We Moved Across The Country

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Hello friends and welcome to another video! So, late last year we decided to take the plunge and move across the country for a fresh start in a new place. After doing some serious decluttering, we packed up our house, grabbed our cat, and hit the road (and vlogged our whole cross-country road trip in our minivan!) It's been a couple of months and we are finally set up enough to dive back into making videos, so here is our moving vlog! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, and thank you for being so patient with us while we figure all of this out.
Also, sorry about any smudginess of the windshield! It was tough to keep clean on our drive, but I know sometimes it can look gross, so sorry about that! Lol
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  1. Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard
    21 dag geleden

    HELLO FRIENDS!! you can check out our new live streaming channel here! nllike.info/window/iiY0MsUgNihfAZ2ZgC19lg.html i hope you all are doing well, staying healthy, & had a good start to 2021!! thank you so much for your patience as we've moved, settled in, and are ready to get back to making videos again. i hope you guys enjoy our moving vlog :) xoxo, saf

    1. Fahim Sami
      Fahim Sami
      3 uur geleden

      I am The Biggest Fan of you❤️ I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Has the biggest sea beach 🏖️ in the world Please Come and visit Us

    2. LeAndraMae Boggs
      LeAndraMae Boggs
      2 dagen geleden

      6 Q 5qq⁵⁵

    3. reaper 96 Smith
      reaper 96 Smith
      3 dagen geleden

      Girl there's a new horror bar in Denver omg you need to check it out I think ull love it

    4. mawada rashad
      mawada rashad
      3 dagen geleden

      your videos make my day

    5. Lemon&Limeade
      5 dagen geleden

      Oui oui mon ami mi je’mapelle lafayette

  2. Randomatic
    24 minuten geleden

    Omg safiya and them are in the same state as me! I feel special

  3. Veronica Miele
    Veronica Miele
    26 minuten geleden

    Mass exodus out of LA! YAY! Welcome to the South! Best decision I ever made :)

  4. Alessia
    42 minuten geleden

    As a European I felt a bit anxious watching this, America is a big ass country

  5. Cassie Bright
    Cassie Bright
    58 minuten geleden

    Gurl you don’t know how many times I’ve moved across the country in the span of 10 years (5 times)

  6. Heather Shumate
    Heather Shumate
    59 minuten geleden

    I live in North Carolina, so if you need any recommendations on places to visit that are beautiful, let me know.

  7. laura horan
    laura horan
    Uur geleden


  8. HarleyZ0MBiiE
    Uur geleden

    1. North Carolina is beautiful! I hope you all enjoy it. 2. Now that you've moved here, please, it's "app-uh-latch-uhn" mountains. :)

  9. jgirl 34
    jgirl 34
    2 uur geleden

    WAWAAAAAAAA!!! Our Wawas in CT all turned into Krausers,,, I want Wawa backkkkkk!

  10. Scarlet Ellie
    Scarlet Ellie
    2 uur geleden

    Oh my God you live in my state now! You should absolutely visit Asheville and I would love to be your guide! It’s so awesome 😎

  11. jgirl 34
    jgirl 34
    2 uur geleden

    Yay! Welcome to the East Coast!! I'm in CT!

  12. Soffía Davíðsdóttir
    Soffía Davíðsdóttir
    2 uur geleden

    Love the shout out to iceland!! 🇮🇸

  13. Fahim Sami
    Fahim Sami
    3 uur geleden

    I am The Biggest Fan of you❤️ I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Has the biggest sea beach 🏖️ in the world Please Come and visit Us

  14. Dj Taradactyl
    Dj Taradactyl
    3 uur geleden

    Went to Knoxville and didn’t get 1 shot of the sunsphere?! Whaaaaaa?!

  15. totallynotizzyy
    3 uur geleden

    I love biscochitos!

  16. totallynotizzyy
    4 uur geleden

    ayy shes back

  17. Wes Johnson
    Wes Johnson
    4 uur geleden

    Jesus loves you 🌷⚘👍

  18. jenny sipe
    jenny sipe
    5 uur geleden

    well hello from Knoxville.

  19. Anna Daugherty
    Anna Daugherty
    5 uur geleden

    One of the clouds a around 33.06 in the video looks like a skull

  20. Emilie Freja
    Emilie Freja
    5 uur geleden

    Love your danish “ISLAND” 😂

  21. Eliza Plays Roblox
    Eliza Plays Roblox
    7 uur geleden

    Are u moving to pa

  22. Charlysun
    7 uur geleden

    8:35 Did anyone else notice the floppy licence plate?

  23. Leah Asinovski
    Leah Asinovski
    7 uur geleden

    "there's a lot happening, its all happening very fast, and i have a lot of feelings." said every teenager ever

  24. First Last
    First Last
    8 uur geleden

    Everyone is fleeing Commiefornia

  25. divya
    8 uur geleden

    Watching the first 8 mins on the video and my motion sickness is already making me nauseous

  26. Flu_andtheBlues
    9 uur geleden


  27. Meribel Pormeister
    Meribel Pormeister
    10 uur geleden

    plz to another video

  28. •Kate•
    11 uur geleden

    Damn, I live in south carolina! We are "neighbors"

  29. Anupam Thaman
    Anupam Thaman
    11 uur geleden

    You should mix all your nail paints together

  30. Sugar Silverstar
    Sugar Silverstar
    12 uur geleden

    So interesting seeing all these places i have heard of in movies ( I am in New Zealand) just love Crusty and he's so lucky to have found you two.

  31. Liisa-Lotta Ellonen
    Liisa-Lotta Ellonen
    13 uur geleden


  32. Sally Ramahi
    Sally Ramahi
    13 uur geleden

    Hi I know you wont read this but I will write it down anyways: can you do a video trying products from AliExpress? By the way, I am a huge fan of your videos stay safe everyone ❤

  33. Velvet Raincloud
    Velvet Raincloud
    13 uur geleden

    at 20:36 is my college’s museum 🥰

  34. gonzaga2456
    14 uur geleden

    Now that Safiya and Tyler have moved to a new area I can’t wait for the next decade or weird/ugly clothing item week videos just to see them assault some new eyes with their majesty.

  35. mariam abdi
    mariam abdi
    14 uur geleden

    I think they are having a baby....spidey senses..

  36. jessicazavala1117
    15 uur geleden

    You're close to rob and corrine

  37. Kendall Vineyard
    Kendall Vineyard
    15 uur geleden

    i’m from TN (about midway between Memphis and Nashville) and it’s so weird to see youtubers in my home state. 😅

  38. Aeryn22
    15 uur geleden

    If you want to visit a taste of Colonial America a little closer to home, check out New Bern, NC.. It's only about 2 hours east of Raleigh, it was the Colonial capital of North Carolina and you could tour the Governor's Mansion Tryon Palace and it's gardens. I live in Raleigh, but I'm from New Bern.

  39. Sierra Galloway
    Sierra Galloway
    16 uur geleden

    On their way to Knoxville, the moon looks like a skull. Was I the only one who saw that?

  40. 19lashby
    16 uur geleden

    If u do an 18th century clothing reach out to Abby Cox 👌🏼

  41. Prina Patel
    Prina Patel
    16 uur geleden


  42. Liam Lowenthal
    Liam Lowenthal
    16 uur geleden

    Your kitty is so good. Ours would be trying to jump out the window. D:

  43. Pepper Spikes
    Pepper Spikes
    17 uur geleden

    reading safiya's blog post made me so sad. i don't think she sounds pretentious at all; in fact i think she's pretty humble. her vocabulary and diction definitely show that she's intelligent though, and god forbid a female youtuber speak intelligently right? 🙄 i also love that she enunciates well. i can't believe people have had the nerve to criticize her and were so incredibly hateful (i mean i know the internet is full of hate and the world is full of jaded and/or insecure people in addition to the love and the kind-hearted people but still). like you try filming yourself and producing videos and drawing in millions of subscribers. if you have problems with her content, go out and make your own in the way you want. christ. i know this comment will not reach those kinds of people or really do anything but i just wanted to express my disgust at the hateful comments (with a slight implication of my disgust at the often subtle, yet pervasive and arguably intensifying anti-intellectual movement in pop culture) and to say that i have nothing but respect for safiya. also wow, crusty is (approximately) as old as i am

  44. Ethel
    17 uur geleden

    I'm from Knoxville! You all should've stopped in Gatlinburg!

  45. Kayla Morton
    Kayla Morton
    18 uur geleden

    It was so cool to see y’all go through Oklahoma. My boyfriend and I joke that the “monument” in OKC is the state bird, the mosquito. His family lives in the city, we see it every time we go. He was watching with me and told me that most of the gas stations we have around here aren’t in different states. I’ve only been as far as Kansas, as an adult. Ask my Momma and she’ll say I’ve been everywhere, that I was too young to remember. He’s been all over cause he traveled for work for five years. I’m just glad y’all made it through here safe. The weather was definitely crazy around that time of the year. We made a trip to OKC after the ice and we were fine until we got into the city. Truck slid a few times but made it in and out safely enough.

  46. Crow Crittenden
    Crow Crittenden
    18 uur geleden

    aye doods dont detox theres no point because your body already detoxes its self its call pee pee and poo poo (yeah thats right i heart you talking about piles of lettuce and detoxing im watching youuuuu) alsooo WHOOP WHOOP IM NEAR OKLAHOMA CITY and we had a shitty ice storm and the city took forever to pick up the limbs also the light up thing is called the scissortail bridge i see it quite often also YOU NEED TO SEE THE MYRIAD GARDENS SOMETIME its in oklahoma city so get your asses back here

  47. The Reflective Collective
    The Reflective Collective
    20 uur geleden

    Hey there from an Oklahoma native. The large structure you passed in okc was supposed to be a statue of our state bird, the mosquito.

  48. Aine McNamara
    Aine McNamara
    20 uur geleden

    I also drove across country from Petaluma CA to NH

  49. Olivia DePrato
    Olivia DePrato
    20 uur geleden

    i cant even begin to describe to the sound i made when you said you’re moving to pa. literally so excited

  50. anonymous person
    anonymous person
    21 uur geleden

    Is it just me who felt like I was watching a crusty thirst trap, like 30% of the vidio...?

  51. Pam Perez
    Pam Perez
    21 uur geleden

    Oh my I did NOT realize Crusty was that old wow exceeded average life expectancy for cats good on him and on u guys for taking such good care of him!

  52. FNAF_RAT
    22 uur geleden

    I live in philly

  53. Arianna Young
    Arianna Young
    22 uur geleden


  54. Ridge Walker
    Ridge Walker
    22 uur geleden

    You could have stopped at my house in the Valley in Virginia just a bit north of Roanoke. You even showed the sign for my exit!

  55. beetlefruitjuice
    22 uur geleden

    New Mexico!!! Yess!!!

  56. Michelle Mercil
    Michelle Mercil
    22 uur geleden

    My cat makes the most unholy sound when she has to be in the car. I’m amazed how good Crusty was!

  57. Milena C.
    Milena C.
    22 uur geleden

    That was awesome! I absolutely adore learning about other countries. Good luck on your new city!

  58. Lila Becker
    Lila Becker
    23 uur geleden

    Who is going to tell them that they did not drive through "western PA". I am from the area near Harrisburg/Lancaster and that is just not West.

  59. Delilah Delilah
    Delilah Delilah
    Dag geleden

    i love how she annunciates words so good

  60. nocturnal dream
    nocturnal dream
    Dag geleden

    Minivans are apparently dope now.

  61. Signe Marie Skytte Jensen
    Signe Marie Skytte Jensen
    Dag geleden

    As a person from Denmark Mrs Nygaard.. Can you please visit Danmark! 🤩 Just let me know! I'll have fried pork belly, potatos and parsley sauce ready for you guys.. And Carlsberg.. 🤪

  62. Marissa Cole
    Marissa Cole
    Dag geleden

    Yayyyyy I’m from Raleigh! Check out Purr Cup Cat Cafe, they’re great. :)

  63. Annabelle Ruth
    Annabelle Ruth
    Dag geleden

    every time we go to mephis we go bowling in the bass pro shops pyramid it is so cool in there

  64. sappho's friend
    sappho's friend
    Dag geleden

    they drove through my state and idk why but that gave me an unhealthy amount of serotonin

  65. Lily's World
    Lily's World
    Dag geleden

    Plz house tore

  66. Autumn and Anna X
    Autumn and Anna X
    Dag geleden

    15:33 Safiya looks 16 : 0

  67. Alix Rutter
    Alix Rutter
    Dag geleden

    I live in Pennsylvania! on the complete other side of the state but I live here

  68. Roberta Fisher
    Roberta Fisher
    Dag geleden

    Crusty is the most chilled out cat ever! Stroke him from me. Welcome to your new home, guys. Love and hugs xxxx

  69. mark solano
    mark solano
    Dag geleden

    How did you not go to Buc-ees! It's a Texas staple.

  70. Madison Kennedy
    Madison Kennedy
    Dag geleden

    i think you guys would have a lot of fun in harpers ferry, west virginia !

  71. mark solano
    mark solano
    Dag geleden

    The Panhandle, also known as Texas's little top hat 🤣🤣🤣

  72. Makenna Schuhlein
    Makenna Schuhlein
    Dag geleden

    Hi Safiya, where is your shop? Ps I love your videos, and live streams

  73. Kara Lee
    Kara Lee
    Dag geleden

    the music and the fact that theyre filming a roadtrip makes this seem very CGP Grey.

  74. Cecilie Marie Halberg Schønwandt 4. kl
    Cecilie Marie Halberg Schønwandt 4. kl
    Dag geleden

    wait what you have a danish grandma did i hear that right and im so excited cause im danish 😮😮😮

  75. Caiti Cat
    Caiti Cat
    Dag geleden

    Seeing signs for my city is weird 😅

  76. shiru
    Dag geleden

    The cloud at 7:35 looks like the map of Japan

  77. kailey moore
    kailey moore
    Dag geleden

    omg u live live 2 hours away from me!!!!!

  78. LOOΠΔ/Kay
    Dag geleden

    wait now i want Roadtrip videos edited like this,,, i think I've found a new type of content i really like,, does anyone have any recommendations similar to this video (also in the way it was edited and not just uncut long ass drives lol)

  79. Tanvi Shah
    Tanvi Shah
    Dag geleden

    the way i was like, "she better say wiwi at wawa" YOU DON'T DISAPPOINT

  80. Hasan Zawar
    Hasan Zawar
    Dag geleden

    MA they are soo creative and soo good Stay happy you guys

  81. _hxlii
    Dag geleden

    I want a relationship like them 😭✋🏼😔

    Dag geleden

    I live in maryland but i go to Virginia Some time but there is a build a bear some were there

  83. Alice G
    Alice G
    Dag geleden

    Yay Raleigh!!

  84. Simone
    Dag geleden


  85. Caroline Vogel
    Caroline Vogel
    Dag geleden

    Crusty is baby

  86. ZakAshChan
    Dag geleden

    So, did you have to repack everything into the moving van again?

  87. Marina Henriksen
    Marina Henriksen
    Dag geleden

    Did you guys have a litterbox in the back or something? How did crusty go to the bathroom? 🙈

  88. Marina Henriksen
    Marina Henriksen
    Dag geleden

    You're so lucky crusty is OK with driving ❤ my old cat got so scared he started screaming, shaking and peed himself :( the journey was only 30 minutes and completely necessary..

  89. Alan Chenery
    Alan Chenery
    Dag geleden

    Why havent u been posting on yt 😡😡😡😕😕😕😭😭😭

  90. Bethany Patrick
    Bethany Patrick
    Dag geleden

    So glad to see you again! I'm happy to watch you talking as fast or slow as you want :) Don't listen to the haters and don't put to much pressure on yourself. I will be here whenever your next video comes out! I hope you find more happiness in your new home!

  91. Shannon Stauffer
    Shannon Stauffer
    Dag geleden

    Loved this post. My husband and I did a small road trip about a month after you which included a stop at the Grand Canyon as well. Love that you drive for your cat. I can’t believe he was so calm! My cat lived to the age of 18 and actually passed on New Years day in 2018 and hated rides in the car. Anyways, fun video!

  92. Roderick Nguyen
    Roderick Nguyen
    Dag geleden

    i feel the mean girls reference at 2:30 got ignored lmao did anyone notice? XD

  93. CPB1
    Dag geleden

    Two things, first I enjoy your channel.and second, the following is MY opinion only and not meant to be anything other than just free advice. I enjoy your personality and enounciation during the "live" portions much more than the narrative portion, with your conversational style being100% better than your narrative. .As a former Motivational and Instructional Speaker with a Fortune 500 Co. I told my students to always allow their personalities to come through when speaking. The two of you have such enjoyable and fun personalities , let them shine through, especially during your voice overs. Again just my opinion. Congratulations on your move. I hope all works out for you.

  94. Patricia Nicole
    Patricia Nicole
    Dag geleden

    I love how Safiya enunciates "alright" in italic

  95. Sirine Soussi
    Sirine Soussi
    Dag geleden

    Love watching your videos safiya & Tyler

  96. RagingRaven88
    Dag geleden

    Them: Going to a self service gas station. Me: New Jersey sweats

  97. RagingRaven88
    Dag geleden

    Bruh, are you telling me you are in the same state as Corinne and Rob aka Threadbanger

  98. Montana Sadler
    Montana Sadler
    Dag geleden

    I laughed too hard at "this vet must be really far away"

  99. Briana Morgan
    Briana Morgan
    Dag geleden

    i use to work near there in little rock

  100. Cristina Torres
    Cristina Torres
    Dag geleden

    Omggggg!!! 30 min away from yalll omg