NASA's Dragonfly Mission to Titan

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Wetenschap en technologie

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Writer/Narrator/Editor: Brian McManus
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel

Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.
Music by Epidemic Sound:

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  1. Real Engineering
    Real Engineering
    Jaar geleden

    Anyone got some spare zeros lying around? We seem to have ran out while animating the distance to Titan.

    1. The Infinity
      The Infinity
      3 maanden geleden


    2. turtle_is_god
      3 maanden geleden

      @Doozy if the earth is so flat have fun trying to see africa from the USA. Wish you luck with that

    3. turtle_is_god
      3 maanden geleden

      @Doozy oh damn, I called it. Of course you're a flat earther. Of course. Millions of people lying about what shape the giant floating funny rock we live on is. Wake up.

    4. Jefferu -
      Jefferu -
      3 maanden geleden

      @Doozy show us some sources to your interesting claims then

    5. Random Hoovy
      Random Hoovy
      3 maanden geleden

      @Doozy such a dumbass, there's too much oroof that NASA is telling the truth

  2. Christian Daniel Munoz
    Christian Daniel Munoz
    4 uur geleden

    Who's here after the inginuity successful flight?

  3. U1timate1nferno
    14 uur geleden

    "It may give us some clues about Human's ultimate question: How did we get here?" Yeah.

  4. Maracachucho
    2 dagen geleden

    Remind me why we made Cassini crash into Saturn?

  5. mike damon
    mike damon
    4 dagen geleden

    "Toitens tik atmosphere..."....Paddies....Oi love dem....hahaha

  6. Adam McKay
    Adam McKay
    7 dagen geleden

    He mentions that the dragonfly will have a harder time sending data back to earth why not do what they did with Cassini and it’s probe? Send a second ship with a satellite so the data could be sent back faster. With Elon Musks Falcon Heavy it should reduce the cost to send it? It’s just a thought I don’t know much about what all goes into sending a probe but it seems logical in cutting down the wait for extra components needed on dragonfly.

    1. Adam McKay
      Adam McKay
      7 dagen geleden

      Sorry “ weight”

  7. awsumguy7680
    7 dagen geleden

    a documentary told me on titan if your space suit had a rip you wouldnt die immediately in fact you could have plenty of time to get to safety because there is little radiation its just the cold if you did stay out for too long you would get hypothermia

  8. Julius Mason
    Julius Mason
    8 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure the distance between Earth and Titan that you have at 1:25 is less than 0.1% of the actual distance

  9. Sci-fi Si
    Sci-fi Si
    8 dagen geleden

    Can Dragonfly not be sent with another satellite that stays in orbit? Transmit to that and save power?

  10. Diane Hansen
    Diane Hansen
    9 dagen geleden

    So our maintenance guys are 'billions of miles away', does that mean they will be making the journey if something goes wrong? Ha!!!

  11. Plumpi Strumpi
    Plumpi Strumpi
    9 dagen geleden

    Mi piace prenderlo.

  12. Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V
    9 dagen geleden

    In order to fly dragonfly, we must fly Ingenuity

  13. Some dictator
    Some dictator
    11 dagen geleden

    Just thinking can you use atmosphere to generate AC power to cool heat shield?

  14. Chris Ridenhour
    Chris Ridenhour
    13 dagen geleden

    They should launch two or three at once just in case one fails.

  15. dum_ tard
    dum_ tard
    13 dagen geleden

    I've always been more interested in titan than any other celestial body in the solar system particularly the fact is has lakes of liquid methane.

  16. King_of
    17 dagen geleden


  17. Yile Wen
    Yile Wen
    18 dagen geleden

    2:35 that THUD tho

  18. Gordon Houston-McMillan
    Gordon Houston-McMillan
    19 dagen geleden

    Are you sure that's the Dutch pronounciation? :-P

  19. Ck digital The Q of 6th
    Ck digital The Q of 6th
    21 dag geleden

    Titan is a cold dark dawn planet, it obtains enough radiation and body mass to sustain a core to flurish, almost the right elements, spewed to the surface, as on Earth. Land drones will need cold thermal resistance limbs. Artifical gravity is needed badly here.

  20. Angry Dad From India
    Angry Dad From India
    23 dagen geleden

    dragonfly looks like a mars rover but with rotors instead of wheels

  21. Фуркан Динчеров
    Фуркан Динчеров
    26 dagen geleden


  22. Фуркан Динчеров
    Фуркан Динчеров
    26 dagen geleden


  23. A Z
    A Z
    Maand geleden

    Would be great to ignite methane on Titan

  24. Nicholas Mine
    Nicholas Mine
    Maand geleden

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  25. Kevo’S KryptoKlik
    Kevo’S KryptoKlik
    Maand geleden

    I vote yay to sending people already. If they die oh well at least we will know how to help the next bunch of people stay alive. It will speed up the process.

  26. Paul Barker
    Paul Barker
    Maand geleden

    it's HIgens not hulkins!

  27. Matthew E Adcock
    Matthew E Adcock
    Maand geleden

    Dunes first huh? Not afraid to get it buried before you even start the mission? Why not do that place last? LOL That's the only thing making me nervous for the mission. 😅

  28. pizza
    Maand geleden

    Alien kid: Hey mom look , a drone! Alien mom: we can buy a better one, let's go. **throws away dragonfly**

  29. Balázs Buza
    Balázs Buza
    Maand geleden

    1:27 what does 1,200,000 km stand for?

  30. エビフライ
    Maand geleden

    2:35 goddamn that startled me

  31. Chris Schene
    Chris Schene
    Maand geleden

    Are you an engineer? (you sound like you are :-) ). I am an electrical engineer. and I find this fascinating

  32. mason amspoker
    mason amspoker
    Maand geleden

    Watch NASA’s decent camera mission for the Huygens landing

  33. Erik vdM
    Erik vdM
    Maand geleden

    Lol, Dutch, makes me laugh whenever I hear it, and my name is van der Molen.

  34. Jacob Car
    Jacob Car
    Maand geleden

    ONE drone? All that money...All that time... Send a swarm you dolts.

  35. Aldon Dekock
    Aldon Dekock
    Maand geleden

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    Fletcher Kirby
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    Dominic Smith
    Maand geleden

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  38. Froilan Guevarra
    Froilan Guevarra
    Maand geleden

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  39. Blade Of Heaven
    Blade Of Heaven
    Maand geleden

    Today, 3/3/2021, 5:21 P.M GMT+8 (West Malaysia) as of writing. Half an hour ago or so, my father came back early. As always, he complained about everything he didn't like. It went on and on until he was furious, really furious. At one point, I couldn't understand the instructions my father was telling me. He did it. It wasn't the first time he hit me. He's been abusing me and my sister for the last 14 years of our lives. Even when we were little babies, he would hit us for crying. We cried more, and he hit more. Today was it. Tensions were escalating at an unbelievable pace. I *snapped*. I defended myself. It was my second time I've outright attacked him. My sister was screaming and crying. She tried to deescalate the situation but to no avail. He started using objects to scare me into submission. I didn't flinch. My poor sister would be devastated if I kept attacking. I backed off. My dad, years and years of dominance supported by fear later, has finally learned that I have the power to fight back, possibly end him. He was smart enough to not anger me anymore, but still verbally abused us. After an eternity, he would leave. My sister, she's never screamed and cried so loudly. I could not feel my hands and had slight pain in my back from him holding me against a kitchen counter. I'm now contemplating finally calling CPS or the police after 14 years. If anyone has any advice, please give me some, preferably Malaysian laws and things regarding applying for a student visa for studying at a Singapore government high school. I'm trying to go overseas to study in a country with a better education system that is suited for me.

    1. Blade Of Heaven
      Blade Of Heaven
      Maand geleden

      @EarKittyCat OwO I was watching this when he came back. I'm still contemplating calling though.

    2. EarKittyCat OwO
      EarKittyCat OwO
      Maand geleden

      Hi I'm from Malaysia too! But why did you write this on a space video? Tell CPS

    3. Blade Of Heaven
      Blade Of Heaven
      Maand geleden

      Note: The wording I chose has made it look much more serious than it actually is. There was minimal fighting but still, abuse is abuse.

  40. John Pfeifer
    John Pfeifer
    Maand geleden

    we're gonna start leaving quadcopters all around the solar system now? whats next? swegways and monowheels? self lacing shoes?

  41. FloridatedH2O
    Maand geleden

    How is the actual dutch pronunciation of Huygens so different from the "colloquial" pronunciation? Genuinely surprised me.

  42. Stuart Hammett
    Stuart Hammett
    Maand geleden

    That's so thrilling! I'd like to see Dragonfly coupled with a lander capable of hot-drilling the ice and launching an AOV/ROV, similar to the Icefin ROV used in Antarctica, or the slightly dorkier BRUIE robot developed at JPL. Plus whatever orbital platforms might play supporting roles. It can wait until we get back the Mars cores collected by Persie. A bunch of idiots were ripping on the Chinese Change'E mission's successful Lunar SRM. It was a sweet achievement, and it's a shame the US can't work with them. I reminded them that it took the USSR 's answer to Apollo, the huge Luna program, to scoop and return a mere ten ounces from this side of the moon (and proved that the Russians just can't build sexy spacecraft).

  43. Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee
    Maand geleden


  44. The Man
    The Man
    Maand geleden

    You want to know how life started in the first place? Read Genesis in the Bible.

  45. Michael Tang
    Michael Tang
    Maand geleden

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  46. PATMAN0910
    Maand geleden

    i really want this to happen.

  47. Thomas M
    Thomas M
    Maand geleden

    The distance is actually 220,000,000 leagues

  48. CashmereKatana
    Maand geleden

    If theyre worrying about wasting energy on the flight there. There has to be a way to store that energy wasted. Right

    1. Sashazur
      Maand geleden

      It uses heat from plutonium as a power source. There’s no need to save or store that energy, the plutonium will stay hot for many years.

  49. CashmereKatana
    Maand geleden

    They should really try to make a plane type drone that can just scan every surface at 100x speed of a helicopter. Just put a fusion reactor in the plane to produce energy.

    1. Sashazur
      Maand geleden

      Why didn’t I think of this? All we have to do first is invent the 100x scanning tech and invent working fusion tech and then invent fusion tech small enough to fit in a plane.

  50. Edward Nutter
    Edward Nutter
    Maand geleden

    Since this has a power source with no moving parts that can’t be turned off during the years long cruise to Saturn, perhaps the energy could be used to run some ion thrusters that could shorten the trip. The extra thrust could also be used to take more mass there, like an Titan orbiter with a higher power transmitter to act as relay for data from the surface.

  51. Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma
    Maand geleden

    Imagine dragonfly find some living organisms, it would change the way we think about the solar system or probably the universe.

  52. Koushlendra Kumar
    Koushlendra Kumar
    Maand geleden

    Thanos is waiting there 😂!!

  53. J H
    J H
    Maand geleden

    "1,200,000 km" is pretty close for the distance from Titan to Saturn. This typo literally caused me to pause the video.

  54. Kurt Reber
    Kurt Reber
    Maand geleden

    Im hitting the gym now to make sure I'm alive in 2037

  55. Daz
    Maand geleden

    Tioton :)

  56. First Last
    First Last
    Maand geleden

    Alpha radiation isn't a wave; it's a particle.

  57. Yarma Doodle
    Yarma Doodle
    Maand geleden

    basically, *attack on titan*

  58. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Maand geleden

    Guys this is not true. These people killing humans being on Earth and they looking for life on Mars, Do you really thinking like this. So that mean, life on Mars was ended by Coronavirus and we need to take the vaccine to live on Earth or we will be Extinction like Mars, what a smart idea. Even the machines they produce for space are smart too, only humans being are idiot. Do not be deceived by their enthusiasm, as they are children of Hollywood. They take our money as tax and selling for us these CGI pictures and 3D and you believe them. This machine (Perseverance Rover) have 25 cameras and they give us two unclear pictures and all the others pictures are CGI pictures. Do you know that producing CGI video is too difficult rather than take real pictures, why they spent all this time to produce CGI video rather than taking a real video for Earth or Mars. The answer is NASA knew that their world is not true, if NASA give you the real picture you will discover their deceive. Start to believe. They used their deceive for stealing our money, life, and hope NASA used words like "Scientists estimate" to deceive us Use your feeling, Earth is flat

    1. Sun and Moon
      Sun and Moon
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels How about 1 real picture for Earth without Photoshop, no need for all of these pictures. Only 1 real picture us enough

    2. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      @Sun and Moon Ehm... The purpose of the Hubble is to take images of far away objets, so why would they use it to take pictures of Earth? Even so, in the past the Hubble has indeed looked back at the Earth for calibration purposes. There are a ton a observation satellites with much better conditions taking images of the Earth at all times (weather satellites most of them). About the images and videos being "photoshop"... Well, prove it. There is nothing wrong with the images being composites, as the Hubble is capable of seeing light beyond your eyes capabilities. But looks like you think that makes the images fake, computer generated right? Prove that please, if you are able (you'll be the first if you can, btw).

    3. Sun and Moon
      Sun and Moon
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels NASA used Hubble Telescope to see far away galaxy, but they can not used the same Hubble Telescope to take a real pictures for Earth. All Videos' and pictures are Photoshop

    4. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      @Sun and Moon But how do you know for sure? Because whatever "they" say contradict your beliefs/narrative? Just saying...

    5. Sun and Moon
      Sun and Moon
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels What I mean is they will not tell you the truth, never

  59. Pawan Nirpal
    Pawan Nirpal
    Maand geleden

    Machine learning in action already in these space robots, perseverance landed using same technique using vison, boy it's exiting time for computer engineers too.

  60. DeuceGenius
    Maand geleden

    i wish id live to see 100 years form now. were barely scratching the surface with these missions. we need to search every inch of every planet in our solar system

  61. DeuceGenius
    Maand geleden

    rivers of methane.. holy shit imagine seeing a river of methane

  62. Bethy Mears
    Bethy Mears
    Maand geleden

    We need to plant things on Planets and moons and see what grows.

    1. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      Well... Since no planet or moon offer the same conditions as our planet, pretty much nothing would grow.

  63. Trevor Rentfro
    Trevor Rentfro
    Maand geleden

    Appreciate the work you put into this video good job man it was great

  64. plan je
    plan je
    Maand geleden

    you are with this blocked _ NASA can fly to whatever you can imagine - how - use some computer generated video or drawings and there you go _ real scientists build real things but they do not known what happens with things - you living in western world - if you, you mount the left tire right tire you goes never see _ I also living in west but eee I have nice company - we all have fun almost whole day - but is not organized at maniacs some fair nice peoples until now - they see us as humans and there is everything about _ you can not even believe how it are before corona _ no you are not Real Engineering you are FAKE MEDIA

    1. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      Return with your real account. Grow up.

  65. Przemysław Zańko
    Przemysław Zańko
    Maand geleden

    Extremely interesting, thank you!

  66. the F2P gamer
    the F2P gamer
    Maand geleden

    Maybe it could use an arm so it can examine some boulders

  67. Gonzalo Bernal
    Gonzalo Bernal
    Maand geleden

    hat a waste of resources.... when we actually get there... we can remember the fake news.

  68. iam Able
    iam Able
    Maand geleden

    People busy looking for intelligent life forms out there ....bro I think we are the intelligent life form, were taking drones to titan!!!!!????????

  69. Philip S
    Philip S
    Maand geleden

    At 6:05 Alpha waves? Is the RTG asleep? Wouldn't we prefer alpha particles?

  70. The game zone
    The game zone
    Maand geleden

    Science is new GOD and NASA is it's Messenger ❤️ from 🇮🇳 india

  71. igvc1876
    Maand geleden

    What's with the weird annoying pronunciation of Huygens? lol sounds like you are trying to cough up some phlegm from your throat

  72. RuddiestManx511
    Maand geleden

    Couldn’t we put a probe in orbit making it easier to send messages to earth

  73. Will Jackson
    Will Jackson
    Maand geleden

    Distance to Titan from Earth varies, of course, but right now, it's 1,007,197,587 miles away. Unthinkable perhaps.

  74. The Tin Foil Hat Channel
    The Tin Foil Hat Channel
    Maand geleden

    lol what use are blades in an atmoshere that is 99% less dense than earths'?

    1. Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers
      Maand geleden

      Mars has the atmosphere that is less dense than earth. Titian’s atmosphere is actually denser than earth’s

  75. Imre Toth
    Imre Toth
    Maand geleden

    When I hear “renolds number” I get nam flashbacks

  76. aleksander Okonek
    aleksander Okonek
    Maand geleden

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  77. SpaceXtreme
    Maand geleden

    The fact that it's -180 degree there makes it a no no for humans to visit or stay. unless we develop a universal body suit that's all weather, convenient and cheap.

  78. President Trump
    President Trump
    Maand geleden

    When the Sun turns into a Red Giant in 4 billion years and gets so big it will eat up Earth then Titan will become the new Earth since it will be in the haibitable zone of the red giant sun.

  79. Jon
    Maand geleden

    They should make a methane motor. Seems like there is enough Methane there lol

    1. Alex Siemers
      Alex Siemers
      Maand geleden

      They’ll need to bring oxygen if they wanna burn it

    2. KDH2130
      Maand geleden


  80. Probably A European
    Probably A European
    Maand geleden

    we're really putting drones on titan what the fuck how??? I love this

  81. Y E
    Y E
    Maand geleden

    How r they getting a single out of titan. Impressive by itself. The inverse rule speaks to the range but such a dense atmosphere would pose a way bigger issues. Esp that cold.

  82. Dan Thompson
    Dan Thompson
    Maand geleden

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  83. Diwakar Sharma
    Diwakar Sharma
    Maand geleden

    Looks like they used same thing in perseverance.🙄

    1. お前はもう死んでいる
      Maand geleden


  84. tuswm1
    Maand geleden

    This was a year ago. I would totally watch an update on dragonfly. Thanks for your channel. I teach engineering in HS. I show your videos to my students.

  85. yvng tub
    yvng tub
    Maand geleden

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    Maand geleden

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  88. P P
    P P
    Maand geleden

    Engineering of crystal meth

  89. The Proper Communist
    The Proper Communist
    Maand geleden

    What happens if we set fire to the methane?

    1. The Proper Communist
      The Proper Communist
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels yes but if it had oxygen

    2. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      On Titan? Nothing (no oxygen)

  90. Alchemical Reviews
    Alchemical Reviews
    Maand geleden

    I can't wait to see those pictures from Titan!! I didn't know about RTG's, so it was great to learn about that. I know it isn't nuclear energy exactly, but it does remind me of the old Soviet nuclear-powered trucks.

  91. David B. III
    David B. III
    Maand geleden

    Real BS and lies. First the earth is a globe, now they claim it's Pear shaped, and still show us a globe. Then the earth is a closed system and nowhere to go.( The first truth they've given us, firmament) bit they somehow keep sending stuff out to Mars and takes of going to the moon again. Why do people still fall for this garbage? 19 billion in tax payer money, for lies and deception. Karma is coming for these liars and all will be revealed soon. SMH

    1. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      How soon? Tomorrow? Next year? Surely corona is also caused by 5G, right? And yes... The Earth is a globe, and yes... It's pear shaped (very subtle, you wouldn't notice) and no... It's not closed. Stop mine quoting to support your paranoia.

  92. Secession Gets Closer Everyday
    Secession Gets Closer Everyday
    Maand geleden

    SpaceX has Raptor a methane engine, seems like a methane engine would be a good solution.

    1. Hanif Shakiba
      Hanif Shakiba
      Maand geleden

      You'd still need oxygen to burn the methane with, and rocket engines aren't as reliable as electric motors.

  93. Nick G Cisneros
    Nick G Cisneros
    Maand geleden

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  94. Scott Myers
    Scott Myers
    Maand geleden

    THE CHILD WHO UNDERSTOOD GRAVITY Her name was Sarah, Sarah N. Dipity. As a child Sarah often overheard her parents, who were scientists, discuss gravity. They'd often bring Sarah to their office, where they did experiments about gravity and discuss them with other teachers and scientists. They assumed that she wasn't able to understand them, but in fact Sarah understood more than they did. It was frustrating that she was too young to talk. All of them said they didn't really understand gravity, which was why they were doing all that work. Somehow Sarah DID understand. She watched them try their experiments, draw on blackboards, and discuss things well past supper. Sarah realized, like them perhaps, that if someone could describe what she knew that it would be helpful. But she also couldn't write. She watched the adults head off in so many wrong directions. She worried that they'd try to teach her incorrectly, insisting that she learn their ways, which were often wrong. So, Sarah decided not to speak or write, which caused her parents to think that she was slow. She was perfectly pleasant, just silent. In her mind she continued to do thought experiments, using her knowledge of gravity. (c) 2016, Scott Myers all writes preserved

  95. Colton Burge
    Colton Burge
    Maand geleden

    I think it's harder for you to say "thicker" than saying that Dutch word. Lol

  96. Jesse Moser
    Jesse Moser
    Maand geleden

    planet fart mehemeememee

  97. DespizedICON
    Maand geleden

    your pronunciation is not very good, use better help to learn how to say that shit right.

  98. Rupesh Kumar Sahu
    Rupesh Kumar Sahu
    Maand geleden

    Tell me one thing bro.. If saturn largest moon is called titan than what we call Earth only moon????? Please reply.... I think its better if we say Saturn's largest natural satellite. Isn't it?? Please respond

    1. Rupesh Kumar Sahu
      Rupesh Kumar Sahu
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels All the best 👍

    2. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      @Rupesh Kumar Sahu Moon

    3. Rupesh Kumar Sahu
      Rupesh Kumar Sahu
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels okay but what is the name of our moon?

    4. Zeen Daniels
      Zeen Daniels
      Maand geleden

      @Rupesh Kumar Sahu No. Moon is its proper name. The other satellites are called "moons" because prior to 1600-ish no other natural satellites were known, so they just called them "moons" because our own Moon (the same happened when DuPont registered the trademark "Teflon". Now a lot of people say teflon to refer to any pan with anti-adherent)

    5. Rupesh Kumar Sahu
      Rupesh Kumar Sahu
      Maand geleden

      @Zeen Daniels okay.. We r giving names to all other satellites like titan, io etc then what we call Earth's natural satellite (=moon)?

  99. ThePostApocalypticTrio
    Maand geleden

    IIRC, I’ve heard it said that because of the low gravity and thick atmosphere, if a human had something like a space suit with something like wings attached on Titan’s surface, a human could flap the wings and fly like a bird, or something like that.

  100. cule219
    Maand geleden

    Half life's(for anyone interested): Plutonium-238: 87.7 years Strontium-90: 28.8 years Curium-244: 18.1 years