Why Don't F1 Cars Have Closed Cockpits?

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Formula 1 cars have changed many times over the years... but why has a closed cockpit never been introduced?
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  1. froot mates
    froot mates
    15 uur geleden

    Uhm yeah with the canopy they’d be turbo broiled in the malaysian or singapore grand prix

  2. Wolfdog
    21 uur geleden

    I wouldn't mind a fighter jet style canopy I think I looks nicer then the areo screen

  3. bkdguitarist
    23 uur geleden

    The IndyCar screen can be removed in 15 MINUTES to recover a driver? Well, good thing I don’t have to endure my burning car for more than 15 minutes. That would be bad.

  4. Ellise Warner
    Ellise Warner
    Dag geleden

    Having an enclosed cockpit could have killed grojean last season actually

  5. Bapak Hijau
    Bapak Hijau
    Dag geleden

    Might consider putting “c ram” on the car, and shooting down the debris or other car ?

  6. Nathan Alex Jones
    Nathan Alex Jones
    Dag geleden

    Im fine with a closed cockpit but the glare from those screen just ruin the overall dumb I prefer the fighter jet style between the 2 though

  7. 2 CPS Noob
    2 CPS Noob
    Dag geleden


  8. Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown
    Dag geleden

    Cause we like the look of motorcyclists in a race car

  9. Gergő Tobler
    Gergő Tobler
    2 dagen geleden

    Grojean would have died in a closed cockpit.

  10. Jos Neira
    Jos Neira
    2 dagen geleden

    so that the driver can get out easily incase of an emergeny situation occuring...what if the closing mechanism gets stuck? .....btw not looked at video at all....it's a no brainer

  11. Mathew Gill
    Mathew Gill
    2 dagen geleden

    Surely the indycar solution isn't as safe as it would be harder to get out of the car or retrieve a driver if there was an accident

  12. Robert Plesa
    Robert Plesa
    2 dagen geleden

    I think next step will be, drivers sitting in the nice air-conditioned room, and remotely drive their cars.

  13. Non Scientist Tries Science
    Non Scientist Tries Science
    2 dagen geleden

    A f1 car without a halo looks naked and unsafe to me nowadays. See what the future holds that make todays f1 car looks unsafe and naked.

  14. da struggle
    da struggle
    2 dagen geleden

    Well, you still didn't answer the question. Why?

  15. Ryan Lucas
    Ryan Lucas
    2 dagen geleden

    Money that's why be too expensive

  16. Daniel
    2 dagen geleden

    If F1 did the full canopy or a version of the windscreen it would reduce the number of ways a driver could get out of the cockpit. I remember when Grosjean was talking about his accident, he tried getting out thru multiple holes in the halo. If he didn't have those options, his story could have ended differently. I hope F1 takes that into account.

  17. Prussian Blue
    Prussian Blue
    3 dagen geleden

    I’m still surprised that F1 drivers aren’t clothed in bubble wrap! People forget that, when it was exciting, motorsport was a professional blood sport. The only motor racing left (worthy of kudos) is still endurance I.e. Le Mans

  18. Chs Yank
    Chs Yank
    3 dagen geleden

    A full shielded cockpit makes sense. From the spectator's POV it doesn't really matter. When I first started watching F1 you could see the driver, then only the head, then just the top of the head and now not much. Safety over style.

  19. mittaa brd
    mittaa brd
    3 dagen geleden

    They dont need te make it "to" safe

  20. Andrew Social
    Andrew Social
    3 dagen geleden


  21. Hamzan Wadi
    Hamzan Wadi
    3 dagen geleden

    Thats my questions when I was 8

  22. Jacob Misuda
    Jacob Misuda
    4 dagen geleden

    Really simple answer: because the open cockpit is what really defines an f1 car. Any person can recognize an f1 car simply by the open cockpit, its something thats been there since the sport was created.

  23. Biały Wilk
    Biały Wilk
    4 dagen geleden

    Today F1 is a joke. Before 2000's Formula 1 was actually the best sport series in the world.

  24. Riley Hudson
    Riley Hudson
    5 dagen geleden

    One of my Aunt's best friend was Justin Wilson, although I was never able to visit his house to ever meet him, my parents did and Justin gave me a hat, a shirt, and a signed copy of his model car. may he rest in peace

  25. cliff bird
    cliff bird
    5 dagen geleden

    think closed cockpits and the screens and halo will make it harder for drivers to get out in a hurry. IE if the car catches fire they need to get out fast. FIA has bought in a lot of new safety features over the years to protect drivers that actualy put drivers more at risk. so ended up banning them again. They banned pitstops cause pit crew were getting injured or killed by the cars drivers not wanting to wait for the all clear to pull out. That lasted a couple of seasons before they allowed pitstops again. Refueling was used rarely when it was legal. It was dangerous and took too long so most teams didnt bother to refuel they put enough fuel in the car to last the race. FIA decided to force teams to refuel by restricting the size of fuel tanks so no cars could finish the race unless they refueled. Then cause of fires refueling got banned again. FIA has a bad rep on safety features that cause more harm than good.

  26. Dude
    5 dagen geleden

    take the indy/red bull windshield and put slots in it. DONE! (structural integrity will be preserved via allmighty honeycomb design)

  27. Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming
    5 dagen geleden

    because it will make the car slower snd it takes to much weight

  28. Nick Villalobos
    Nick Villalobos
    5 dagen geleden

    Seriously?!?! Too hot?! F1 you guys may be super rich, but dang you guys are super stupid... Just copy IndyCar.

  29. Cuya
    5 dagen geleden

    Please... NO Closed Cockpits in F1. Integrated Halo does the trick. Partial Canopy/halo or Windscreen/halo at most but let drivers take naked saunas at a spa. INDYCAR will never be the same.

  30. Toumassatos
    5 dagen geleden

    The halo looks like a flip flop

  31. Rat-Zamak-Rod
    5 dagen geleden

    Why don't pilots just drive the cars remotely? There is no need to expose the pilot today. It can be done with RC-a simple safety measure.

  32. Straight Sandwich
    Straight Sandwich
    6 dagen geleden

    As long as nobody dies

  33. Marcus Firegone
    Marcus Firegone
    6 dagen geleden

    F1 is all about technology and innovation ... they just have not thought of a windshield yet :-)

  34. Ника Кукава
    Ника Кукава
    6 dagen geleden

    15 minutes to recover a driver. That sounds safe for sure

  35. LexDeCore
    6 dagen geleden

    Maybe I am the only one, but I like the desing of the halo. I think the shape of the actual F1 cars works pretty well with the halo desing.

  36. Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker
    6 dagen geleden

    Halo design doesn't protect small debris that flies at high speed

  37. Muhammad Rafi Aziz
    Muhammad Rafi Aziz
    6 dagen geleden

    those driver deserve full protection, they could've died in a second when hit by debris

  38. najm lion
    najm lion
    7 dagen geleden

    BECAUSE THE DRIVER NEEDS AIR FOR COOLING. I just saved your time. You're welcome.

  39. fabriforte
    7 dagen geleden

    maybe a grid..a titanium grid with holes leaving air passing through and much possibly visibility

  40. Sean Vedell
    Sean Vedell
    7 dagen geleden

    FYI, Indy Car didn’t invent the helmet hose cooling system. NASCAR has been using it for years so credit where credit is due.

  41. Fachuro
    7 dagen geleden

    I think with a closed cockpit design Grosjean probably wouldn't be alive today - he had to pull himself out of the car, and after that crash the closed cockpit would've obstructed him.

    1. Ellise Warner
      Ellise Warner
      Dag geleden

      Yeah exactly

  42. jules_ coopman
    jules_ coopman
    7 dagen geleden

    It would be more aero.

  43. Marjan Sarec
    Marjan Sarec
    7 dagen geleden

    F1 cars keep getting uglier, faster, less agile, less interesting, and safer. Nothing for a fan to see anymore.

  44. Cryil Abiteboul
    Cryil Abiteboul
    7 dagen geleden

    Well this didn't age well

  45. SuperYamaGucci
    7 dagen geleden

    Closed cockpit WILL happen, it’s just a matter of when.

  46. jmedias
    8 dagen geleden

    Grosjean wouldn't have been able to get out if his car had a wrap around wind screen like Indy

  47. James DellaNeve
    James DellaNeve
    8 dagen geleden

    Aerospace has the frozen chicken test for engines and canopies. Where they are shot out of a cannon. It’s not surprising that the aerospace canopy passed.

  48. Kairi A Faisal
    Kairi A Faisal
    8 dagen geleden

    Safety issue and temperature for driver.

  49. Zerg
    8 dagen geleden

    Why stop at the jet fighter roof? I say go full ejection seat... computer triggered based on sensors.

  50. RedWolf
    8 dagen geleden

    Ok as soon as people use emojis in their videos, the cringe makes me hate it.

  51. Demongornot
    8 dagen geleden

    What I don't understand is, since the idea really started because of a small debris (the spring), why did they take a design that can't stop small debris??? The Halo + canopy design is the best as it protect from both big and small objects, but the Halo alone is a disaster waiting to happen, literally the exposed pilot area is much bigger than the front area of the halo!

  52. Miggy Aviles
    Miggy Aviles
    9 dagen geleden

    Question thou...what would've happened to Grosjean? Would he not be able to escape or will the fire not be able to enter?

  53. Prado Home
    Prado Home
    9 dagen geleden

    We need safety for the sport it’s just stupid without the halo

  54. Michael
    9 dagen geleden

    „can withstand 15 tons of force“

  55. Jurriaan Ruitenberg
    Jurriaan Ruitenberg
    9 dagen geleden

    This video is from feb 2021 but does not mention grosjean's accident? How would that have been impacted? How likely would he have made it out with the added problem of a windshield in the way? Would it have helped maybe?

  56. Ginjabredman
    9 dagen geleden

    Didn't even watch the video but with common sense I would think safety, if the car was ever stuck and on fire. The glass would not be removable and he wouldn't be able to escape. Just look at the recent grosjean incident, if it was a closed cockpit he might be a lot more burned and fucked up. Also I'm sure maybe with technology it wouldn't be much of an issue but at speeds like that and vibration I can see the glass being an issue with vision. The glass won't stay clean always and with the sun and everything I would think it would cause visual problems. On top of that I doubt they would install A/C in those things and with a closed cockpit in the sun, some of the locations would scorch the drivers. Maybe everything I said can be fixed or isn't an issue but with no engineering knowledge and just common sense, it seems like it's not the best idea.

  57. Scythe
    10 dagen geleden

    One massive con with a closed cockpit would be F1 drivers unable to quickly release themselves from their seats when in a crash causing a fire in the car which could set the engine alight possibly blowing up the F1 car while the driver attempting to open up the cockpit.

  58. Shockwave Toy Reviews
    Shockwave Toy Reviews
    10 dagen geleden

    Because it’s disgusting

  59. DriedRhombus1
    10 dagen geleden

    I still think it looks stupid, why does there have to be a post in the middle? Why not 2 on either side?

  60. aizat27
    10 dagen geleden

    Need touchscreen with Spotify installed.

  61. Sharko Channel
    Sharko Channel
    10 dagen geleden

    1:22 clean etnies lo cuts those are rare to see!

  62. Lucas Olivieri
    Lucas Olivieri
    10 dagen geleden

    just put the damn halo in front of the screen and call it a fooking day

  63. LM01
    11 dagen geleden

    So basically before 2 deaths it was all about looks over safety

  64. DEVARA
    11 dagen geleden

    4:19 it looks so cool

  65. Jørgen Brenna
    Jørgen Brenna
    12 dagen geleden

    Tbh I think the halo is and looks great. It gives the car a more flowing look and it helps the safety massively. The cars would just look weird without them now I think

  66. Perhaps
    12 dagen geleden

    Star Trek has been using force-fields for their brigs for decades. If Gene Roddenberry used them in the 1960s, then what is the problem using them now?

  67. Lé Pee Krahn
    Lé Pee Krahn
    12 dagen geleden

    Not criticizing, but they're looking more and more like cars from Speed Racer

  68. Trueno AE86
    Trueno AE86
    12 dagen geleden

    The indy car thing seems so claustrophobic like it would be hard to get out of. High windscreen all around plus a tube attached to the helmet

  69. Cody 2504
    Cody 2504
    13 dagen geleden

    Also look how dirty the cars got in turkey 2020 it would be a nightmare to see out the cockpit and multiple stops would be made to clean the aero screen

  70. Rushil N
    Rushil N
    13 dagen geleden

    Air-conditioning isn't an option?

  71. The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.
    13 dagen geleden

    If Roman Grosjean had been under a canopy, he’d have been trapped inside.

  72. Alfonso Martinez
    Alfonso Martinez
    13 dagen geleden

    I honestly do not like the subtitles interweaved into the video and the sudden larger fonts. Sucks to watch

  73. Raj Modi
    Raj Modi
    14 dagen geleden


  74. William Cheng
    William Cheng
    14 dagen geleden

    Air con n a cup holder...

  75. Marco Bonera
    Marco Bonera
    14 dagen geleden

    Why not having two support structures at the sides to have a clean vision instead of one exactly at the middle?

  76. Miroslav Momcilovic
    Miroslav Momcilovic
    15 dagen geleden

    Imagine when groesjan had a crash if it was closed cockpit, would he survive?

    1. CharlieW
      15 dagen geleden

      No one knows

  77. favec Blop
    favec Blop
    16 dagen geleden

    If this would be the Design, grosjean would probably be dead

  78. XM291 ATAC
    XM291 ATAC
    16 dagen geleden

    Closed cockpit with an emergency seat 😂

  79. Anata
    16 dagen geleden

    tbh indy car design look sick

  80. Nick
    16 dagen geleden

    I hated the Halo at first. But now I would prefer that over a windscreen. Plus it actually looks good

  81. Gravelord Nito
    Gravelord Nito
    17 dagen geleden

    Just leave it open

    1. CharlieW
      15 dagen geleden

      Like how it is today or do you mean no halo?

  82. Achmad Wahyu Hidayat
    Achmad Wahyu Hidayat
    17 dagen geleden

    Yeah a closed cockpit with an AC sounds a good idea

  83. Armaan Uppal
    Armaan Uppal
    17 dagen geleden

    so this car doesn’t have a roof. but what about the ford f-150

  84. G J Hunt
    G J Hunt
    18 dagen geleden

    Do the marshals practice at getting a driver dead weight out of a car. When a car is on fire like Nicki Lauda how difficult if not impossible is it going to be.

  85. Ecthelion
    18 dagen geleden

    there is also the Le Mans Prototype cockpit car option

  86. Bekzat Sadykov
    Bekzat Sadykov
    18 dagen geleden

    Well, let's make it fully covered with titanium armor and use a camera connected to monitors in the helmet. Like VR lol.

  87. Captured By Smartphones
    Captured By Smartphones
    18 dagen geleden

    Imagine a closed cockpit in Grosjeans crash.

  88. Speedblack
    18 dagen geleden


  89. S Lohmann
    S Lohmann
    18 dagen geleden

    The canopy would have saved Ayrton Senna’s life in 1994. He was killed by debris that entered his helmet visor.

  90. Tanner W
    Tanner W
    19 dagen geleden

    Not sure about fully enclosed after watching grosjean climb out of a fireball. Halo seems to work

  91. FatMan
    20 dagen geleden

    Some Top Fuel dragsters run with a closed canopy.

    1. CharlieW
      15 dagen geleden

      @John Farrelly why would he do that?

    2. John Farrelly
      John Farrelly
      16 dagen geleden

      Change you name to "DumbMan"

  92. Riley Barker
    Riley Barker
    20 dagen geleden

    When you crash with your halo 😇

  93. Konstantinos Frizz
    Konstantinos Frizz
    20 dagen geleden

    Not sure how I'm feeling about a closed cockpit, however, it would look cool. If F1 could return to V8s and V10s that would be the best!!!

  94. thexitto
    20 dagen geleden

    Aero screens are very ugly.. but the fighter jet canopy it´s beautiful and much more useful than other solution.. they just got to solve the cooling part.

    1. CharlieW
      15 dagen geleden

      Copy Indy car for the cooling part

  95. Gecko0505
    20 dagen geleden

    I would say the Halo is the better option in terms of structural integrity. A screen with out suitable support around the rim will easily collapse at high impact.

  96. Retro Jasper
    Retro Jasper
    20 dagen geleden

    Anybody else know about the Thomas price crash? Well this design if it was made at the time would’ve made that much worse

  97. KiLLJoY
    20 dagen geleden

    One day they’re gonna have a driver hit by a spring through the Halo, and then they’ll stick on a screen.

    1. CharlieW
      15 dagen geleden

      Like how Felipe massa was hit by a spring and fractured his skull? I still don’t see an aero screen

  98. Guitar Player Factory Channel
    Guitar Player Factory Channel
    21 dag geleden

    Ejector seats would good be ok in event of crash too..

  99. Marcz Long
    Marcz Long
    21 dag geleden

    What would say Fangio about this? :)

  100. Javi Pipes
    Javi Pipes
    22 dagen geleden

    Only issue with the halo I have is that it runs directly in the line of sight. Understand it protects from full front impacts, but at The cost of reduced visibility that creates another safety issue. For all the NASCAR fans, there is a huge difference between a stock car mostly flat, standard car windshield and a fighter jet style bubble canopy. Visibility is a little different as is heat magnification. Also, no driver side window on a stock car.

    1. CharlieW
      15 dagen geleden

      I hope you know that f1 drivers don’t see the halo when driving, bottas said "I've done a race simulation already with the halo, and I have to say during the race I never noticed it anymore,"