VULFPECK /// Live at Madison Square Garden

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VULFPECK /// Live at Madison Square Garden
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0:00 The Sweet Science
2:18 Tee Time
4:19 Animal Spirits
7:55 Cory Wong
12:38 My First Car
15:42 Daddy, He Got a Tesla
20:18 Arena Meditation
24:22 Smile Meditation
29:38 Running Away
34:59 Baby I Don't Know Oh Oh
38:53 1612
42:20 Funky Duck
46:53 Aunt Leslie
50:55 Wait For The Moment
57:26 The Hill Climbers (Speech)
1:02:25 Back Pocket
1:08:44 Beastly
1:15:50 Christmas in L.A. (Intro)
1:21:25 Christmas in L.A.
1:28:36 Dean Town
1:33:10 Birds of a Feather
1:39:09 It Gets Funkier
1:41:40 Welcome to Vulf Records (Bows)
Michael Winograd
Jack Stratton
Woody Goss
Theo Katzman
Cory Wong
Joey Dosik
Richie Rodriguez
Joe Dart
Melissa Gardiner
Alice Stratton
Nate Smith
Dave Koz
Chris Thile
Charles Jones
Ryan Lerman
Antwaun Stanley
Mark Dover
Chris Grymes
Jack Stratton
Mixing and Mastering
Caleb Parker
Production Designer
Tricia Robertson
Art Director
Mike Robertson
Lighting Director
Christian Hall
Wall Art
Rence Mendoza
Vince Aparo
Hailey Kaufman
Maybelle Pineda (tapestry artwork)
Amber Vallance (
Ryan Lerman
Theo Katzman
Recording and Front of House
Jake Hartsfield
Austin Brucker
Fonts in Use
Eckmannpsych and Vulf Mono
by OH no Type Company


  1. meandmia
    17 uur geleden

    Richie Rodriguez appreciation post.

  2. Adlansyahin
    17 uur geleden

    discovered vulfpeck 3 days ago. and i am still repeating this video. back to back

  3. Jackson Laframboise
    Jackson Laframboise
    21 uur geleden

    If corridor did music.

  4. Max Marin
    Max Marin
    21 uur geleden

    Literally just started listening to these guys and I was confused with their style. Now I watched them live and I’m even more confused 😂 They’re sick tho!!!

  5. TepidJean
    Dag geleden

    watched this like 20 times.... just got the chills at 3:00

  6. Вика Дурасова
    Вика Дурасова
    Dag geleden


  7. PANORAMA 45
    2 dagen geleden

    They‘re not half as good as they seemingly think they are. Dart is one of most boring bassists I have ever listened to. You know one of his lines, you know them all.

  8. Nik S.
    Nik S.
    2 dagen geleden

    i just discovered this magic, thats so freking awesome i cant

  9. Johannes Falter
    Johannes Falter
    2 dagen geleden

    Joe Dart on the Joe Dart

  10. myonie22
    2 dagen geleden

    I love the way this is shot.

  11. Holoki Yeptho
    Holoki Yeptho
    2 dagen geleden

    Came here because of dumbdog

    1. South
      2 dagen geleden


  12. Jose Octavio Lopez
    Jose Octavio Lopez
    2 dagen geleden

    Hell yeah

  13. Vulpes Vulpes
    Vulpes Vulpes
    2 dagen geleden

    Vulfpeck is a complete blessing in times like these, they glow positivity out of their music. And i think the try to heal people with music. Love them

  14. puppy nightmares
    puppy nightmares
    2 dagen geleden

    that drum solo was crazy

  15. Srta Florr
    Srta Florr
    3 dagen geleden

    estoy enamorada de esta banda a partir de ya

  16. Anthony Mazeres
    Anthony Mazeres
    3 dagen geleden

    incroyable!!!! de A a Z un concert magique!! Venez en France!!!

  17. Nico
    3 dagen geleden

    de vez en cuando vuelvo por aquí para escuchar buena música

  18. SmeatsBeats
    3 dagen geleden

    pls tak dis down. i need to finish me homwerk. tks

  19. Zoubilable
    3 dagen geleden

    14:56 you're welcome

  20. Bimal Thankachan
    Bimal Thankachan
    3 dagen geleden

    This is Ryan Lerman's Magnum opus.

  21. Dany Velez Music
    Dany Velez Music
    4 dagen geleden

    Tremenda banda !!! Recién los descubro !! ;)

  22. Леонид Галяутдинов
    Леонид Галяутдинов
    4 dagen geleden

    King Gizzard was my best discovery of 2020. Vulf is the best discovery of 2021 yet!

  23. Brett Fleming
    Brett Fleming
    5 dagen geleden

    M-U-S-I-C...plain and friggin' simple!

  24. Egan Vorster
    Egan Vorster
    6 dagen geleden

    This was awesome. Now do it again with Jacob Collier.

  25. Jerry T.
    Jerry T.
    6 dagen geleden

    That Cory dude is a Solid player 🙏

  26. Parikshit Solunke
    Parikshit Solunke
    7 dagen geleden

    one day i'll be as happy as anyone in the crowd was that night

  27. Sam Rothstein
    Sam Rothstein
    8 dagen geleden

    this is literally the most uplifting and happy thing I've ever witnessed. I can't stop watching.

  28. Blitzjazz
    9 dagen geleden

    I would have sold my soul to satan to be at this concert

  29. bassplayer13
    9 dagen geleden


  30. Alexis Jonatán Pérez Cansino
    Alexis Jonatán Pérez Cansino
    9 dagen geleden

    Who is? minute 35:00 please

    1. Dayve
      5 dagen geleden

      Charles Jones

  31. McKinley
    9 dagen geleden

  32. McKinley
    9 dagen geleden

  33. V Z
    V Z
    9 dagen geleden

    1:33:20 birds of a feather

  34. Julien Falcone
    Julien Falcone
    9 dagen geleden

    This is phenomenal!!!!!

  35. juan zebastian
    juan zebastian
    9 dagen geleden

    The expedition is going strong above 4 f'k'n million... we all here love you vulfpeck!!!

  36. James Kowalkowski
    James Kowalkowski
    10 dagen geleden


  37. Kyle O'Connor
    Kyle O'Connor
    10 dagen geleden

    I love the crowd singing to the Dean Town baseline soooooo much. Excellent moment right there!

  38. Dylan Grieve
    Dylan Grieve
    10 dagen geleden

    vulfpeck crowd with the syncopated claps.

  39. Vincent Cinquini
    Vincent Cinquini
    10 dagen geleden

    When my boss asks me why my sales have dropped sharply since 11 am on Monday I'll just go ahead and send him this video. That should shut him up.....

  40. Ian S
    Ian S
    11 dagen geleden

    I love how this version of Cory Wong sounds so Talking Heads-esque; such a tribute to David Byrne and Talking Heads' legacy in NYC.

  41. JP
    11 dagen geleden

    How did these mediocre band geeks pack MSG? The bass player is the only one who's even remotely fuckable.

    1. SweetEgg
      3 dagen geleden


  42. Helena
    12 dagen geleden

    Okay, but Jack bringing his mom on stage is really cute

  43. Jackson B
    Jackson B
    12 dagen geleden

    Oops, looks like I stayed up until 1 in the morning on a school night watching this again. It’s worth it.

    1. Snoopy BS
      Snoopy BS
      10 dagen geleden


  44. Giuliano Romano
    Giuliano Romano
    13 dagen geleden

    Pretty sure I account for 1.5 million of these views rn lol

  45. INT1388
    13 dagen geleden

    Joe Dart is amazing

  46. Pasquale Paolella
    Pasquale Paolella
    14 dagen geleden

    14:57 Joe Dart on the Joe Dart!

  47. Arthur Nishikawa
    Arthur Nishikawa
    14 dagen geleden

    40:27 Nate Smith and Mark Lettieri hanging around

  48. M G Koch
    M G Koch
    14 dagen geleden

    Great percussionist! 👊

  49. Axel Werner
    Axel Werner
    15 dagen geleden

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT ?!! These guys FILL UP Madison Square Garden to the rim with this muzak in 2020ish ?!! WHAT THE FUNK ?!?!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! PEOPLE ROCKIN LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW!! PHUNK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  50. thomas moores
    thomas moores
    15 dagen geleden

    I avoid megacities so have never seen a show like this. The bizarre reaction to the Wuhan flue has allowed me to see more of the world. Thanks to the internet and the genius of Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman and Ryan Lerman... And... why hasn't EVERYONE heard of Cory Wong?

  51. Crypt s
    Crypt s
    15 dagen geleden

    white people music

    1. Crypt s
      Crypt s
      3 dagen geleden

      @Simon Simon im white too, this band is cringe

    2. Simon Simon
      Simon Simon
      3 dagen geleden

      I'm white, and it leaves me cold too. It's as tight as a ticking clock, but doesn't really groove.

    3. Zanthor
      14 dagen geleden

      lmao this band is beloved by every race of people around the world. This comment is disrespectful to every non-white person who enjoys this kind of music, and I assure you there are many. Look up Jack Stratton's Holy Trinities video on minimalistic funk. Most of his influences come from legendary African-American funk musicians.

  52. Audrey Stefany
    Audrey Stefany
    15 dagen geleden


  53. Giuliano Romano
    Giuliano Romano
    15 dagen geleden

    Joe Dart is my god

  54. TheTomphson
    16 dagen geleden

    I want a time machine to go to this concert

  55. Antonio Supico Horgan
    Antonio Supico Horgan
    16 dagen geleden

    That yamaha piano is full of covid.XD

  56. Augusto Lopez
    Augusto Lopez
    16 dagen geleden

    Amazing super funky band, but what I liked the most (as a musician) is the fact that this is the first and ONLY full concert video I've seen that has been filmed entirely on and around the stage, what a treat!

  57. David Vizcarra
    David Vizcarra
    17 dagen geleden

    Is everyone in the crowd musician? 😲

  58. Paulo Amaral
    Paulo Amaral
    17 dagen geleden

    Vulfpeck makes me happier

  59. A Schneider
    A Schneider
    17 dagen geleden

    when Joe said F#F#F#F#F#F#F#F#F#F#F#F#F# i really felt that

  60. Marky Tea
    Marky Tea
    17 dagen geleden

    Just trying remember what it was like before the canolivirus, back when I could still eat 4 lbs of white flour pasta without repercussions.

  61. tofu goddess
    tofu goddess
    17 dagen geleden

    Theo's range is mad. And overall, they are tight as hell.

  62. kev p
    kev p
    17 dagen geleden

    This is so Fantastic

  63. kev p
    kev p
    17 dagen geleden


  64. ow fie
    ow fie
    18 dagen geleden

    10:19 ~ Cory excitedly glances over his shoulder as he hears Joe walkin it in ~

  65. ow fie
    ow fie
    18 dagen geleden

    Such a blast to watch. The fun they are having oozes through the screen and straight into my adrenal glands.

  66. Chase
    18 dagen geleden

    1:38:23 what an electric feeling that had to have been for both the performers and the crowd. Wish I could have been there live.

  67. Rob Adlers
    Rob Adlers
    18 dagen geleden

    His mother TOTALLY owned that audience. Vulfpeck is incredible all around, but that was fun to watch. Next gen Spyro Gyra +++.... Thanks for the music folks.

  68. Harry Van der Meer
    Harry Van der Meer
    18 dagen geleden

    28:39 Chris definitely saw the face of god

  69. flovrec1
    19 dagen geleden

    amazig show.. i wanna see it one day live!

  70. Alexis Lacoursière
    Alexis Lacoursière
    19 dagen geleden

    last group good as this was weather report.

  71. Alexis Lacoursière
    Alexis Lacoursière
    19 dagen geleden

    Like most, discovered this group with this video. Vulfpeck is now on my ipod, and it was on shuffle... guess what group's song was playing and I thought it was Vulfpeck? Led Zeppelin. tells how classy/timeless this group sounds.

  72. Shacozzi
    19 dagen geleden

    I have never heard of these guys, I don't know a single song, but I still sat here for over 1.5 hours listening to them play. It's so authentic and immersive, holy shit what a band. I think the start of "Cory Wrong" did it for me (8:00). So much talent, passion and just... fun!

  73. 新右衛門
    19 dagen geleden


  74. Justin H
    Justin H
    19 dagen geleden

    23:25 god it is just incredible to see every single human in Madison Square Garden pausing in the middle of a concert to do a breathwork meditation

  75. Justin H
    Justin H
    19 dagen geleden

    God this is just 1h43m of pure joyful musical bliss

  76. imgoinbowmont
    20 dagen geleden

    Woody Goss dressed like he's about to run across America for no reason

    1. thewebspinner
      17 dagen geleden

      I think you mean Jack Stratton in the red football kit from the cover of "the beautiful game". Woody's on piano.

  77. Ricardo Marambio
    Ricardo Marambio
    20 dagen geleden

    Can't get the smile off my face watching this... can't and won't! Why the hell should I?

  78. reo0_0o
    20 dagen geleden


  79. Claudio Di Pietro
    Claudio Di Pietro
    20 dagen geleden

    I have a super boring 9 to 5 job, but goddamn i groove hard while compiling forms to this. The boss may think i enjoy the job ...

  80. DaniMusiX
    20 dagen geleden


  81. Alena nela
    Alena nela
    20 dagen geleden

    Something about Jack Stratton crawling in just makes this performance perfect.

  82. Ian S
    Ian S
    21 dag geleden

    Ticket price includes 1 Joe Dart bass solo

  83. Nathan James
    Nathan James
    21 dag geleden


  84. Linus Porter
    Linus Porter
    21 dag geleden

    14:56 "JOE! DART! ON the.. joe.. dart..." _funk_

  85. twochaudio mg
    twochaudio mg
    21 dag geleden

    wow, how did these guys sell out the Garden

  86. Glenn Urquhart
    Glenn Urquhart
    22 dagen geleden

    Nice mix job by the sound person(s). As a bass player, my jaw has dropped to the floor lol! I just found out about this band and Joe

  87. General Kenobi
    General Kenobi
    22 dagen geleden

    This might be one of the purest and most direct concentrations of funk the world has ever seen

  88. Sam Kill
    Sam Kill
    22 dagen geleden

    Cory so Wong he Wite.....huh?....

  89. 조승철
    22 dagen geleden

    I love when Theo runs back to play the drums at 56:18 just in time lol

  90. Ian S
    Ian S
    22 dagen geleden

    Woody Goss dead pan staring at the camera without looking at the keyboard while playing the outro of Dean Town is the peak of humanity

    1. YourMJK
      11 dagen geleden


    2. Ian S
      Ian S
      11 dagen geleden

      @Efe It's true. He's like the emotional bassist.

    3. Efe
      19 dagen geleden

      Woody is the true neutral of the group

  91. Ian S
    Ian S
    22 dagen geleden

    These guys are doing such a good job of ignoring the camera, makes you feel like you're just an invisible spirit on stage witnessing this

  92. devenkim
    22 dagen geleden

    How come did they manage them sit down? That is a torture. This should've been a standing concert

  93. thewebspinner
    23 dagen geleden

    I must have watched this set a dozen times and it's still fucking fantastic.

  94. Tancrède Bessis
    Tancrède Bessis
    23 dagen geleden

    The new stuff : Steve Gadd can be proud

  95. fretfanaticno1
    23 dagen geleden

    Please come to my garden

  96. Henrique Zago
    Henrique Zago
    23 dagen geleden

    I don't know about you, but I jump all around the house when I see this show

  97. Dimitri Sionis
    Dimitri Sionis
    23 dagen geleden

    You can delete all of NLlike. Just keep this video.

  98. Łukasz
    23 dagen geleden

    Prze chujje! SZACUN!

  99. SKINNYJOE 18
    23 dagen geleden

    'Joe dart! on---da - joedart'

  100. Gabestew
    23 dagen geleden

    funky show. funky band. very fun and fresh overall. thank you men of merit