Trying More Weird AMAZON Baking Gadgets!

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I HATE kitchen gadgets! But some of these blew my mind!
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  1. The Icing Artist
    The Icing Artist
    Maand geleden

    Which gadget was the WORST and would you actually use any of these??? Thank you Helix for sponsoring this video! Go to for up to $200 off your mattress and two free pillows!

    1. Sheena xoxo
      Sheena xoxo
      16 dagen geleden

      @MasterCoder YESSS PLEASE

    2. ang bam
      ang bam
      Maand geleden

      I can't stop laughing at the egg machine thingie

    3. Emaan's food mania
      Emaan's food mania
      Maand geleden

      11:17 what is the recipe of the cake you used?

    4. MarseMT
      Maand geleden

      I don’t want to eat an egg weenie 😐

    5. Hanafi Nordine
      Hanafi Nordine
      Maand geleden


  2. a y
    a y
    2 uur geleden

    By the way that knife only heat up to like room temperature😶😂

  3. Atifa Nikzad
    Atifa Nikzad
    6 dagen geleden

    Never in my life have I cut pizza with scissors...that’s all I have to say for myself and also your hair and makeup look super cute right now

  4. Rivka Bronshteyn
    Rivka Bronshteyn
    6 dagen geleden

    Her laugh is priceless💕💕💕💕

  5. Jennifer Ludtke
    Jennifer Ludtke
    7 dagen geleden

    I actually love the pizza scissors you can serve it to friends without touching their piece and since they cut through the whole thing It would make it easier instead of doing multiple cuts

  6. gayathri nittur
    gayathri nittur
    8 dagen geleden

    Can't you do a 💋 kissing cake

  7. Lauren Calabria
    Lauren Calabria
    8 dagen geleden

    I’ve always cut my pizza with scissors. My Italian grandma taught me! We love making pizzas together.

  8. Bailee Cattermole
    Bailee Cattermole
    8 dagen geleden

    We have a hearti cake mold

  9. Emily Mc
    Emily Mc
    9 dagen geleden

    We have a wonderful pizza plate in my area and they cut their pizzas with scissors. But their pizza is perfect.

  10. BeckyA59
    9 dagen geleden

    I know this is an older video - but that egg thing had me rolling on the floor! On the other hand I find the Pizza Pizazz works GREAT. I wonder if you didn't have both top and bottom heat? I do frozen fish, fries, etc also.

  11. Tyme Gaming
    Tyme Gaming
    10 dagen geleden

    Her:Cutting open the package for the pizza scissors using scissors

  12. Tyme Gaming
    Tyme Gaming
    10 dagen geleden

    Her:Cutting open the package for the pizza scissors using scissors

  13. Life Discovery Oasis
    Life Discovery Oasis
    11 dagen geleden

    Are you a Harry Potter theme?

  14. Bri Wright
    Bri Wright
    11 dagen geleden

    Vegan cheese is difficult to melt in a traditional oven, so I am not surprised that this gadget did not heat it. Also think of the energy waste. A toaster oven hold the heat so you would think it would use less energy overall. With this thing you have heat going everywhere and it seems like it would be way more wasteful.

  15. Khenzani Myers
    Khenzani Myers
    11 dagen geleden

    I really like the pizza sissors

  16. Jeph Kaplan
    Jeph Kaplan
    11 dagen geleden

    "I don't eat boiled eggs because they smell like farts" *buys machine that shits out eggs*

  17. Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly
    11 dagen geleden

    Some oven safe glasses in the pan would hold that heart shape together

  18. Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly
    11 dagen geleden

    I own a heart, bunny and Christmas tree cake pan but still not a square. Got rectangles and circles of all sizes tho lol. Oh and a snowman shaped mini pan

  19. Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly
    11 dagen geleden

    Your butter wasent that cold still not useful tho

  20. connor fisher
    connor fisher
    11 dagen geleden

    To me the pizza cooker seemed like more of a pizza reheating like if you hate cold pizza but want to finish the pizza from last night you would use that to heat it up

  21. Julia Nielson
    Julia Nielson
    12 dagen geleden

    I actually have a rollie! We got it as a gag gift from my uncle for Christmas. I usually make scrambled eggs in it.

  22. Isabelle Glarvey
    Isabelle Glarvey
    12 dagen geleden

    Your literally like a real life Suki from Gilmore Girls

  23. Josiee
    12 dagen geleden

    my friend has the pizzaz thing it worked amazing the pizza also tasted nice and soft but burnt how i like it lol

  24. Aimee Baker
    Aimee Baker
    12 dagen geleden

    Is a hart shaped pan not a thing in America because it is a thing that like everyone has in England

  25. Olivia Bucci
    Olivia Bucci
    13 dagen geleden

    Can you do a house tour

  26. Sue C-H
    Sue C-H
    13 dagen geleden

    Growing up, my mom always cut our pizza with scissors. Big, homemade, pizzas!

  27. Hannah and gavin's channel
    Hannah and gavin's channel
    13 dagen geleden

    11:08 thats 1 sus cake

  28. adb4113
    13 dagen geleden

    We have the pizzazz and it cooks our stuff perfectly! Cheese is melted and bottom crust is crunchy. Maybe yours was a defect?

  29. wisdom ugbah
    wisdom ugbah
    15 dagen geleden

    I want to subscribe but she laughs too much I don't enjoy her video that much

  30. Ghostess
    15 dagen geleden

    The egg thing would be great for college dorms, offices, or helping disabled adults keep a level of independence

  31. Charles
    16 dagen geleden

    The cake mold made a peach or a butt shape :)

  32. E C
    E C
    19 dagen geleden

    i love it

  33. Mausam Patel
    Mausam Patel
    19 dagen geleden

    Haha I love these videos! Did anyone hear her say “last one” when she got the second product? I always wondered if these youtubers edited the products in a different way than opened just for curiosity - guess we got the answer! Cant wait for more testing items!

  34. ava strege
    ava strege
    21 dag geleden

    These gadgets seem so fun to try out!

  35. Fridah
    21 dag geleden

    Please explain what these people do with the whack cooking gadgets they buy sometimes. Don't get me wrong, some of them are good.

  36. Caroline Dentremont
    Caroline Dentremont
    22 dagen geleden

    How are you finding your helix mattress

  37. Delaney Poore
    Delaney Poore
    22 dagen geleden

    Lol one of my friends cuts pizza with scissors every time and it bothers me so much hahah something about it doesn’t feel right

  38. J Go
    J Go
    25 dagen geleden

    I have a pizza pizzazz & it works great. We use it all the time when we heat a frozen pizza or left over pizzas. I also only paid $50 for mine.

  39. Faith Po
    Faith Po
    25 dagen geleden

    It is the pizza you chose. Dairy free. You should do a better pizza. The presto pizza cooker works.

  40. Faith Po
    Faith Po
    26 dagen geleden

    Bad English translations is the result. Also not safety tested. Usually toxic if it comes from China .

  41. Sarah O grady
    Sarah O grady
    26 dagen geleden

    that egg one hahahahaha i cant stop watching

  42. HollowEnthusiast
    26 dagen geleden

    for the pizza one, I think it actually works. When I heat frozen pizzas they end up looking like that as well. The cheese doesn't always melt depending on the brand of the pizza. I still don't think its worth the price though since you can literally use an oven instead.

  43. Donna Miller
    Donna Miller
    27 dagen geleden

    My son has a Presto Pizzaz and we love using it.

  44. Mia's life!
    Mia's life!
    27 dagen geleden

    The egg cook thing had me dead, I couldn't stop laughing

  45. Munirah Alsuhaibani
    Munirah Alsuhaibani
    27 dagen geleden

    .ك رهحم٠ما

  46. Shiny!
    28 dagen geleden

    I don't think I've ever laughed so hard as when I saw the...egg cylinder slowly rising from the machine

  47. Kristin Marriott
    Kristin Marriott
    28 dagen geleden

    A great personality & fun to watch. Says “I feel like” too much but still very entertaining.

  48. OrangeCRUSH 480
    OrangeCRUSH 480
    28 dagen geleden

    This is cool that you're doing random stuff from Amazon And I really am not trying to be negative towards you at all you do what you want and keep doing what's obviously got you over 4 million subscribers But you will never be the Crazy Russian Hacker

  49. Vivian Peterson
    Vivian Peterson
    29 dagen geleden

    I love my pizza plus. 16 minutes from frozen. Don't have to use the stove oven

  50. Susie Fehr
    Susie Fehr
    Maand geleden

    So we have started using the pizza cutter for cutting our daughter's pizza into small pieces so I like that one!!😁🍕

  51. Leslie D
    Leslie D
    Maand geleden

    I know I'm late to the party but for some reason I didn't get notification about this video. The pizza maker was not on dual - it was only the bottom that was getting hot. If you have one of those you know that the top gets very and you can actually see the heating element. If both elements had been on it would have been hot on the bottom and melted on the top. I absolutely love these videos!

  52. stmprd
    Maand geleden

    I love the pizzaz, I had one for years. I never thought it was going to be a useful as it was. Best frozen pizza ever.

    Maand geleden

    Agghhh please! You are so annoying laughing about everything!

  54. Katie Gangloff
    Katie Gangloff
    Maand geleden

    Am I the only one who has never seen someone scrape a stick of butter length-wise?! We have the cake shapers.. We use foil balls to keep the shape we want, works pretty well. Also a thin layer of flour under the entire thing keeps any batter from oozing under. Definitely not the perfect gadget, but is good enough for our amateur baking adventures!

  55. Stacy Ahmad
    Stacy Ahmad
    Maand geleden

    I use my Pizzazz for all pizzas. Some pizzas take almost 20 mins. Especially thick pizza. I buy my pizzazz for $50. Where did you buy it for $130? You got robbed. In the past 20 years I have bought 3 and have never paid more than $50.

  56. Mary Merletto
    Mary Merletto
    Maand geleden

    The egg thing is gross and not cooked🤢🤮

  57. Taekook Bunnybear
    Taekook Bunnybear
    Maand geleden

    I liked the second product 👍❤️❤️❤️

  58. Taekook Bunnybear
    Taekook Bunnybear
    Maand geleden

    I like her simle love uuuuu 💙💜💙💜

  59. Aretha Simmonds
    Aretha Simmonds
    Maand geleden

    The machine pooped egg 😱

  60. Ashley Penn
    Ashley Penn
    Maand geleden

    You can keep the butter in a butter dish on your table for several days. No need to refrigerate. I don't have any problems spreading butter on toast.

  61. Dena Lofts
    Dena Lofts
    Maand geleden

    I never shop Amazon. Don't believe in monopolies.

  62. mohammed ismail
    mohammed ismail
    Maand geleden

    The pizzazz plus is a great machine if you make it from scratch or are a PROFESSIONAL BAKER!

  63. mohammed ismail
    mohammed ismail
    Maand geleden

    The egg cooker gadget pooped the egg out like a dog which is similar to farts which is the smell of a boiled egg

  64. Ness
    Maand geleden

    Maybe the rubber cake pan would work if it were put in a smaller other pan? Like a smaller square one? The sides of the outter pan could then better support the cake pan

  65. Donielle
    Maand geleden

    I’ve used the cake gadget. It’s really important to not overfill them or they won’t keep their shape. I also agree that they’re not really worth getting unless you get 2 packs.

  66. Victoria Piombo
    Victoria Piombo
    Maand geleden

    in Spain we always cut our pizza with scissors

  67. Katie Clark
    Katie Clark
    Maand geleden

    If you want a warm butter knife run it under hot water don't spend money on that lol it's a clever idea but execution sucks

  68. Erin Richard
    Erin Richard
    Maand geleden

    "that camera is the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought" .... says the lady with all these gadgets lol

  69. Melissa Dawn Whaley
    Melissa Dawn Whaley
    Maand geleden

    Have you ever used a bread machine? I got one for Christmas and have been so disappointed with it. Just curious if you know of any tricks that would help the bread not come out like a brick

  70. Mallory
    Maand geleden

    A+ commercial! Better than the ones on TV! bravo

  71. Sia
    Maand geleden

    the first one reminds me of my dad's wallet which says 'We The Theme produce of Rope'. it's from a market in a mall in malaysia 😂

  72. Amber P
    Amber P
    Maand geleden

    I haven't laughed as hard as I did during the Rollie part in a long time. I kind of want to buy one just to watch it and die laughing every day!

  73. Riceracm
    Maand geleden

    12:00 Freakin’ Reviews reviewed a similar pizza cooker (probably a different brand) and he _LOVED_ his and still uses it frequently for pizza and more, I wonder if it was a brand issue...🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

  74. Katricia Elise
    Katricia Elise
    Maand geleden

    I work in an AFC facility and we use kitchen scissors to cut most of the food we make. It is so much easier on the hands (we have to cut up a LOT of food) and it's honestly safer than a knife, especially if the residents want to help us cook. 10/10 would recommend.

  75. Laura Kindle
    Laura Kindle
    Maand geleden

    When I was in highschool we had a pizza cooker like that. It was really good. It just takes up too much space to justify keeping it over appliances.

  76. WithTheLimeCoconut
    Maand geleden

    Girl that dairy free cheese is so hard to melt

  77. Liz Gnz
    Liz Gnz
    Maand geleden

    Her in the video laughing: ahaha hdjdbebic hahaa bdjsisjsbsb

  78. Picklenuggets
    Maand geleden

    You really went all out for the ad. I was so impressed. They need to use this on their site or something. It was actually interesting and so well done that I didn't skip!!😂

  79. Mindi Spires
    Mindi Spires
    Maand geleden

    We use kitchen shears to cut our quesadillas after we take it out of the quesadilla maker.

  80. Danielle Bassham
    Danielle Bassham
    Maand geleden

    I love the shirts you wear in your videos! You should post where you get them. I love the one that you have on in this video.

  81. Danielle Bassham
    Danielle Bassham
    Maand geleden

    I just started watching your channel and I LOVE IT! You are so entertaining. That egg thingy is beyond strange and now I must have one!

  82. Jennifer Blaze
    Jennifer Blaze
    Maand geleden

    That looks like a egg twrd! Sorry!😂😂 that seems messy

  83. Alleygal918
    Maand geleden

    Can use it at work when you don’t have a full kitchen

  84. Alexis Taylor
    Alexis Taylor
    Maand geleden

    Girrrllll i was like the knife is for cutting! 😂

  85. TheKaylaPup
    Maand geleden

    I think that pizza oven may actually be broken. My old roommate had one and it worked well, but you could feel the heat and the top looked like it was hot. Yours didn't look hot at the top and it acted like it was only cooking at the bottom.

  86. Jazmine D
    Jazmine D
    Maand geleden

    No body: Most adorable baker ever: I do not eat hard boiled egg because I think they smell like fart 💨 😂😂😂😂 !!!

  87. Shanna Wathen
    Shanna Wathen
    Maand geleden

    The Pizza Pazzaz is so much cheaper than over a $100 bucks. Ours always worked. I liked making cheese crisps on mine. We made frozen chicken wings and pizza rolls.

  88. Mary Lesperance
    Mary Lesperance
    Maand geleden

    By the time the hot knife is hot, the butter would've melted enough to spread it

  89. crichards037
    Maand geleden

    I'd be curious about the pizza cooker thing to know the brand/ dad is, for all intents and purposes, addicted to pizza...he's had one of those for probably a decade (albeit likely a different brand, and I have no idea what he paid for his), and he loves it. He doesn't use it on frozen pizza though, because God forbid he eats frozen pizza. But he would frequently make "tortilla pizza" with it - put pizza sauce and cheese on a tortilla - and it would work perfectly lmao.

  90. Liset Vargas
    Liset Vargas
    Maand geleden

    The egg one looked disgusting! I cant believe you tried it

  91. Alison Burrell
    Alison Burrell
    Maand geleden

    My grandpa had that pizza thing, and it totally worked! I wonder if you just got a bad one.

  92. Alpha Centauri
    Alpha Centauri
    Maand geleden

    What do you do with the gadgets that don't work?

  93. taxidermygrrrl
    Maand geleden

    i have the pizza cooker. it’s great but you need to let it heat on it’s own before you put food on it

  94. Itzy Ochoa
    Itzy Ochoa
    Maand geleden

    The heart turned into the peach emoji 😭

  95. Gabrielle Moore
    Gabrielle Moore
    Maand geleden

    We use a pizza cutter to cut the slices and then use scissors to cut it into small pieces for my toddlers

  96. Bianca Lauren
    Bianca Lauren
    Maand geleden

    I thought I clicked on a different video and I was wondering why on earth you were buttering toast for a decorating video 😂 i should’ve noticed right away

  97. Sunshine Sunshine
    Sunshine Sunshine
    Maand geleden

    That egg coming out the egg machine looks nasty it’s a pass for me lol

  98. Jessica L. O.
    Jessica L. O.
    Maand geleden

    I just have to say that the pizza oven You bought, woah! You can get them at Walmart in the US for about $70... and it cooks pizza to perfection! It could of been the pizza itself... so strange tho! Ours works everytime! So sorry your experience went south.... lol 😆

  99. Ivy Creech
    Ivy Creech
    Maand geleden

    My day-care provided always cut the pizza and tacos with scissors, it was easier to cut it into small pieces for the little kids

  100. Kaslynn Wilson
    Kaslynn Wilson
    Maand geleden

    Yang scissors to cut up kids food is the BEST!!