The ROAD TO HELL on a Honda CRF250L 🇿🇦[S5 - Eps. 23]

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In this episode, I am first conquering the Swartberg Pass, an amazing mountain pass, constructed by South African engineer Thomas Bain. A quick hop into Prince Albert go stock up on fuel and admire the little town, and I ride back towards the Swartberg Pass to get to the road to 'The Hell'. It's the only way into the Gambaskloof and the only way out. This is my Ride to Hell.

Gear \u0026 Equipment that I use in this season:

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  1. Wilma vdMerwe
    Wilma vdMerwe
    4 dagen geleden

    Like this link, wish it could be on Telegram.

  2. Shaun M
    Shaun M
    5 dagen geleden

    Looks like dinosaur egg

  3. Anti Chairman
    Anti Chairman
    5 dagen geleden

    We are on the highway in hell !

  4. Johan Swart
    Johan Swart
    7 dagen geleden

    Trucks may not drive on the pass. He is in big trouble that's why the police is there

  5. Khmer One
    Khmer One
    8 dagen geleden

    Hilsen fra USA. Accidentally stumble on your NLlike blog and I loved watching it. Thank you! for sharing the world with us, what a great inspiration and cheerful attitude. My question is, do you ever feel lonely and unsafe on some of those desolated roads in some country that you travel to?

  6. Norman F Birnberg
    Norman F Birnberg
    8 dagen geleden

    ….is paved with good intentions. And they paid off here. I’ve never seen a bleak landscape so cool and enigmatic of the famous burning bushes in Dante’s Inferno. The place you rode through is well named, indeed.

  7. zen pro
    zen pro
    9 dagen geleden

    wow great adventure riding, recently relocated from Hawaii to Baja Mex to do the same and enjoying it....the terrain here is very very similar to what you share and so fascinating being out with nature. I would love to adventure ride with you and film also, perhaps god-willing that may happen, but enjoy your time there in South Africa. One place I would love to conquer is South America, who knows maybe Argentina, Chile, and Peru. I hear Costa Rica is nice too smiles...thanks for sharing your video, enjoyed and my Gid the ostrich egg is enormous haha :)

  8. dipmani gurung
    dipmani gurung
    10 dagen geleden

    I wonder why people dislike her videos....

  9. barna Mikel
    barna Mikel
    10 dagen geleden

    Welcome to Tanzania

  10. Andrew Tamonan
    Andrew Tamonan
    11 dagen geleden

    Blue Eyes

  11. Natasha Hancock
    Natasha Hancock
    13 dagen geleden

    Ride girl ride. I ride a stock ish xr650l. I'm old, broken, fat, bilateral knee and hip replacement. I ride slower, and the ground is harder, and my miles are fewer, but I'm out there somewhere, in the dirt and wilderness

  12. Rick Allen
    Rick Allen
    13 dagen geleden

    How much does 12 eggs cost in US there??

  13. John Junge
    John Junge
    14 dagen geleden

    I'd love a little geology info on the areas you pass through.

  14. RCAF Maintainer
    RCAF Maintainer
    16 dagen geleden

    Brave woman.

  15. KV VLOG
    17 dagen geleden

    Good job..❤️❤️

  16. Winkkin
    17 dagen geleden

    Tough ride, but the visuals were stunning! Ride safe!!

  17. steve johnson
    steve johnson
    19 dagen geleden

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful country. You have the best attitude and personality. Awesome journey.

  18. Annie Jackson - Centre Piece Furniture
    Annie Jackson - Centre Piece Furniture
    19 dagen geleden

    You are my new favorite channel ! Loving your travels. Hi from Australia 😄

  19. J B
    J B
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    Boooooaaaahhhh was bist du verfressen !!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 24 Eier zum Frühstück.

  20. Tom Karlsson
    Tom Karlsson
    20 dagen geleden

    Better not confuse the petrol bag with the camel bag!

  21. KDS Owen
    KDS Owen
    20 dagen geleden

    I spent 3 months in Africa and Zim, this brings back so many memories.Better than other travel blogs, you manage to capture the 'Realness' of the people and places. I personally wouldnt ride so fast on some parts of that road (to Hell) mistake...just sayin

  22. Cory Boyd
    Cory Boyd
    22 dagen geleden

    I had a crf250l but it didn't have enough power. Went to a Suzuki DRZ400 instead. Great bike but as always it needs a 6th gear as well.

  23. Kobus Pietersen
    Kobus Pietersen
    23 dagen geleden

    Having ridden that pass a couple of times I can't believe that truck attempted to go up that side of the pass...

  24. Pakistan1
    23 dagen geleden

    I like this travel video MashaAllah

  25. Charles Howard
    Charles Howard
    24 dagen geleden

    Absolutely fantastic presentation and content. I almost feel like I am there as you ride along. Thank You so Much. I have subscribed and liked same time. Superb stuff.

  26. Capall M
    Capall M
    25 dagen geleden

    Lol, "Ostrich egg fried in engine oil!" My word

  27. mimi tv ميمي تيفي
    mimi tv ميمي تيفي
    25 dagen geleden

    My love gives you health in a great adventure in Africa. My love, I hope to find a woman like you in marriage. You initiate all good darling and I love you I love you I love you.Come here in the north and east of Algeria, and I will be under your feet and we will not forsake you, my love, you are my heart and soul.

  28. Wolf Due
    Wolf Due
    25 dagen geleden

    This is the second time I saw someone cooked an ostrich egg and it still fail...hahaha. Seems like they are intimidated by its size.

  29. We Gotta get You
    We Gotta get You
    25 dagen geleden

    He He l, Like south africa Will Go Go hell, have fun there.

  30. Manesh Mukherjee
    Manesh Mukherjee
    25 dagen geleden

    Hope you missed your Dslr

  31. sh00t01
    27 dagen geleden

    13:39 what a beautiful anticline just before you, those folded strata of rock!

  32. abdul rahim ghaus
    abdul rahim ghaus
    27 dagen geleden

    Really, what is a kudu? Hell with Noraly is beautiful

  33. Anon
    28 dagen geleden

    Your videos are the reason I chose this bike!!!! So hard to find in SA though

  34. Ruben Evenblij
    Ruben Evenblij
    28 dagen geleden

    18:07 ...a 12 or a 13... I said "No, 14" perfectly in sync with you 😄

  35. Cornelius Nienaber
    Cornelius Nienaber
    28 dagen geleden

    Die Hel used to represent the ultimate retreat from modernity being only reachable by foot, horse or donkey. The road was built in the early '70s. The Swartberg Pass is equally beautiful. I remember my family crossing this pass during a household move in a DKW during very wet weather when the belt drive (no propshaft/differential in this model) came close to being consumed!

  36. Earnest Kornaar
    Earnest Kornaar
    29 dagen geleden

    Have been dreaming of my first Harley for the longest of time now, but your channel kinda changed all that in a span of just 2 days, now my mind is slowly leaning towards the dirt-road bike. Just amazing:) I'll surely be using this channel as my tour guide in the near future to explore my beloved country. Thank you!

  37. jhay rejs
    jhay rejs
    29 dagen geleden

    Mam, do you encounter wild animals on the road like lion, hyenas or something bigger? like rhinos =)

  38. Ettiene Snyman
    Ettiene Snyman
    29 dagen geleden

    Go Noraly...!!! Welcome to SOUTH AFRICA....BE SAFE.......

  39. Richard Stephens
    Richard Stephens
    29 dagen geleden

    "I'm just going to pretend that didn't happen..." made me laugh.

  40. Chris Van Der Geest
    Chris Van Der Geest
    Maand geleden

    Hey, my girlfriend and I have noticed that you are riding high in mountains with your helmet open. Watch out for the wind, even if it's warm it can give it pretty bad headache. (From own experience)

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    Mia Vos
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    Been watching you awhile. You are really very brave driving alone through South Africa. I suppose you have been advised to be careful

  45. old tighthead
    old tighthead
    Maand geleden

    Having been to die hel a couple of times ,I can only say that you have found one of the most secluded and special places in the world

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    Rodox Controle de Pragas
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    Ulrich Tollmien
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  57. Michele
    Maand geleden

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  58. Bruno Smith
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    Maand geleden

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