The Whole History of the Earth and Life 【Finished Edition】

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Revised edition :
This is a documentary which portrays the birth of the solar system, the birth of the Earth, and the emergence and evolution of life on Earth depicted through latest research activities.
Executive producer: prof. Shigenori Maruyama. Supported by Hadean Bioscience Project.
1. The Origin of the Earth. 00:00
 4.567 billion years ago : The formation of the Solar System.
 4.56 billion years:ago : The formation of the Earth.
 4.55 billion years ago : Giant impact.
2. Initiation of Plate Tectonics. 02:53
 4.37-4.20 billion years ago : The formation of the atmosphere and ocean.
 4.37-4.20 billion years ago : The initiation plate tectonics.
3. Birth of Proto-life. 06:57
 4.10(4.20?) billion years ago : The birth of first proto-life.
4. The Initial Stage of Life. 10:53
 4.37-4.20 billion years ago : The loss of the primordial continent and the generation of a strong geomagnetic field.
 4.20 billion years ago : The emergence of sun-powered life.
 4.10 billion tears ago : Mass extinction.
5. Second Stage of Evolution of Life. 16:36
 2.90 billion years ago : The emergence of photosynthetic life.
 2.70 billion years ago : Mantle overturn.
6. Third Stage of the Evolution of Life. 20:35
 2.30 billion years ago : Mass extinction by snowball Earth.
 2.10 billion years ago : From prokaryotes to eukaryotes.
7: The Dawn of the Cambrian Explosion. 25:07
 1.90-0.80 billion tears ago : The Formation of a Supercontinent.
 700-600 million years ago : The Sturtian Glaciation
 700-600 million years ago : The Leaking Earth.
8: The Cambrian Explosion. 30:57
 640 million years ago : The Origin of Multicellular Life. The Marinoan Glaciation.
 580 million years ago : Appearance of Ediacaran Fauna. The Gaskiers Glaciation.
 550 million years ago : Evolution Responds to Environmental Changes
 540 million years ago : The First Cambrian Organisms
9: The Paleozoic Era. 37:06
 600 million years ago : Expanding Habitats.
 540 million years ago : The Co-evolution of Planets and Insects
 550-540 million years ago : The Evolution of Vertebrates
 260-250 million years ago : The Largest Mass extinction of the Phanerozoic Eon. Collision with a Dark nebula
10: From the Mesozoic to the birth of human beings. 43:23
 Dispersion and amalgamation of continents, and the evolution of life.
 The birth of primates.
11: The Humanozoic eon : the appearance of human beings and civilization. 50:26
 Evolution into primates.
 The birth of human beings, the fourth animal category : the Humanozoic eon.
 10000 years ago : The Agricultural Revolution.
 5000 years ago : The Urban Revolution.
 2400 years ago : The Religious Revolution.
 300 years ago : The Industrial Revolution.
 The Information Revolution.
12: Future of the Earth. 57:54
 Challenges for Human society.
 Future of Human society.
 Future of the Earth.
 200 million years later : Formation of the supercontinent.
 400 million years later : Extinction of the C4 plants.
 1 billion years later : Cessation of plate tectonics.
 1.5 billion years later : Disappearance of the ocean.
 4.5 billion years later : Collision between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy.
 8 billion years later : Annihilation of the Earth.
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  1. Kaoru GreenEmerald
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    Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? To unravel this basic question, it is necessary to see things from an interdisciplinary perspective, which transcends the boundaries between each scientific discipline such as astronomy, planetary science, geology, biology, physics, chemistry, etc. We will answer this ever-important question through developing innovations with a new point of view which is delivered through decades-worth of interdisciplinary research. Related papers. ●Origin of the Earth: A proposal of new model called ABEL ●Nuclear geyser model of the origin of life: Driving force to promote the synthesis of building blocks of life ●Nine requirements for the origin of Earth's life: Not at the hydrothermal vent, but in a nuclear geyser system ●Origins of building blocks of life ●Hadean Earth and primordial continents: The cradle of prebiotic life ●Habitable Trinity ●End-cretaceous cooling and mass extinction driven by a dark cloud encounter ●n-situ preservation of nitrogen-bearing organics in Noachian Martian carbonates ●Modification of the composition and density of Mercury from late accretion ●Prebiotic oligomerization and self-assembly of structurally diverse xenobiological monomers ●The origin of life: The conditions that sparked life on Earth ●Prof. Shigenori Maruyama : About the origin of life Q & A (Japanese & English) ●Prof. Toshikazu Ebisuzaki, Prof. Shigenori Maruyama : 大地溝帯でなぜ新種がうまれるのか? (Japanese) ●Prof. Toshikazu Ebisuzaki : 宇宙環境と生命大進化 ver4.1(Japanese) ●Prof. Toshikazu Ebisuzaki : 真核生物はストロマトライト微生物マットで進化した(Japanese) ●Prof. Shigenori Maruyama, Prof. Toshikazu Ebisuzaki, Prof. Ken Kurokawa : Review of the Nine Requirements for the Birthplace of Life and the Nuclear Geyser Model(Japanese)

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