reminder is hyper inflation was real the smartest thing you could do is not buy gold but take out massive loans. Gold is a scam. If the world ends you are fucked either way. Nukes finish everything.

  33. ur couzin
    ur couzin
    23 uur geleden

    I’m sure you are all checking his hypothesis to real economists right? Lol. Let’s start with high debt. So America’s debt to GDP ratio is 120%. For starters 150% WAS considered the breaking point but now we have countries like Japan at 220% and climbing. The idea that that debt is going to kill us all when interests rates are this low is insane. Japan has printed more money than America by trillions literally trillions more and they are almost at deflation. Not only that all the money that was “printed” has already been priced in. Hyper inflation occurs when people think the government has to default. We are no where near close to that. Hyper inflation also occurs when the central bank isn’t independent. America’s is. Also we are in danger of deflation. Check the graphs. Since 2008 we have had 2 periods of above 3% inflation and ONE TIME it got to 4% in 2012 ONE TIME. And that was AFTER the fed printed a shot tonne of money. Most modern economies are struggling to break the 3% barrier. Most Europe, Japan, South Korea. Anywhere that is highly developed has this issue. Videos like this are dear mongering and prey on the uninformed to make them nervous. It’s wrong.

  34. Drogo, Son Of Voltan
    Drogo, Son Of Voltan
    Dag geleden

    Would probably been better to buy gold before the crash instead of glass marbles. I suspect you could end up buying a lot bigger houses.

  35. Anonymous Libertarian
    Anonymous Libertarian
    Dag geleden

    The "big companies" are MUCH weaker than we give them credit for because almost ALL US corporations today depend on Federal Handouts (doleouts) in order ro keep from falling to their much smaller competitors. Remember the bank bailouts? More proof that the economy is basically at the same point as Bernie at "Weekends at Bernies" and the REASON for that could very well be the unlimited printing of money. If the Government suddenly stopped printing so much money and stopped handing out bailouts, guess what happens to the US economy? It will simply reveal that the economy is dead and our GDP will likely shrink to Greece or Italy size or vanish entirely. The chaos in CA and Portland? That has underlying economic roots. The crisis is HERE NOW look at the mass homelessness, that isn't narcotics at work, that is millions of medium sized businesses "embracing the reaper" and the BIG HIT will come when we go into unpreventable hyper-inflation which will be within a year or less. Then we will be seeing 100% unemployment, suicide rates of 80% or 90% homicide rates of 200% or higher. Mass rioting on a horrific scale and inevitable Martial Law unless the Federal Government basically ceases to operate, which is a VERY LIKELY possibility. A government that cannot pay it's Police and military is a joke that only exists on paper. So if we end up in a state of real anarchy, which is quite likely, then either the UN or Canada is going to have to step in just to provide police and government. I doubt Canada would help us in a crisis. They are Socialists up there, Socialists are blood-thristy by nature. So basically when rioters eat all of the food, people will start eating cats and dogs to survive and then they turn on each other. The race to "zero population" in the West will be gangs of starved people eating human flesh. Enjoy the collapse! Build and stock your bunkers NOW unless you want to become a human flesh eater, or a "zombie" in more honest terms.

  36. simunator
    Dag geleden

    we're due for another recession anyways

    1. To Be Human
      To Be Human
      19 uur geleden

      We just had one.

  37. David Schulman
    David Schulman
    Dag geleden

    You told us not to change our financial decisions based on a scary video. What? Maybe we should take it seriously.

  38. Gaelic Reaction
    Gaelic Reaction
    Dag geleden

    Covid stimulus printer go brrrrrrrrr.

  39. AeneA
    Dag geleden

    Printer exists. US Government: BrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRrr

  40. Andrew Hamilton
    Andrew Hamilton
    Dag geleden

    If a country could become rich by printing its currency, then everyone would be doing it.

  41. DEVICE
    Dag geleden

    I cant stand the way this guy speaks

  42. Dennis - living freely
    Dennis - living freely
    Dag geleden

    Did you really just advice people to YOLO in their life savings just to short the USD xD? Oh well I suggest please don't leverage by taking up debt, stay debt free!

  43. Black actor Michael Douglas
    Black actor Michael Douglas
    Dag geleden

    Who cares

  44. hosting email
    hosting email
    Dag geleden

    silver, platinum, palladium...physical metals....even copper has more value than paper

  45. krisklev
    Dag geleden

    We are fuked

    1. ur couzin
      ur couzin
      23 uur geleden

      Just commenting to laugh in 5 years when you’re wrong

  46. Paul B
    Paul B
    Dag geleden

    You can’t really compare this to historical events because the US Dollar is the world’s reserve currency

  47. Motorius
    Dag geleden

    this is overly simplistic and makes several mistakes. The US is a large open economy that is large enough to affect world interest rates, none of the examples of countries with hyperinflation is even close to the size of the US economy. Economy-wide inflation is best approximated with the GDP deflator not with the CPI. There is no discussion of monetary velocity - the monetary base can increase while circulation falls.

  48. Titus James
    Titus James
    Dag geleden

    Interesting theory. Moderate delivery. Poor examples.

  49. cb750
    Dag geleden

    Cause the US is inflating the whole world.

  50. Jackson Schellhorn
    Jackson Schellhorn
    Dag geleden

    Hyper inflation is wonderful for people that have physical assets as well as are in debt. It kills any savings or income though. At the end of the day, buy bitcoin, dogecoin, safemoon.

  51. GyK G
    GyK G
    Dag geleden

    2021 : United States

  52. ewallt
    Dag geleden

    In the short run the fact that the United States is doing so well compared to other countries should help it.

  53. ewallt
    Dag geleden

    How did Brazil not make the list? I remember visiting Brazil, going back some years later, and everything was the same price as when I left, because the old currency had been replaced by new currency at a 1 to 1,000 ratio.

    1. D Roe
      D Roe
      13 uur geleden

      This happened in Mexico, as well. From around 1980 to around 1985, the exchange of Mexican to American dollars went from ~25:1 to about ~500:1. Mexico created a new currency where the New Peso is worth 1k of the old pesos. Now the exchange rate is about 16:1

  54. Scott Mactavish
    Scott Mactavish
    Dag geleden

    Reminds me of the time China held trillions in US Bonds, and everyone was freaking out. Few things are simple.

  55. To Be Human
    To Be Human
    Dag geleden

    Prior to the 70s the dollar was backed by gold. After the 70s the dollar was backed by "Do you really want us to overthrow your government and blow your country to pieces?" I'm also curious the effect that the top 1% has on inflation, they typically stockpile vast amounts of wealth which in essence removes it from the market. We've seen that the richest people in the country are now richer than ever after the pandemic print run. Perhaps this printing amounts to a neutral move. People get money and put it in Amazon stock, or buy gadgets on Amazon. Either way Bezos sits on it. Also, if much of the stimulus money was "saved" can we assume it was actually invested in to 401k/IRA accounts and there for locked up for a long period of time?

  56. Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson
    Dag geleden

    Doom and Gloom there is no way to protect yourself when Economy dies look at how Rome collapsed and rich families were destroyed

  57. Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson
    Dag geleden

    Plandemic we repay China in Nuclear bombs on their heads

  58. Stefan Frankel
    Stefan Frankel
    Dag geleden

    Anybody who thinks we are in a hyperinflation stage is demented.

    1. Snow Leopard
      Snow Leopard
      18 uur geleden

      Are you thinking nationally or globally? Western countries have simply exported their inflation to developing countries and financial markets.

  59. LordAugastus
    Dag geleden

    Now that russia and china proved to have stable self sufficiency and independance from the dollar, hyperinflation was eminent. They have it, it has benifits to the market, it has its downsides too. But i knew it was our future back in 2016 or 2015 🤷‍♂️

  60. R V
    R V
    Dag geleden

    Peru , 1986

  61. Gianni Barberi
    Gianni Barberi
    Dag geleden

    Inflation is measured on working class average purchases. But if we look at luxury, rare goods like real estate, antique cars, arts, we have seen decades of accelerating prices. And this makes sense

  62. SC D
    SC D
    Dag geleden

    Huh, I’ve been studying this for weeks

  63. Sakakaka
    2 dagen geleden

    What a nonsense. You don't take into account velocity of money. Pure clickbait and misinformation.

  64. Kyle Flynn
    Kyle Flynn
    2 dagen geleden

    The supply chain in the us has become decentralized. The government doesn't affect it at all. That is why we are not feeling harsh affects

  65. Lee Alexander
    Lee Alexander
    2 dagen geleden

    Solution - fully fund the IRS.

  66. Jay JaeWoo Jung
    Jay JaeWoo Jung
    2 dagen geleden


  67. Jj Mm
    Jj Mm
    2 dagen geleden

    The problem is when USA economy goes south , it will take the whole world with it, every country accumulated USA fiat dollar 💵

  68. Harish Kuppam
    Harish Kuppam
    2 dagen geleden

    I think this is a bad video. He practically didn't explain anything. Kept repeating the same information

  69. Peco Deguyo
    Peco Deguyo
    2 dagen geleden

    Nice video, I’m not wealthy but was considering buying another home for rental for low rates expecting inflation to become evident sooner than later, all commodities are up it will eventually show itself

  70. edwin colon
    edwin colon
    2 dagen geleden

    is not the same cuz this time the whole world is printing money so is the world going into hyperinflation?

  71. craig hamilton
    craig hamilton
    2 dagen geleden

    Democrats -I got toilet paper now, No worries.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith
      2 uur geleden

      Wait, didn’t the republicans own the executive branch and 1/2 of the legislative branch when all this money started to be given out?

  72. Nick Zee
    Nick Zee
    2 dagen geleden

    So much…upspeak

  73. Walter Clements
    Walter Clements
    2 dagen geleden

    Time to buy silver guys, it's going to blow up next year

  74. aidanomg
    2 dagen geleden

    “push back the retirement age back a few years” by the time us millennial/gen z will be retiring we’ll be in our 80s 🙄

    1. TheDrewSaga
      16 uur geleden

      I mean I am not even worried about retirement at this point with the direction the world is going.

    2. Dano Alex
      Dano Alex
      2 dagen geleden

      20-30 years, retirement will be the least of your worries.

  75. skutch Blobaum
    skutch Blobaum
    2 dagen geleden

    Every one of these countries were under sanctions before they experienced hyperinflation. The elite are up to something which is why a virus with a 99.8% survival rate is being used to shut down economic growth. Get ready for a global digital currency and global government ran by corporate fascists via billionaire funded think tanks.(Kinda like the US is now in actuality)

  76. Wild Forest Gang Airsoft
    Wild Forest Gang Airsoft
    2 dagen geleden

    Brought on by the reaction to the corona virus pandemic*

    1. popopop984
      12 uur geleden

      Honestly? It’s because America hesitated to do a harsh policy initially.

    2. Jerek Scott
      Jerek Scott
      18 uur geleden

      @Dustin Hill this

    3. Dustin Hill
      Dustin Hill
      Dag geleden

      Yessss! And more specifically- *government mandated reactions to the virus

  77. Scott Grindrod
    Scott Grindrod
    2 dagen geleden

    "If this set of circumstances sounds familiar, don't worry..." Exactly, because the causes of hyper inflation are way more complex than the stupid analysis done here. In fact, inflation doomsday predicters have been saying the sky is going to fall for over *40 years*. Seriously, how long does a theory have to be wrong before people stop assuming it's true? Also, the S&P example is laughable, because the author assumes, WITHOUT A SHREAD OF PROOF, that the value of the S&P500 shouldn't have gone up during the pandemic.

  78. GeneralStryker
    2 dagen geleden

    Stonks only go up, ezpz

  79. Mikey B
    Mikey B
    2 dagen geleden

    In the UK everything is stable...for now. Food, gasoline and lumber prices unchanged.

  80. Sauerkraut Jr.
    Sauerkraut Jr.
    2 dagen geleden

    So taking on a ton of student debt was a good idea!

  81. Gabe Mendoza
    Gabe Mendoza
    2 dagen geleden

    Name one country in the history of the world who was the TOP economic producer and saw hyperinflation. Zimbabwe doesn't count. The Great Depression wasn't a hyperinflation event either. It was caused by other worldwide forces that gave us it.

    1. Gabe Mendoza
      Gabe Mendoza
      Dag geleden

      @meerkat1954 Roman Empire was part of Europe, remember. America is an entity of its own few in the modern world can keep up with.

    2. meerkat1954
      Dag geleden

      Rome. The Roman Empire had major hyperinflation in later centuries. Some people say the US is the modern Rome, so....

  82. wolfflow
    2 dagen geleden

    USA 2021...

  83. Jose Castle
    Jose Castle
    2 dagen geleden

    This is why your seeing bitcoin rise

  84. IAAD HAQ
    2 dagen geleden

    Wahaab loves economics

  85. Morkvonork
    2 dagen geleden

    Hello, there is I couldnt find an english link but in Germany after WWII they taxed away the gains that you had by taking a credit in the previous currency and paying it back in valuable new currency. It was called the Hypothekengewinnabgabe de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothekengewinnabgabe

  86. Schorsch
    2 dagen geleden

    Hallo Leute. Kann mir jemand einen Tip geben, ob es sich lohnt jetzt bevor die Inflation richtig in die Gänge kommt, noch ein Auto in Kredit zu kaufen und dann während der Inflation schneller abzubezahlen, wenn hoffentlich die Gehälter mitsteigen. Wer kennt sich aus?

  87. Master Scentsei
    Master Scentsei
    2 dagen geleden

    Money velocity 📉📉📉📉📉📉

  88. Clint Shadowrider
    Clint Shadowrider
    3 dagen geleden

    Unfortunantly I understand this and what is going to happen soon...

  89. Remy Buitenhuis
    Remy Buitenhuis
    3 dagen geleden

    Shouldn't we buy gold right now? If the dollars crashes, gold will go up.

    1. Steykal Ecker
      Steykal Ecker
      2 dagen geleden

      Gold and Bitcoin

  90. James Davidian
    James Davidian
    3 dagen geleden

    Revelation ch. 6, and 13..

  91. Aplipsis
    3 dagen geleden

    Because we have been kept busy with something else, not surprised.

  92. Zen Music
    Zen Music
    3 dagen geleden

    Hyperinflation is nothing. I would be more worried about something like a solar flare wiping out the grid. No electricity means no gas, atms, grocery stores, healthcare etc. You have to look at life like a game and not be attached to anything.

  93. Brandon Crum
    Brandon Crum
    3 dagen geleden

    all this does is remind us that governments are the epitome of idiots repeating mistakes they forgot about history.

    1. Steykal Ecker
      Steykal Ecker
      2 dagen geleden

      that is why you buy bitcoin.

  94. Blight
    3 dagen geleden

    Talks about economic instability... slow down of output... Printing money... Irresponsible borrowing... How to prepare for this...Shorting currency... How do you do that... Borrow money... Buys stable asset... Me: Wait a minute...isn't this basically a feedback loop? so we're fucked anyway.

  95. Ivan S.
    Ivan S.
    3 dagen geleden

    Well jokes on you I'm already in debt

  96. Timothy Pulliam
    Timothy Pulliam
    3 dagen geleden

    This guy just explained why the housing market is going crazy in the US right now.

    1. D Roe
      D Roe
      13 uur geleden

      Another reason is that builders are not building, they are still anxious about the 2009 bubble.

    2. tgdelta
      2 dagen geleden

      @Timothy Pulliam the end of the video is probably a big portion too, if inflation goes crazy they can pay off the assets they are buying up

    3. Timothy Pulliam
      Timothy Pulliam
      2 dagen geleden

      @Scott Grindrod it's both. Real estate investors are buying up all of the houses in anticipation of their value going up, precisely because of the scarcity of homes right now. The effect is that they are actually driving up the cost of homes, essentially a bidding war. Except normal people can't compete with these investors, who often pay the full cost of the house upfront, sometimes over asking price. They then rent out the house, adding insult to injury.

    4. Scott Grindrod
      Scott Grindrod
      2 dagen geleden

      Actually that's because of a chronic lack of supply.

  97. aplsin
    3 dagen geleden

    WHY do you have background sounds that sound like a doorbell every 30 seconds or so? I can't concentrate on the video because I think someone's at the door lol

  98. Gevixel
    3 dagen geleden

    The lumber prices in my area raised by 400% since last year

  99. Julius der Mensch
    Julius der Mensch
    3 dagen geleden

    But why would this Inflation Influence Stock or Metal and Wood Prices but not the CPI?

  100. Dave Womack
    Dave Womack
    3 dagen geleden

    “The only thing we learn from history…”