The Very Best of Soul Top Hit Soul Songs 2020 New Soul Music

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The Very Best of Soul - Top Hit Soul Songs 2020- New Soul Music
0:00 Vividry - A Million Signs
3:44 L.M. Styles - Alibi
7:38 L.M. Styles - All in Good Time
11:11 Terin Ector - All the Freedom You Need
14:16 Vividry - Can’t Hold It In Anymore
17:20 Gloria Tells - Can’t Make Up My Mind
20:26 Stonekeepers feat. Revel Day - Choo Choo
23:24 The Snowy Hill Singers feat. Vincent Vega - Christmas Time in L.A.
27:56 Gloria Tells - Come Clean
31:28 Vividry - Come Out
34:35 spring gang feat. Astyn Turr - And Then I Wake Up
38:07 Sylvia Peyton Feat. Lollo Gardtman - Be Free
41:17 Slowfly feat. Sture Zetterberg - Bitten by Cupid
44:23 AdamAlexander & Chris Coral - Bother
47:30 Stonekeepers feat. Ed Mills - Brighter
50:37 Lionel Quick - All I Know
52:52 Vividry - Every Second of My Life
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    Hola dulce sonido y sentimientos de Armonia. Gratitud

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    Beautiful musique soûl del frances

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    HI!!! Can yo help me please, i want to khow the name song in the min 1:22 i love it

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    Hello!! I completly fall in love of the song at 1h30min but I never heard it so please can someone give me the artist and the name of the song pleaasseeee? thanks a lot!

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    I love it. Já me vejo tomando meu uisque, à meia luz, ouvindo essa maravilha de seleção musical TOP.

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    What a delicious set. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.

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    Bonjour Quelqu'un aurait il le titre et le nom de la chanteuse à 1:26.:07 ... "Don't break my heart" .Merci

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    oh my kind of music

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    Me encanta el Jazz y el Soul tambien buenos temas seleccionados para este album. Escuchar nuevas versiones y lyrics son una gran experiemcia. Thanks a lot. It is wonderful.

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    Hi, please the name of song in 1.22

    1. Patricia Martinez
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      @Елена Каминская muchas gracias!!! thanks a lot :)

    2. Елена Каминская
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      Frigga-Do you really wanna be in love

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      Ĺ 00

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    HELP!!!!! 1.22.20 - кто поёт?? Памагите!!!

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      did you find the name? share please

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  97. Crush the crusher machine wwe legend Kyle kammins
    Crush the crusher machine wwe legend Kyle kammins
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  99. Slow Rock Ballads
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    I miss the old days, i was a kid when i listen this kind of music its still the best for me 😍, lagi ko tong naririnig tuwing sweet music sa discohan sa probinsya namin

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