Economics Explained

Economics Explained

Here we take a look at interesting countries, policies and decisions from the point of view of an economist. The world in an interesting place and we hope to uncover some of this intrigue in short informative videos that we hope will entertain you while you learn at the same time.


  1. Saint Arj
    Saint Arj
    16 minuten geleden

    These comments are so creative 😂

  2. Aniket Dhumal
    Aniket Dhumal
    20 minuten geleden

    14:12 is that the evergreen which was stuck in Suez?

  3. Anita Whole
    Anita Whole
    Uur geleden

    Prime example of only needing China's support to survive.

  4. Fe Mu
    Fe Mu
    2 uur geleden

    How could printing money not be free if you can just use the money you printed to pay for printing more money?

  5. Tom Lee
    Tom Lee
    2 uur geleden

    Human labor is going down in value. Why aren't my wages increasing with the prices of goods and services?

  6. Enem Disk
    Enem Disk
    2 uur geleden

    So that's why so many rich people in Europe don't seem to work really whereas in the US they all run companies and are super busy all the time...old money i guess...interesting

  7. ArdentLion
    2 uur geleden

    My grandfather, Friedrich Von Sternberg, was from Argentina. Strangely, didn't know any Spanish.

  8. Despair gaming
    Despair gaming
    3 uur geleden

    Most countries have usd in their vaults, so the whole world will be hit hard.

    1. Despair gaming
      Despair gaming
      3 uur geleden

      Buy low, sell high. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. John Karounis
    John Karounis
    3 uur geleden

    I've been in Monter Carlo twice, and there are a lot of guys who are faking Ferraris and going to the casino. The real rich guys do not do any of that. Trust me 😂

  10. Apajai !
    Apajai !
    3 uur geleden

    I am from the future. Ask me how many shares of AMC I was holding from from earth at that time, because I’ll be on the moon. Have a great day my peoples

  11. OmegaMuffinPlays
    4 uur geleden

    well you see. there is a vacine here. many people have been vacinated. the stimulus checks are tiny in comparison to the last tax season. so the 4 trillion of stimulus checks is nothing compared to the economies size.

  12. Instagram Tool for Business
    Instagram Tool for Business
    4 uur geleden

    Automate Like and UnLike for Instagram and many more features. This app only costs $3.

  13. NoUploadsEver
    4 uur geleden

    32,000 not half a million.

  14. toads
    4 uur geleden

    The Silicon valley is the land of Ponzi schemes

  15. Black Dad
    Black Dad
    5 uur geleden

    I've been depositing money into a casino for years and years now. Only hard part is actually withdrawing that money back out.

  16. Black Dad
    Black Dad
    5 uur geleden

    Like Jeremy Clarkson said, UK has some of the greatest inventors. It's always raining and crappy weather so they stay indoors and brainstorm ideas.

  17. TheTruffleShuffle
    5 uur geleden

    oh i thought this was a video about r34 xd

  18. ChunChun
    5 uur geleden

    This is part of the reason why real estate prices skyrocketed like runaway train in the last decade.

  19. LetsJamFunk
    5 uur geleden

    0:15 "after a recent divorce, Bill Gates seems to be out ahead" That aged well

  20. Rod Ray
    Rod Ray
    6 uur geleden

    The "pandemic" had no effect on the economy. The lockdowns destroyed it.

  21. Karen Blue
    Karen Blue
    6 uur geleden

    IS USA colony... ALL USA and UK company hires Australia people more than China ....

  22. Amanatullah Khan
    Amanatullah Khan
    6 uur geleden

    Great video and congrats on the million!

  23. another weasley
    another weasley
    6 uur geleden

    global government, global currency, global totalitarian regime. accept it. it is inevitable.

  24. Hilawe S
    Hilawe S
    6 uur geleden

    CPI is manipulated AF

  25. UniGaming
    7 uur geleden

    We don't spend 54% of it's budget... it spends 54% of it's discretionary spending. Mandatory is larger than discretionary. So it's only 20-25% of federal spending, and 11-12% of total government spending.

  26. Edward Whiting
    Edward Whiting
    7 uur geleden

    Singapore is heavily air-conditioned, which may be a factor in enabling its prosperity.

  27. ryann ryder
    ryann ryder
    7 uur geleden

    Is usa headed in this direction?

  28. Raptor302
    7 uur geleden

    Is it because they provided everyone with booze during the pandemic? That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  29. Black Dad
    Black Dad
    7 uur geleden

    Sounds like the Rothchild.

  30. randbasic
    7 uur geleden

    That’s why it is imperative that corporations and the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes. Trickling down never worked before. Tax corporations fairly and stop giving them “discounts”.

  31. Avik Saha
    Avik Saha
    7 uur geleden

    With huge export, massive govt debt expenditure, How is china controlling it's inflation ?

  32. Ankit Binjola
    Ankit Binjola
    7 uur geleden

    2nd time watching still unable to understand complete 🙄 Like can someone write it's summary?🙏❤️

  33. Jordan Broly GS
    Jordan Broly GS
    7 uur geleden

    I'm under the impression multiple countries are doing this, and at this point it's all on the world leaders to pretty much "waive away" any of the usual downsides to printing money. If anything, seems like we'll be fine as long as the big wig economists and the 'bad' hyper wealthy keep quiet. Of course, that's just the observations of one trying to figure out this stock market thing to say the least.... everyones been talking total world collapse for over half a year yet the chaos all the economists and scared investors were swearing is upon us.... still seems to be a non factor.

  34. Tuong Pham
    Tuong Pham
    7 uur geleden

    If your penny costs less than a plastic penny, it's time you get a new penny.

  35. Hayden Maines
    Hayden Maines
    8 uur geleden

    A problem with the Red and Blue communities is that when the citizen goes to leave the Blue community could say there's a 1 million dollar fee to open and close our gate, and any attempt to climb over it will be damage to our property. This is what happened in many medieval English prisons, where prisoners had to pay a fee to the turnkey in order to open the prison door to leave. Many of those that were poor were unable to leave the prisons, even after they had served their time.

  36. Gilgabro
    8 uur geleden

    Hippidy hoppedy this comment section is now libertarian property.

  37. jamoswag
    8 uur geleden

    Poor quality analysis that's reliant on inaccurate facts, assumptions and biases about China!

  38. Gilgabro
    8 uur geleden

    That's a very American Perspektive on debt. People in germany do for instance not buy tvs or cars on debt. I would never dream about buying a depreciating asset with debt.

  39. Griffith F.K.
    Griffith F.K.
    8 uur geleden

    "It's fair to say that SPY is less good than it was 16 months ago" ummmmmmm......... anyone checked out the SPY chart lately? Like over the last 16 months? Like including the cost of inflation? Anyone?

  40. thetoss3
    8 uur geleden

    i just buy my apartment in brasil... it cost insane money by my standarts, but im so damm happy, becouse this will be my castle... the best house u can buy is your home.

  41. Albert Tran
    Albert Tran
    8 uur geleden

    Maybe because those '' rich countries '' spent the last few hundred years exploiting and pillaging those poor nations

  42. KN Park
    KN Park
    9 uur geleden

    It is May 2021. EVE is on war and Delve is on fire. All war participants have gone into debt and are issuing war bonds with fixed coupon rates to fund their fleet. Raw materials prices for ships are rising as fast as SPY on quantitative easing. Political instability has made the economic output of the Imperium a shadow of itself. There is no escaping from reality in this game.

  43. John Smith
    John Smith
    9 uur geleden

    World: Has a war. Germany: Guess we're changing again.

  44. Famicom Nintendo
    Famicom Nintendo
    9 uur geleden

    JR would be so proud!

  45. Reid Elson
    Reid Elson
    9 uur geleden

    Basically the economies from the start of life to the end of life with made up -isms: Single cell producerism Multi cell producerism Predatorism Complex organismism Oceanism Precambrianism Landism Cambrianism Environmentism Permianism Triassicism Jurassicism Cretaceousism Paleoceneism Ecosystemism Paleolithicism Nomadism Tribalism Hunter gathererism Neolithicism Agriculturalism Classism Feudalism Mercantilism Laissez faire capitalism Regulated capitalism Progressivism Syndicalism Democratic socialism National socialism Communism National communism Anarcho Communism

  46. Kevin Gosselin
    Kevin Gosselin
    10 uur geleden

    If you want the opportunity to be rich you go to USA, if you want to be happy you go to Norway

  47. E. jenima
    E. jenima
    10 uur geleden

    The Question i have is what is goning to heppen to those of us who do not have the training on tech. And can not adapt to it? what is going to happen to whole generations of adults myself inluded who were tught absolutly nothing by the schools sytem in 12 years? I do not have time to drop everything and learn how to manage in a world driven by teach. i am trying to learn how to survive. So I ask what is to happen to us?

  48. Tiny Giraffes
    Tiny Giraffes
    10 uur geleden


  49. Different Handyman
    Different Handyman
    10 uur geleden

    Shallow and mindless repetition of well known propaganda cliches. Zero analysis, zero thought, zero originality. A big and well deserved dislike.

  50. Jason Bucata
    Jason Bucata
    10 uur geleden

    Meanwhile as I watch I've seen (so far) two shots of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign. Wonder how you got to use those without intellectual property complaints.

  51. Mark Griessie
    Mark Griessie
    11 uur geleden

    This cant be right. Either the super rich make super much or something is off. If you have a normal job here you can afford a drcent life. Only the housing crisis is really getting out of hand, which makes it impossible to live in big cities

  52. Santiago-XD
    11 uur geleden

    Have you been to shenzhen?

  53. Diogenes Ataraxia
    Diogenes Ataraxia
    11 uur geleden

    The true foundation of the economy is the light heat and energy of the sun. I look out of my window and see it is shining and there is a buttload of photosynthesis going on. So I am not too worried. If you understand photosynthesis, you have transcended all economical theory.

  54. Aladin Shora
    Aladin Shora
    11 uur geleden

    I think you missed the upcoming government interventions, which will probably be global.

  55. L T
    L T
    11 uur geleden

    Could you imagine is the united states created their own cryptocurrency? No more bank robberies because they have nothing in them to steal, in fact robberies in general would drastically decrease.

  56. Justin Silver
    Justin Silver
    11 uur geleden

    What’s the current inflation rate for the states? Can someone link the sources plz 😄

  57. Michael P
    Michael P
    12 uur geleden

    No. Covid did not affect the economy. Lockdowns affected the economy. Illegal mandates affected the economy

  58. Eric Wadsworth
    Eric Wadsworth
    12 uur geleden

    Not factoring in historic levels of population density and interconnectedness of the 21st century here. Wealth inequality as defined by poor health outcomes, exploitation, crime, infrastructure and political turmoil in disparate nations, has a far greater impact on the world than it once did. Disease (Covid), supply chain problems, economic migration, pollution and climate change are at a scale never before seen in human history. Previously geographic isolation and limited access to information mitigated the fall out of economic inequality, even during the industrial revolution, but in the age of weapons of mass destruction and massive pandemics the old assumptions must change. Economic inequality is a lot more than just productivity and innovation as it benefits society, I think there's an argument to be made that we're cresting a hill here. Not least of all is the simple math that there isn't enough resources on the planet to give everybody a western standard of living while some people and the have nots are figuring that out. Things could get ugly, redistributing the wealth a bit may buy us some time.

  59. leon leon
    leon leon
    12 uur geleden

    2:49 these tiny numbers can 't easily beaten by Hongkong and Macau. which is 49k and 89k USD repetitively, more than both SK and Japan, so this australian youtuber is spitting horseshit saying they can only beaten by SK and Japan.

  60. Famicom Nintendo
    Famicom Nintendo
    12 uur geleden

    I think every family should pool their money and buy every newborn an index fund or something similar and not redeemable until his 65th birthday.

  61. gardnerbickford
    13 uur geleden

    Just to mention: One thing I didn't hear was how California has been voting for more and more government programs over the last decades while Texas has a bit more of a conservative view on government size. It would be interesting to see a value breakdown on bonds from each of the states. Similar to what one would for for value investing in a publicly traded corporation but for the states. Thanks for your videos!

  62. UniGaming
    13 uur geleden

    It needs remembered that many of the colder countries were fairly poor in the past. Only recently have they overtaken their competitors in the inbetween regions (like Europe and the US). In fact, we could almost say that they took off as they became integrated into the same systems (commonwealth and EU) as the nation's between them in the tropics.

  63. Alejandro Fernandez
    Alejandro Fernandez
    14 uur geleden

    so if economist run out of letters to define charts, will they start using chinese alphabet?

  64. Nick Dzink
    Nick Dzink
    14 uur geleden

    Why do you have to explain that? This was taught to me in 5th grade in Russia of all places!

  65. Terry Bolton
    Terry Bolton
    14 uur geleden

    I guess a developed country is financially secure with minimum risk but a larger risk to the individual person based on the environment, wage overtime become relative to expenditure so the ordinary worker needs more money to pay for basic utilities.

  66. Vahid Massahi
    Vahid Massahi
    14 uur geleden

    US is DOOMED.

  67. Raptor302
    14 uur geleden

    So we're just going to ignore globalism, the shifting of supply lines overseas, the rise of electronic offshore banking, the influx of cheap labor, shrinking wages, etc?

  68. Erik Feketefoldi
    Erik Feketefoldi
    15 uur geleden

    Please do a review of Colombiaaaa!!! 🥺😩

  69. nboucher98
    15 uur geleden

    I love how many of the stock images show Dallas. Don't let the hicks from H-town fool you, Dallas is by far the most important city in this great state.

  70. Craig Walenta
    Craig Walenta
    15 uur geleden

    I used to pay my Chinese supplier in USD to a bank in NC....

  71. nonamegoaway
    16 uur geleden

    I have never seen so much nonsense in one video. It's pure fox news style propaganda what your doing here, all bullshit. I own my home, My mortgage is 700 a month. How am I underwater (other then the sea level thing)

  72. Ivan B
    Ivan B
    16 uur geleden

    Yes, those strong institutions of the United Arab Emirates

  73. lakshay gahlan
    lakshay gahlan
    16 uur geleden

    Then why is china rising while US is in decline

    1. Peralta Israel
      Peralta Israel
      10 uur geleden

      when china have 4 times more in anything than the US then!! China will be better in anyway than the US. I assume you know why.

  74. han solo
    han solo
    16 uur geleden

    I hate canada, people open the door for you when ur a mile away! i fell i have to run to the door! 😉

  75. Diana Valdes
    Diana Valdes
    16 uur geleden

    Chavez: You get oil money, you get oil money, we all get oil money! Maduro: We don't have any more oil money... or jobs... or other resources.. well, as long as the military and I don't starve, everyone can get fucked.

  76. Daniel McAdams
    Daniel McAdams
    17 uur geleden

    I mean we get it, you are really butthurt that the US isn’t in pain yet.

  77. Rayman ray
    Rayman ray
    17 uur geleden

    Proper video title: “how communism kills innovation”

  78. TreadNShred
    17 uur geleden

    6:55 is anyone else thinking Bitcoin here? It started as a great investment idea but as its gone on, more and more currencies have arisen and some are pretty questionable.

  79. Gary Renner
    Gary Renner
    17 uur geleden

    The inflation reporters usually fail to mention that a normal economy that increases productivity would produce some deflation - e.g. computers and electronics became cheaper per value over time. When the FED says inflation is only 2%, they are not counting the additional cost of the productivity increases that should have caused dollars to buy more goods and services. The real rate of inflation should account for not only robbing the 2% from people's savings but also everyone's increased productivity. It is a tax on the savers, retirees and producers and an undeserved gift to borrowers. When money is created by the Fed and other bankers , they get to use the money before it causes inflation so it benefits them at the expense of retirees and workers. It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. It pushes up asset prices that are primarily owned by the wealthy. Currency creation promotes inequality.