Young M.A "Off the Yak" (Official Music Video)

95 355 Weergaven 10 mln.

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Track produced by NY Bangers.
Video ShotByCisco.
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  1. Uur geleden


  2. Miguel Cordeiro
    Miguel Cordeiro
    Uur geleden

    She look like a damn yak....

  3. Fiona Yazzie
    Fiona Yazzie
    5 uur geleden

    Smoke 💯💯💯💯

  4. Reggie Townsend
    Reggie Townsend
    5 uur geleden

    Whole new flow and still can’t have a bad song 😭🤦‍♂️

  5. Delmond Iceman
    Delmond Iceman
    6 uur geleden


  6. Delmond Iceman
    Delmond Iceman
    6 uur geleden

    I needed another Young Ma track,🤯🤬🦾🖕👮🔥

  7. it'syoboy Jay
    it'syoboy Jay
    8 uur geleden

    Im off the yak 🚨💰🇺🇸 #Brooklyn wassup

  8. Elisha Dawn
    Elisha Dawn
    12 uur geleden

    Cheers from Toronto 🍷

  9. Yung Prince Of Drill YBZ
    Yung Prince Of Drill YBZ
    16 uur geleden

    You cant Capp she is dope on drill 🤟🔥🔥🔥💫💫

  10. Z33 Nismo
    Z33 Nismo
    18 uur geleden


  11. Z33 Nismo
    Z33 Nismo
    18 uur geleden

    Shit fire I'll be that guy to drill

  12. Rigo Moscoso
    Rigo Moscoso
    19 uur geleden


  13. Beast Mode
    Beast Mode
    20 uur geleden

    The number of times have heard this song is more than the number of times I've heard my own name 🔥

  14. maxi inch
    maxi inch
    Dag geleden

    no comments she good

  15. Jen's Account
    Jen's Account
    Dag geleden

    Most definitely on the top of all female rappers and really is by far one of the best rappers,period!

  16. Chris-gaming
    Dag geleden

    Damn she ight💯

  17. Aislynn Lauts-Henson
    Aislynn Lauts-Henson
    Dag geleden

    I didn't know female rappers are so good this my first song from her

  18. kotton m0uth710
    kotton m0uth710
    Dag geleden

    For real I have a question when she say black only act off a pill does she mean kodak black or 6lack? serious question tho anyone have a idea?

  19. kowuo junior
    kowuo junior
    Dag geleden

    This if fire Maaahn🔥🔥

  20. Raymel Leonardo
    Raymel Leonardo
    Dag geleden

    It about to be summer time but if ma keep these bars its gonna be a chilly summer in ny i cant even lie ma the best rapper in ny period right now and i dont even support lgbt community smh to cold

  21. CocoaGhepetto Ghe
    CocoaGhepetto Ghe
    Dag geleden


  22. Jay B
    Jay B
    Dag geleden

    "DIS IZ T.DOT!"

  23. Jay B
    Jay B
    Dag geleden


  24. crispinosan9exanalfabetagammacristo cristo
    crispinosan9exanalfabetagammacristo cristo
    Dag geleden

    Im paranoid when not have my gun when nothave wine

  25. lovely 11
    lovely 11
    Dag geleden

    COLD 🥶

  26. Felix Appiah
    Felix Appiah
    Dag geleden


  27. Vondale Wright
    Vondale Wright
    Dag geleden

    Ima leaRn spanish along wit my awkward gangsta n get it

  28. Lovely Virgo Empress
    Lovely Virgo Empress
    2 dagen geleden

    I'm in love 😘 rap ain't dead 💯💪🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏽

  29. Stay Lit
    Stay Lit
    2 dagen geleden

    Turnt on blood 🩸

  30. John Vergel
    John Vergel
    2 dagen geleden

    Shit in new your how u r r we caca no fear .....

  31. Kabdo Eskabel
    Kabdo Eskabel
    2 dagen geleden


  32. Ikie SoIkie
    Ikie SoIkie
    2 dagen geleden

    Remy Ma was my favorite female rapper and then this happened 💪😍🏁🥇

  33. Megan Burrow
    Megan Burrow
    2 dagen geleden

    Much love from Utah and always hella heat emojis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💕💯💭

  34. Mxolisi Sithole
    Mxolisi Sithole
    2 dagen geleden

    Young MA ... you the queen for Real 👸

  35. Official Incorporating
    Official Incorporating
    2 dagen geleden

    💯 We still rockin the knocks

  36. wellington baynes
    wellington baynes
    2 dagen geleden

    these lyrics tuff

  37. Rickell London
    Rickell London
    2 dagen geleden

    This girl rap her ass off respectfully

  38. Ed G
    Ed G
    2 dagen geleden

    She good tho, but Griselda still on top on this rap game, best rappers in NY rn

  39. Владимир Сат
    Владимир Сат
    2 dagen geleden

    Просто бомба

  40. Mr. 2'Too TRUU
    Mr. 2'Too TRUU
    2 dagen geleden

    This go hard in the paint

  41. kay polk
    kay polk
    2 dagen geleden

    Each new song is my favorite till the next new one she pushs out lately 😂 Thanks M.A !!

  42. Junior Malcom
    Junior Malcom
    2 dagen geleden


  43. Lani Tv
    Lani Tv
    2 dagen geleden

    nah son she the princess of rap right behind nicki firee

  44. ZeroChill 215
    ZeroChill 215
    2 dagen geleden

    BRUH... SHE MADE ME EVALUATE MY LIFE🤦🏾‍♂️😩😩🔥🔥🔥😖😂😂😂😂

  45. Alvin Harmon
    Alvin Harmon
    2 dagen geleden

    Young ma, go hard on this beat,fire 🔥 😍 🙌 , God bless you 🙏 queen of NYC. Facts....

  46. Lil VRTUR
    Lil VRTUR
    3 dagen geleden


  47. Zaire Acquaah
    Zaire Acquaah
    3 dagen geleden


  48. Gatito Zzz
    Gatito Zzz
    3 dagen geleden

    Que onda mi bro sabes español

  49. Gvo-lyrics
    3 dagen geleden

    Is this a dude or gorl

  50. music Lovaa
    music Lovaa
    3 dagen geleden

    Damn she hard

  51. Julius Fotachwi
    Julius Fotachwi
    4 dagen geleden

    Does anyone els here king von flow

  52. J
    4 dagen geleden

    "they all distractions" no cap

  53. Jasmine page
    Jasmine page
    4 dagen geleden


  54. Marguerita Hunter
    Marguerita Hunter
    4 dagen geleden

    Can't believe this is a "real life" for kids. Man vs Environment.

  55. Barbara Lora
    Barbara Lora
    4 dagen geleden

    A true, top female rapper. 💯

  56. Thee Smokahs Section
    Thee Smokahs Section
    4 dagen geleden

    Her movie just keeps gettin better and better! SALUTE!!

  57. Catcher Freeman
    Catcher Freeman
    4 dagen geleden

    Woow I'm not gna lie that was hard as f

  58. Dionte Kendrick
    Dionte Kendrick
    4 dagen geleden

    She’s an icon

  59. Dionte Kendrick
    Dionte Kendrick
    4 dagen geleden

    😎👌🏾💪🏾🥰❤️💯💯 love her gonna be playing this ten years from now

  60. Gray Tiggerson
    Gray Tiggerson
    4 dagen geleden

    Love this.

  61. Ronda Jones
    Ronda Jones
    4 dagen geleden

    Thus my shit hands down

  62. Dila Dila
    Dila Dila
    4 dagen geleden


  63. Danielle Foster
    Danielle Foster
    4 dagen geleden

    and STILL bumping this!!!

  64. Pelatiah Williams
    Pelatiah Williams
    4 dagen geleden

    SIGN ME! INSTA: @pelatiah_

  65. Misty Tv
    Misty Tv
    4 dagen geleden

    Wow I never knew she female 🤦

  66. Joshua B Østervold
    Joshua B Østervold
    4 dagen geleden

    give a drill shit at this song

  67. Moustapha Diallo
    Moustapha Diallo
    4 dagen geleden

    Red life for brooklin

  68. Kemia Jordan
    Kemia Jordan
    4 dagen geleden


  69. soo me
    soo me
    4 dagen geleden


  70. Jaiyaire Walker Blue
    Jaiyaire Walker Blue
    4 dagen geleden

    he look like king von

  71. BadCompany
    5 dagen geleden

    Même en France ca tourne à fond dans la tir.

  72. Psalm West
    Psalm West
    5 dagen geleden

    1:00 she just diss Kodak??

  73. Brett Truax
    Brett Truax
    5 dagen geleden

    Didn’t even know this was a female no cap hard asf

  74. Bianca-lee Govender
    Bianca-lee Govender
    5 dagen geleden

    does she ever miss?? no. respectfully.

  75. Yasmine Campbell
    Yasmine Campbell
    5 dagen geleden

    Music is my coping ground I love listening

  76. Keema Terrell
    Keema Terrell
    5 dagen geleden

    Who rocking with her since she made her Chi-Raq freestyle ? 🥺💙 I'm so proud of her. She keeps prospering

  77. Jahdale Entertainment
    Jahdale Entertainment
    5 dagen geleden


  78. 붐바스틱하린
    5 dagen geleden

    ㅅ발... 존나 까리하다 영엠에이.... 몸에 소름이 쫙 끼치네....하...

  79. Pete Nembhard
    Pete Nembhard
    5 dagen geleden

    Love di song lyrics up bad Nice video

  80. Daniel Nsiah
    Daniel Nsiah
    5 dagen geleden

    I love young MA

  81. Dennis licquey
    Dennis licquey
    5 dagen geleden

    YOung MA is always something..🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  82. C K
    C K
    5 dagen geleden

    She's not just the best female rapper she's one of the best rappers

  83. Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo
    5 dagen geleden

    [Verse 1] I'm off the 'yac, got a lot on my mind (Got a lot on my mind) Time is money and if you don't get it, you wastin' my time (Wastin' my time) After I fuck, she tryna cuff, bitch, you out of line (Get out of here) Blowin' my phone up, callin' me cryin', get off my line (Get outta here) 'Cause I am a demon, long as I'm breathin' Don't want your heart, you can keep it (Keep that) Bitches'll tell you they love you, they schemin', cappin', don't even mean it (They don't even mean it) But I don't believe it, all of them treeshes, that's why I just fuck it and leave 'em (Uh-huh) I just stay loyal to money and music and all of the guys that I be with (The gang) But back to the real, just bought me a 'Vette and still ain't signed to a deal (Skrrt) Niggas be signed and broke, damn, can't even get out of your deal (Stupid) I'm paranoid, one hand on my gun, the other hand on the wheel (I got it) Don't like how he movin', tell him to chill, my hitta ready to kill (He poppin') So stop all that tough shit, black, you only act off a pill (You only act) When I hit the bros up, niggas is sober, ready to drill (Grr) No, I don't have to, but if I have to, fuck it, I will (I will) And all of them niggas, you see me with then (Uh-huh), you see me with still (You see me with still) [Bridge] The queen of my city (Huh?) I am a big deal (Brooklyn) It's RedLyfe for life But I fuck with the 'Rips still (Huh?) Glock on my hip still (Okay) But when it come to this rap shit I let my pen spill (Mhm) They know I been ill (Mhm) Verse 2] Hop in the V's, pockets on G's, I'm still good in the P's (I'm still good) Run up a dice game, who got the bank? I'm bettin' twenty the least (Let me bet it) Told her to slide, her hand on my thigh, she feel the brick in my jeans (Ooh) Tell her uh-uh, mama, don't try, I got the stick in my jeans (No, no) Somebody BM hittin' my DM, I had to leave her on seen (I had to leave her) And she not a regular bitch, but that don't mean nothin' to me (That don't mean nothin') But if you talkin' 'bout money, then fuck it, 'cause that mean somethin' to me (Uh-huh, uh) You gotta get to the bag fuckin' with me, fuck do you mean? (Fuck do you mean?) Hop on a plane, out with the gang, we in Atlanta, slide (Skrrt, skrrt) I hit up one of my hoes when I land, tell her to meet me at Hide (Come meet me) Foreign cars, big black trucks, we got them hammers inside (Grr) And all of my niggas on timin' (Grr) Pussy, just know that we got it (Grr) Them niggas was tryin' to rob me My shooter, he cocked it and popped it (Grr, baow) Niggas don't know my body (Grrr, baow) Who you thought you was linin'? (Yo) My guys leave you unconscious, dummy That's not a threat, that's a promise (That's not a threat) You see M.A in that foreign (Uh-huh) Just know it's some niggas behind it (Uh-huh) And it's some hitters beside it (Uh-huh) And it's some hitters in front (Uh-huh) And they poled up, clip on donut Big drum, ready to dump (Grr, grr, grr) I swear this not what you want Ten rounds, man down, fuck it, it's up (It's up) I ain't even see what happened (I ain't even see) I'm just sippin' my cup (I don't even know) Y'all be beggin' these hoes, whenever I see 'em, they ready to fuck (They be ready) You can ask Marc if I'm cappin' (Facts) I told that nigga it's magic (Facts) Bringin' them racks in, I'm about action, ain't no chillin', relaxin' (None of that) I've been restless, other investments, but I'm still killin' this rap shit Three things I hate, a liar, bills, and payin' my taxes (I hate that shit) No time to play, can't cuff no chick, they all distractions (I hate that shit) Never goin' broke or backwards, If I did it, I did what I had to (I did it) I just got back in my bag too (Uh-huh) Just put a half a mil' in my stash too (Let's get it)

  84. Lady Blessed
    Lady Blessed
    5 dagen geleden

    Phone drop

  85. Paulo Vilela
    Paulo Vilela
    5 dagen geleden

    Miguel Campos a 👑 girl i.M yor brother an 💪🏽💪🏻💪🇵🇹

  86. JaccBoyyyP
    5 dagen geleden

    Hop in the V’s Pockets on G’z I’m still good in the P’s 💪🏽

  87. Jessi Kamau
    Jessi Kamau
    5 dagen geleden


  88. DuJ84wo2dTU Bee
    DuJ84wo2dTU Bee
    6 dagen geleden

    Shes allergic to Bad Music

  89. Jessi Kamau
    Jessi Kamau
    6 dagen geleden

    Space Station Dat not your normal bus station

  90. Jessi Kamau
    Jessi Kamau
    6 dagen geleden


  91. Nathen
    6 dagen geleden

    She looks like amp fanum

  92. KrisTheGoat 30
    KrisTheGoat 30
    6 dagen geleden

    Hope she writes her own lyrics tho

  93. KrisTheGoat 30
    KrisTheGoat 30
    6 dagen geleden

    She better than some of these male artist🥶

    6 dagen geleden

    Red life for life but i fuck with the rich still

  95. Biggie Black
    Biggie Black
    6 dagen geleden

    She responded to Kodak, know it went over yo heads 😄🙄

  96. UnkleRonnie
    6 dagen geleden

    “After I f**k she tryna cuff” Truer words have never been spoken

  97. abdoul coulibaly
    abdoul coulibaly
    6 dagen geleden

    from philly but i can tell my new york niggas that MA more gangsta den 69 lol

  98. Ceii & Aria
    Ceii & Aria
    6 dagen geleden

    Instead of shaking that @$$...M.A shaking rappers @$$ off liiiit

  99. yfz
    6 dagen geleden

    am here to let M.A know she got plenty of fans in North Africa. straight heat.

  100. Pranks& Grins
    Pranks& Grins
    6 dagen geleden

    No single bad song...none whatsoever